Chapter 177: Level Drain

Chapter 177 by darkstrolm
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Lv Drain
“KYUA!” (Gaelion)
The sack collapses and the contents fall out.
Recently Gaelion has acquired some bad habits.
Last time it was the Ding-Dong-Dash, this time it’s the sack rummaging.
I scold him every single time but he still doesn’t stop.
Just when I thought Atlas became more obedient, this time it’s Gaelion.
Also, Firo does the same thing. Even now.
By the way, Firo while searching the garbage would refer to them as treasures.
After all, she is a bird. Gaelion is no different.
Ah, I’m sure the dumpster diving would also turn into a territorial dispute.
“Ah Jeez…… think about the cleaning I’d need to do.” (Naofumi)
Rolling out from the sack are demon bones, ores and the Zombie Dragon’s core which was previously attached to the Barbarian’s Armor.
The core of Zombie Dragon continues to roll.
Gaelion sees the Zombie Dragon’s core, chases it with his eyes and starts playing with it.
His reaction is like a cat’s.
This reminds me, Gaelion and Firo both like shiny things.
Didn’t Firo’s eyes shine brightly the same way when she saw the Zombie Dragon’s core for the first time. It’s the same habit they both shared. (TL: referring to the time Firo ate the Zombie Dragon’s heart in Chapter 44)
“KYUAA!?” (Gaelion)
Though I am slightly calmed down by this happy state, I have no wish for such mood.
Let’s end this quickly with a swift scolding.
Gaelion grips the core of the Zombie Dragon with his jaws.
“Hey. That thing isn’t yours. Return it quickly.” (Naofumi)
But I might as well have been talking to the wind, Gaelion pays no attention to me.
The Zombie Dragon’s core is deep within his mouth…… Honestly.
He swallows it.
“Hey! Spit it out!” (Naofumi)
I grab Gaelion by the scruff and shake him.
Huh, didn’t the monster seal have a punishment for that?
I tried activating the system at the same time.
“KYU!?” (Gaelion)
Gaelion convulses and writhes with his eyes wide open.
“KYU…… GYA…… KYUUU……” (Gaelion)
Gaelion breaks out into cold sweats with his eyes tightly shut and moans as if enduring something.
The sound of something creaking can be heard from Gaelion’s whole body.
“O-oi.” (Naofumi)
“What’s going on?” (Sadina)
“There’s a terrible ominous feeling overflowing from Gaelion-chan, is he all right?” (Atlas)
An ominous feeling?
Before I could ask, I see with my own eyes a darkish purple light being emitted from Gaelion’s body…… and the magical power is unleashed.
This color, I recognized it.
When I equipped the Wrath Shield, Firo was also enveloped by the same aura.
“GYAOOOOOOOO!” (Gaelion)
With bloodshot eyes, Gaelion roars towards the ceiling.
A breath of magic is unleashed from Gaelion’s mouth and the ceiling is blown away in an instant.
“GYA!” (Gaelion)
*Flap*…… the sound from his wings reverberates as they begin to expand, Gaelion leaps high into the air.
Great! I’ll just open the monster seal and activate the punishment.
Opening the monster seal!
But the view for my status window is warped, the monster seal could not be activated.
“GYAOOOOOO!” (Gaelion)
As I was thinking of calling out to Gaelion with a loud voice, he begins to fly towards somewhere else.
“W-what?” (Naofumi)
“What just occurred?” (Sadina)
“Gaelion ate the Zombie Dragon’s core which was used in my armor. Then that happened.” (Naofumi)
“Something…… wrapped around Gaelion-chan……and then―” (Atlas)
We exit the building and look at the direction Gaelion flew in.
“What is it?” (Rat)
The slaves who remained in the village begin to appear when they heard the commotion.
“What? Did something happen?” (Taniko)
Together, Rat and Taniko look in the same direction towards me.
“To tell you the truth-” (Naofumi)
I explained how Gaelion ate the Zombie Dragon’s core.
“The core of a Zombie Dragon…… the Count sure has strange things.” (Rat)
“Do you have any ideas?” (Naofumi)
“I’m not that knowledgable about dragons. Dragons are a species whose ecology is shrouded in mystery. Though I’ve heard the cores found in other dragons are highly desired…… but to make him lose control like this…..” (Rat)
“We must chase after him.” (Taniko)
Says Taniko impatiently. Oh yeah, it’s her precious dragon.
The core of the Zombie Dragon is important for my armor and in the worse case, I’ll get it back even if I have to fight Gaelion for it.
“I understand. We have no choice but to call Firo and leave.”
It doesn’t mean we couldn’t just chase after him. But it will be much quicker with Firo.
I haven’t even ridden him yet but I have to take him down, what kind of dragon is he.
“We need horses to go to the next town……” (Naofumi)
Riding on horses prepared by the soldiers, we are off to find Firo.
Halfway to next town, we meet several soldiers on horses riding in from the opposite direction.
“Ah, Shield Hero! We were just on our way to fetch you.” (Soldier)
“What it is? I also have an errand to attend to.” (Naofumi)
“Princess Melty urgently summons the Shield Hero. It seems something grave has happened to the Shield Hero’s holy bird.” (Soldier)
“What!?” (Naofumi)
While being guided by the soldiers, we head towards the clinic built in town.
Upon entering the clinic, Melty comes rushing with a face that’s about to break into tears.
“You know…… Firo-chan started suffering suddenly. Naofumi. Help Firo-chan!” (Melty)
“Suddenly telling me to be a doctor…… I do not understand because I’m not a treatment master. But if there’s something I can do, I will do it.” (Naofumi)
“Absolutely!” (Melty)
That being said, if it’s a really dangerous disease, there’s no choice but to rely on the Yggdrasil medicine.
The problem is, there’s only one left in stock, but if it’s for Firo, then it’s worth using.
I’m reminded of how deeply attached I am to Firo, I will spare no expense.
“Anyway, let me have a look.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Melty)
I enter into the medical examination room accompanied by Melty and the Treatment Master.
There Firo lies wearily in her monster form.
“Uhh…… uhhh……” (Firo)
Around the abdomen, her body was being eroded like when I changed into the Wrath Shield.
Actually, it’s worse. It would be better to say that the damage has greatly increased.
Though the erosion is being resisted by the shiny crown of feathers on Firo’s head, you can feel that the erosion is winning.
“What’s going on here? Can this even be cured by the Yggdrasil medicine?” (Naofumi)
“It is unknown. But because the magical connotation is so strong, I don’t expect the Yggdrasil medicine to have any effect.” (Treatment Master)
The bewildered Treatment Master answers my questions.
I check the status of Firo using the status window.
I can determine simple matters such as whether Firo is being invaded by poison or paralysis.
“Oh, Master……” (Firo)
Firo reaches out to me while groaning painfully.
I touch Firo gently on the cheek.
She wasn’t in her human form but still, when stroking her cheek, even though she groans painfully, Firo lets out a comfortable smile and closes her eyes.
Then I continue with the status verification.
Firo’s status screen flickers many times like in a sandstorm.
No matter how you consider it, it is unusual.
I also notice a big problem while I’m there.
Firo’s level is lower than the number I know.
Level down? What is going on?
Multiple possibilities are surfacing.
The problem is its only circumstantial evidence for now so I can’t be certain.
“……Bring in Rat from the village.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Melty)
After a while, not only Rat, but even Atlas, Taniko and Sadina come in together.
“Firo-chan!? What happened?” (Taniko)
The worried Taniko runs up to Firo.
Usually, you are prejudiced against Firo whose relationship with Gaelion is bad, but now you’re saying you are worried.
Is it natural because you like monsters?
“Rat, what you think?” (Naofumi)
“If I was to take a haphazard guess, I’d say she’s being eroded by a curse, don’t you think? Will you let me have a look?” (Rat)
Rat reads the diagnostic notes that the Treatment Master made, then she begins to medically examines Firo’s body.
“If you can look at the status, you can see the level going down little by little.” (Naofumi)
“Level down? Isn’t that the equivalent of a high-ranked curse? So far I’ve never seen anything as terrible as this.” (Rat)
“I’m willing to bet this has a connection with Gaelion losing control and running off at the same time. What do you think?” (Naofumi)
“I think there’s no doubt. But…… is there a matching contact point between Gaelion and Firo?” (Rat)
“There is, if you assume the core of the Zombie Dragon as the cause.” (Naofumi)
“What?” (Rat)
“During the encounter with the Zombie Dragon, Firo ate his core. The one I received was only a small fragment.” (Naofumi)
In fact, the reason why Firo managed to defeat the Zombie Dragon was at the decisive moment when Firo ate his core. When we assume that both events are connected, we become more convinced.
“Indeed, it is reasonable to consider something is influencing Firo who ate the core and Gaelion who is currently running out of control.” (Rat)
“I suppose.” (Naofumi)
“Then confirm it with Gaelion. I feel like it’s not yet settled with that alone somehow.” (Rat)
I verify Gaelion’s status.
As expected, just like Firo’s status window, a sandstorm happens, and there are a lot of things which could not be read.
“His level has skyrocketted.” (Naofumi)
It is visibly increasing.
Gaelion’s level which is 35 has become 45.
……It’s exceeded the class up limit.
“Umm…… I feel an ominous force is flowing out from Firo-chan.” (Atlas)
“It is plain to see.” (Naofumi)
“No, I don’t mean that.” (Atlas)
Atlas points her finger at something.
Although there’s suppose to be nothing there.
“Atlas-chan is a child who can see things that are not visible to the naked eye, she might know where the force is moving towards.” (Rat)
“Hmm……” (Naofumi)
There is enough possibility.
She has a surprisingly useful ability.
The problem is the supposed destination in which Firo’s force is flowing towards.
It’s the same direction that Gaelion flew in.
“Is it possible for the core in Firo to be vomited out?” (Naofumi)
“It’s impossible. When I incidentally used my magical power of perception, I can see the core circulating throughout her whole body.” (Atlas)
I verified the status of Firo
To recall Rafatalia and the others to chase after it…… at the speed it is decreasing, we don’t even have two days.
Firo is fast becoming level 1 no matter what I think.
No, it’s still better if it becomes 1 and stops. At the worst, she may die.
“Also, I can see some additional force leaking out from Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“What?” (Naofumi)
I check my own status screen.
Apparently, it’s unnoticeable.
“That一 it’s from around the area where the left arm is now.” (Atlas)
It’s the place where I have my shield attached.
It comes from the shield…… I had let the shield absorbed half of the core fragment. (TL: Referring to the events in Chapter 44)
Does that mean the shield’s ability is decreasing?
I check the list again for confirmation but there is no abnormality for now.
Rather, my heart seems to be feeling refreshed.
What was I supposed to be angry about again?
……I sense danger.
“For now locate where the Battle Instructor is having the training camp and give instructions to come back. We are chasing after Gaelion immediately!”
Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough time.
Atlas steps forward full of determination.
“Naofumi-sama, there is something I would like to try out for a bit on Firo.” (Atlas)
“What is it?” (Naofumi)
“I would like to suppress the leakage of Firo’s force even by a little.” (Atlas)
Atlas goes to the side of the laying Firo and puts a hand on her chest, then she affixes both hands lightly.
“Mm…… ah……” (Firo)
Firo moans painfully while opening her eyes and slowly gets up.
“It became a little bit lighter.” (Firo)
“Firo!” (Melty)
Melty runs up to Firo.
“I think we’ve gained some extra time.” (Atlas)
“Well then…… A carriage……” (Naofumi)
Shit. There are no guys who can run as fast as a vehicle.
Filo Rial is out peddling.
Do I have to rent a Filo Rial in town?
“Th pursuit of Gaelion will be me, Sadina and….Tani… No, you and Rat will――” (Naofumi)
“The one who will draw Master’s carriage is…… Firo.” (Firo)
Firo declares with a strong will in her eyes while being supported by Atlas.
“Firo-chan is no good! You have to stay still.” (Melty)
“Yes. You rest quietly in bed.” (Naofumi)
However, Firo shakes her head to refuse.
“Noー…… Firo is absolutely going together with.” (Firo)
There is none of the usual vigor. But she takes a step forward and insists to follow at any costs.
……If she was made to stay here, she will certainly come chasing.
No matter what, she is very stubborn.
“Well, if anything happens, I’ll leave you  in a clinic. And then, I’ll get another guy to pull the carriage.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama!?” (Atlas)
“Atlas, you’ll also be there to suppress it, right?” (Naofumi)
“Ye- Yes!” (Atlas)
“Good.” (Naofumi)
“I will go too!” (Melty)
Melty declares even though she is on the verge of breaking out into tears.
Ah, her best friend is in a pinch. She insists on coming by any means necessary just like Firo.
I ignore the declaration of the princess.
“Do not act rashly. You are a princess.” (Naofumi)
“Being a princess comes second, Firo-chan is my friend!” (Melty)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
……Before was Firo throwing a tantrum about wanting to protect Melty. [T/N: Corrected by Kookie]
Firo has a good friend indeed.
“We are setting off to chase after Gaelion. Soldiers of the castle must hurry and notify Rafatalia and the others.” (Naofumi)
““Yes!”” (Everyone)
Thus we let the stubborn Firo overdo herself and left on a carriage.

Chapter 176: Wimp

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Chapter 176: Wimp

“And so Rafatalia’s proposed Atlas countermeasure is you?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, I am also quite troubled.” (Sadina)

Sadina answers while pouring herseld a glass of sake in my room.
Why was she even chosen?

“Well, just leave it to this Onee-san.” (Sadina)
“That’s just making me more anxious.” (Naofumi)

Sadina had a fast growth rate, and she is already level 35.
She hunts alone.
I wonder how strong the sea monsters she fights are.
Should I send the other slaves ocean monster hunting? I could build boats, and…

“And, what exactly should I do? Should I act like I’m having a good time with Naofumi-chan in front of Atlas-chan?” (Sadina)
“That sounds idiotic. What do you mean by, ‘a good time’.” (Naofumi)

She’s avoiding directly saying anything indecent, but Sadina is slowly taking off her loincloth.
Who wants to have a good time with you!? Please limit your…

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Chapter 175: Ding Dong Dash

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Chapter 175: Ding Dong Ditch

『Damn… This body’s will is stronger than I thought. But given time…』

I think I’ve heard this voice before.
The voice seems to be in pain.

『Kukuku, luckily there are two parts of me close by. If only I could obtain one…』

This seems to be quite a Chuu2 situation.
Mostly the atmosphere.

『What is this feeling? … Is this Windea’s presence? She survived! But…』

It’s been six days since Rafatalia left for the mountains.
That morning.

“*Sigh*…” (Naofumi)

It happened again.
Atlas has recently been sneaking into my bed.
Firo also occasionally sleeps here, so I just assumed it was her and went back to sleep.
Whenever this happens, I…

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Chapter 174: Melty’s Job

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Melty’s Job
The next morning.
“Come to think of it, the messenger knight isn’t here.” (naofumi)
I didn’t see the female messenger knight. Where did she go?
Raphtalia, Rishia and some of the slaves were taken to a training camp by the Granny.
Gaerion was playing with Atla and Taniko…….. [T/N: Which is better Gaelion or Gaerion?]
Gaerion complained of hunger.
His consumption of the Bioplant’s fruit was so fast, its production couldn’t keep up.
“Then you guys go hunting again today.” (naofumi)
“Oka~y.” (taniko)
“Kyua!” (gaerion)
“We’ll be going.” (atla)
“Atla! I’m going too.” (fohl)
Fohl joined the Party again today.
Well, isn’t it fine.
“I won’t let any enemies come near Atla!” (fohl)
“It’s alright, Brother. And besides, Gaerion-chan will protect me.” (atla)
“Alright shmalright! As if I’m gonna entrust Atla to this monster.” (fohl)
“Kyua!” (gaerion)
“You’re not a monster, Gaerion!” (taniko)
And so they left, with such a hubbub.
I’m glad that they seem to be having fun.
“Well I guess I’ll also go hunting in the ocean~ I wanted to raise my level anyway.” (sadina)
Sadina said that naturally, and headed to the ocean.
Now then, I should also go do some land management.
The villagers had my instructions, and it became relatively deserted in the daytime.
And when the peddling group leaves, the personnel will decrease.
I taught a simple medicine recipe to the Lemo slaves, the other dexterous slaves and also those with an interest in making medicine.
Just after noon, I announced that the food made by the slaves learning to cook was ready, and we had lunch.
Somehow it was a peaceful day.
I felt uneasy about what Rato could be doing, but she should’ve been looking after the monsters in the monster hut.
“Count.” (rato)
Rato made an appearance as we were eating lunch.
“The Count is also letting the monsters Class Up, right.” (rato)
“Yeah.” (naofumi)
“I’ll pick out some of the monsters to Class Up soon, so would you be able to take care of it​?” (rato)
“Got it.” (naofumi)
That reminds me, monsters can Class Up as well.
“The Caterpilland?” (naofumi)
“That’s just it. If I research on the Caterpilland, it won’t get much stronger even with a Class Up. It grew up but it’s abilities aren’t that high, despite this being the Count’s place.” (rato)
Speaking of which, she said that before when wondering whether to modify it.
Including that aspect, it’s a rather weak species.
”Nevertheless, isn’t it better than to not do it?” (naofumi)
“That’s true.” (rato)
After we finished talking about the monsters’ Class Up and so forth, I made an appearance in the town.
The shops’ products have improved, it seemed to have expanded favourably. The problem would be the formation of factions, but the Accessory Merchant seemed to have them all under his thumb and there weren’t any big movements.
I made an appearance at Melty’s estate.
….Melty was there struggling with a stack of official documents just like the Queen had been.
No way……she dealt with them promptly, just like her mother.
That Melty did.
That Melty did. [T/N: Repeated for emphasis. Not a typo.]
“Firo-chan Charm.” (melty)
“Yeah.” (firo)
She struck a pose at Firo to relieve some of the stress from her work.
At first glance, she looked like an idiot.
“You guys…..” (naofumi)
Every one of them were idiots.
But I won’t say that.
Yeah. I’ve heard before that intelligent kids have some sort of strange habit.
I’m sure this is something like that.
Look, Melty’s a bird enthusiast, so she probably has that kind of fetish too.
“Huh? Well isn’t it Naofumi. What do you want?” (melty)
“I came to see how the state of affairs are.” (naofumi)
“We’re doing well.” (melty)
Melty took a break and rode on Firo’s back while massaging her shoulders.
Why did she ride her.
Was she pretending to ride on a horse or something?
I really don’t understand the relationship between these two.
“The people in the castle are working hard and the people in the Commerce Guilds are also putting in effort for Naofumi’s sake. I guess the problem is the matter of the Demi-human adventurers not understanding the whole situation.” (melty)
“I see, sorry about all this. By the way, the knight who usually passes on messages hasn’t been seen…..and I also don’t know the whereabouts of a number of the soldiers.” (naofumi)
“Huh? You didn’t hear? We received a leave of absence saying that she and a number of soldiers were accompanying the Battle Instructor and were secluding themselves in the mountain.” (melty)
I almost fell over.
What was that.
She did say she wanted to be taught, but she was going so far as to take a vacation for it!?
How motivated was she.
“Well, Naofumi’s obtained the warping skill so moving has gotten easier, right? We only need to receive messages from the castle now so the priority dropped.” (melty)
“So it’s that kind of thing……I’ve never tried using her to send instructions to the castle though.” (naofumi)
“It’s just that Naofumi didn’t use her. We relied on her when Shadow had other official instructions. Really……” (melty)
The documents in the seat Melty was sitting at…. there was some sort of cross written on it.
Should I write on it as a prank? I drew the design of a paper aeroplane.
“Which reminds me, was it a rule of the town? I’m sure it was written down somewhere.” (naofumi)
“Yes, this region is under the protection of the Hero of the Shield but nevertheless, the Demi-humans have been trying to discriminate against the humans.” (melty)
“That’s troubling.” (naofumi)
Discrimination is forbidden, the Hero of the Shield treats Demi-humans and humans alike; I had rules written down for everything.
It’s not like I didn’t understand.
But there were fools who felt like they could do whatever they liked here, just because I was the God of Demi-humans.
Of course, I won’t tolerate that sort of thing.
I won’t forgive anyone discriminating without a proper reason.
Just for the record, if they do have a reason, I may forgive them to a certain extent.
Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to discriminate against the other heroes, right?
“Ah, so lucky. Naofumi’s slaves are patrolling around so we’re managing without problems but when the town grows further, there might be some commotions we can’t ignore.” (melty)
“……..It should be similar to what happens in the castle town.” (naofumi)
“That’s true. We have to be tolerant to a certain extent, but I wonder if the people from Silt Welt and Schild Frieden know that.” (melty)
Melty took a deep sigh.
That this child has to be burdened with middle management, being a queen is hard work.
“I’ll be honest. We kept it from Naofumi, but there are many abandoned Demi-human children, it’s troubling.” (melty)
“…..huh?” (naofumi)
“Naofumi only made the Demi-humans he chose into his slaves, right? However, there’s no end to the people abandoning their children near this town and village, wanting them to become Naofumi’s subordinates without knowing that.” (melty)
“What are you doing about it?” (naofumi)
“For now, we’re deporting them back to what we think is their own country, judging by their language and species. It’s not like we can’t discern their species and we’re also receiving the deportation costs from the other party. But we don’t know how serious they are.” (melty)
“So the Demi-human countries have really become active.” (naofumi)
“Now, can you warn them in some public place? Its troubling.” (melty)
“Is that so…..I understand.” (naofumi)
Not directly interfering with me was something they said when they were peeved.
I wonder if there’s any way to handle this problem.
Of course, it’s not that I can’t pick up the abandoned children and turn them into slaves.
But if I do, it’s likely there will be more children being abandoned.
I understand that, so I can’t do it.
“It’s true that we profit from the money left by the Demi-human adventurers, but regulating them is hard….and besides, humans come too.” (melty)
One way or another, there’s an emphasis on Demi-humans.
Come to think of it, if you look at the streets, there are many Demi-humans.
“If Firo-chan wasn’t here for the disturbance before, it would have been dangerous.” (melty)
“I see, I’ve been helped in many ways.” (naofumi)
“If you think that, won’t you warn them? At least by the end of today.” (melty)
“I understand.” (naofumi)
I brought Melty with me and headed to the town square.
I stood on the platform established in the square and vocalised loudly.
“Er….everyone who put in effort for the sake of the town’s development, and all the adventurers who are utilising the town, I have some things I want you all to hear.” (naofumi)
After I checked that everyone had gathered, I started talking.
I didn’t have a memo but it was a simple task to say all the lines I had memorised earlier.
“Lately, some people have the misconception that we are a privileged class and have been causing some disturbances. That’s why I’m giving this warning. In this town there are no social statuses between races.” (naofumi)
A third of the demi-humans started to make noise.
“I’m not really saying to forget the past and make friends. However, whether it’s this town or the village, our purpose is the reconstruction. My goal is not to create a town in Melromarc that will provide Demi-humans with hospitality, but I want no more than to have a government like what the previous head who lived here created. Please don’t forget this.” (naofumi)
As far as it goes, I heard that what the previous head wanted to do was to spread the awareness that Demi-humans and humans were equal living beings, in both hospitality and discrimination.
I also joined that cause.
“In the same way, my raising of slaves is a not a charitable enterprise, but for the sake of increasing the war potential during the waves. Please bear in mind that I don’t have the intention of raising any abandoned children.” (naofumi)
This was a problem I had to bring up in public.
It’s not something that can be forgotten.
Jeez…… did they really think they could ask anything of God.
Whether it was Silt Welt or Schild Frieden.
They’re nations which I may visit eventually, but I hope that they’re the kind of nation that doesn’t like to be influenced if possible.
That is, when these problems occur.
I finished the announcement with no problems, and returned to the village.
After that was the trivial addition of Melty coming to blame me for a delay in her work, which was actually by caused her playing around with a paper aeroplane. She had Firo teach her how to make one and had used the paper on her desk – the document with a cross that I had drawn on as a prank. [T/N: This sentence was combined with the one before it as a massively long sentence in the raws and I had so much trouble figuring out how to word it/split it up.]
Come to think of it, I’ve made paper aeroplanes with the children before.
Although they didn’t fly very well because we used the leaves of the Bioplant instead of paper.
I was told that that paper had the plans for the town written on it.
Indeed, you’re still a child..
When I said that, Melty’s face turned red, she became hysterical and left, together with Firo.

Chapter 173: A Shield to Protect the Shield

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When the Waifu is away…

Chapter 173: A Shield to Protect the Shield

A few days past. The days past way too peacefully.

The only problems I have to attend to are the maintenance of the neighboring village and Rat’s Bioplant modifications.

And Melty is helping out a lot with the village.
But this seems to be largely due to her subordinates, who are well versed in politics.
There is no tax as of now, but we will have to levy one in the near future.
For now the villagers must focus on restorations.
And, without saying the villagers happily agreed to that matter.

Melty sometimes acts older than her age, but other times acts like a brat.
But after that assassination attempt I guess this village is one of the few places she can be at ease.
The Queen? I don’t consider her an enemy, but she’s not a…

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Chapter 172: Training

Chapter 172 retranslated by Kookie
This was such a pain to do cos it was so long. Pls, if you’re going to do bad translations of chapters that I have to redo, pick shorter ones next time.


“We didn’t see Motoyasu on our way home.” (naofumi)
“Firo doesn’t want to see him.” (firo)

I had thought to try to pursuade Motoyasu if we encountered him but we didn’t meet.
Was the kick so bad that he died?
It would be bad if he fell just like that.
But I can’t imagine that stalker just dropping dead so easily….

“Come to think of it, you guys reset your levels but you’re moving unexpectedly normally. Was a stretcher not necessary or something?” (naofumi)
“I’m not that fragile!” (fohl)
“It’s quite heavy but not to the extent of being unable to move~” (sadina)
“What kind of people are you guys.” (naofumi)
Wondering if they were really alright, she tried poking Fohl in the arm.
…..Firo did.
“~~~!” (fohl)
He really seems determined.
I don’t know if he understood that I was letting him try, but Fohl endured.
“Ahaha~ It’s ticklish.” (sadina)
Fohl seemed fine compared to Sadina.
So were they fine if they had trained their body?
Level raising was a completely different category. Compared to training one’s body, that was.
Unlike simply recieving divine protection from stats, if one trains, they should have no problems with most negative conditions.
Or perhaps I should say that these two had been doing such self-training.
Raphtalia also did something similar, but the lost stats from the Level Reset was compensated for by strengthening with training so there was no loss. [T/N: Naofumi only got the growth correction after Raphtalia was ~Lv25 and he’s talking about that part not being boosted by the correction – Raphtalia rejected the reset so no extra bonus.]
In short, the ones who needed stretchers were those who specialised in magic or had been power-levelling and were now bedridden.
The method of employing a young noble or adventurer and only raising one’s level.
You’d expect a certain extent of effectiveness and the guys from my village also raised their levels in a similar manner so it’s not a bad technique.
The problem is that there’s no choice but to improve with self-disciplining or something like the Old Hag’s training after reaching the Level Cap.
It seems like there’s no level restriction for the Heroes but it’s probably still better for me to also do the training.
This is a world where Levels and Statuses are natural so I should train every day and repeat magic to improve the merit of the level cap.
In that case, it could be thought that one can be strong if one trains from young like Fohl and Sadina.
I don’t know how it is in reality and I’m not going to be staying in this world so I’ll train until we suppress the waves.
Anyway, I wonder what would happen to the levels or stats after I return to my original world.
The shield as well.
No matter what I do, this shield can only be disguised with the book shield at best, so if it remains attached even in my original world then it would already be in the region of a cursed item.
When I become a full-fledged member of society, always walking with a strange book would simply get me laughed at.
This kind of thinking is dangerous. I haven’t even returned yet so there’s no point in me having such expectations.
Even if the shield remains attatched, I should think about it when the time comes.
“You guys, I’ll have you level up as soon as we return.” (naofumi)
“Yes, Yes~” (sadina)
“I know that.” (fohl)
I conveyed as such to Sadina and Fohl and we had a favourable return from our trip.
It has been just over a day since we departed.
I could see the village.
“Welcome home….Naofumi-sama.” (raphtalia)
A somewhat tired Raphtalia came to greet us.

“You seem tired.” (naofumi)
“That old lady has been training me vigourously.” (raphtalia)
“I see…” (naofumi)

Rishia collapsed face down on the floor as if she was dead.
When I drew near and checked her state, I heard a moan.
It appears that she’s not dead, but she was worn-out.
“Now then, break time is over, we’re leaving now!” (granny)
“Fueee…..” (rishia)
“W-well then, we’ll be leaving for a little bit.” (raphtalia)
“Where to?” (naofumi)
“We’ll be heading to the mountains for some training in a moment.” (granny)
“Ah…is that so.” (naofumi)
Upon saying that, Raphtalia and the others followed the old hag on a trip.
Where did they go?
Before I realised, it became like a Shounen manga.
In the end, that kind of training is needed when learning martial arts.
Raphtalia who had received growth correction from the shield suffered such fatigue from leveling and self-training. It’s as the old or rather, the battle instructor had said.
“Welcome home Naofumi-sama, Brother.” (atla)
“Why did you call him first? Atla.” (fohl)
“That cannot be helped.” (atla)
What can’t be helped?
Well, it’s probably that I’m the master of these slaves.
“I’ve already reached Level 15.” (atla)
“I see.” (naofumi)
“S-so fast.” (fohl)
Is it really fast? Rishia reached Level 20 in half a day though. Rather, isn’t this on the slower side?
This probably differs between individuals.
If I had to say, it would be that Rishia’s levelling was on the fast side.
“I understand Atla’s growth. How is the baby Dragon?
“Kyaaaaa!” (taniko)
Some creature was giving Taniko a ride and was running around noisily, raising a cloud of dust.
Based on it’s size, it was as large as an average wild boar….compared to Firo, but she was already that size at two days old.
“Gaerion-chan has come.” (atla)
Without turning around, Atla revealed the creature behind the dust cloud.
Nothing about Taniko riding on his back?
“Atla-chan! And….” (taniko)
Taniko saw me and glared.
“Hey….Why do you hate me so much?” (naofumi)
“…Because you’re a hero.” (taniko)
“Huh?” (naofumi)
“Nothing.” (taniko)
Somehow Taniko seems to regard me as an enemy.
Despite being such a monster-lover, she doesn’t really hate levelling up….
When she came to this village among the slaves, her initial level was 10.
…..She was a complicated person.
The dust cloud cleared and I could see the baby dragon’s figure.
….His whole body was a ball with some dragon parts attached.
He absorbed all sorts of things… He looked like that Poyo but with bat wings and a lizard’s tail. [T/N: Poyo is an orange, round cat and main character of the series Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki.]
What is this?

Firo also had a figure similar to this before.
There’s no way he’ll become huge just like this, right?

“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
A smile surfaced on Gaerion’s face, he dropped Taniko off and leapt at me.
As if I’ll let you.
I prepared my shield to obstruct him.
He clung firmly to the shield, then climbed over it and onto my back.
He’s simply huge so it’s heavy.
“Let go! Don’t stick to me!” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
He stuck out his tongue and licked my cheek.
He’s become unusually attached just two days after his birth.
Well, he probably thinks of me as his parent.
“Hey, Stop it.” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
Gaerion ignored my edict and licked me, but he seemed to understand my dislike and ceased to just clinging to me.
Hm…he’s more lovable than I thought.
Firo’s also quite cute when she doesn’t talk though.
“Hmph…” (firo)
Firo let out a frustrated voice.
And then she stood in front of me…
“What is it?” (naofumi)
She licked me with her tongue.
Ugh… disgusting.
“Bird, what’s with you all of a sudden.” (naofumi)
“That position of Master’s is Firo’s~!” (firo)
“As if I know! You’ve never had that kind of behaviour.” (naofumi)
“But that way of playing is Firo’s!” (firo)
“I don’t know.” (naofumi)
“Hmph~!” (firo)
Firo ran away angrily.
Jeez, what was she so dissatisfied about.
Speaking of which, she also became sullen when I played with the new Philorial.
Was it jealousy?
I heard before that when keeping a dog, it might show hostility if there was an increase in new pets or children.
It’s a bit extreme, treating a Philorial like a dog, but was it something similar?

Or it could be Firo’s own personality.
I’ll ask Rato about it next time.

“Kyua?” (gaerion)
He inclined his head…but it was part of his body so his whole body moved.
Taniko stroked Gaerion’s head as he gazed after Firo’s retreating figure with wonder.
“Hey, go play with him.” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
When I passed him to Taniko, she extended her hand to me as if wanting to play again.
If Firo had this kind of animalistic charm, she would also seem cute.
“I seems he’s grown quite big.” (naofumi)
“Yeah.” (taniko)
“This isn’t the end of his growth, right.” (naofumi)
“He’s still a baby though?” (taniko)
Taniko replied while cuddling Gaerion.
Why are you so well-informed.
Ah, maybe she heard from Rato.
“But weren’t you on his back?” (naofumi)
“….That monster lady said it would discipline him properly.” (taniko)
“I see….” (naofumi)
Is it training for being a mount or something? Firo did that kind of thing sufficiently. [T/N: And therefore didn’t need training.]
As to be expected, dragons have their differences in regards to this.
“It seems like Gaerion-chan also loves Naofumi-sama.” (atla)
Atla said charmingly.
“By the way, what is going to happen to Brother and Sadina-san now?” (atla)
“Let’s see. Firo just left so I can’t really use her right now…” (naofumi)
Well, she was convenient as transport though.
“Did you need something?” (firo)
Firo appeared from somewhere after I said her name.
“Ah, I wanted to have you help Fohl level up. You aren’t tired?” (naofumi)
“I’m fine?” (firo)
“I see, then can I count on you?” (naofumi)
“Ok.” (firo)
“Is it alright if I join you?” (atla)

Atla inquired of Firo. Firo responded with a nod.

“It’s okay.” (firo)
“Kyua!” (gaerion)
Gaerion also raised his paw as if announcing his participation. [T/N: What do you call a dragon’s arm?]
“No~!” (firo)
Sticking her tongue out provokingly, Firo rejected Gaerion’s company.
“Then head to somewhere with appropriate monsters with the carriage….” (naofumi)
“Ah, I’ll be levelling in the ocean so don’t worry about me.” (sadina)
Sadina held her harpoon and informed me.
Well, there’s no problem if she levels in her own domain.
“Are you okay at Level 1? If you need companions, I’ll send some with you.” (naofumi)
“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m already used to fighting like this.” (sadina)

Sadina said I was worrying too much of all things and headed to the ocean.
She made me sound like I was her guardian.
I don’t have much material from sea monsters so it would help if Sadina brought some back.
One way or another, she seems like she wants to raise her stats simply.

Then those who want to quickly raise their levels will…” (naofumi)

Firo hates Gaerion with prejudice.
It seems like she would cause an uproar if I said I was going to help with Gaerion’s upbringing.
It’s none of my business but she can’t complain if I continue as I have been doing.
And one way or another, Firo’s reliable when it comes to combat….

“Firo will help Atla and Fohl with their level raising, Gaerion and you and―” (naofumi)

After I pointed to Taniko, I called Kiel over and instructed them to take the Caterpiland with them.
I actually wanted them to ride the Philorial but it was rejected.
It seems that it’s true that Dragons and Philorials don’t get along.
I feel like Philorials are more peaceful and weak but….how is it in the wild?

“Naofumi-sama, with that deployment, I would be better off with Gaerion-chan.” (atla)
“Is that so?” (naofumi)
“Really?” (firo)
“Yes. Because I will grow together with Gaerion-chan.” (atla)
“Hey, Atla! I―” (fohl)

They did have the same levels…If that’s the case, it can’t be helped.
Besides, Firo’s spartan course is difficult, which is perfect for Fohl.

“Then Firo.” (naofumi)
“Wha~t?” (firo)
“Go train Fohl spartanly at the highest difficulty you can manage and raise his level rapidly.” (naofumi)
“Ok!” (firo)
“Of all things, what are you talking ab―” (fohl)

Fohl idiotically clung to Firo’s back as he rode her.

“We’ll be going now Master~!” (firo)
“Ah, off you go.” (naofumi)
“Wh-what’s with this guy’s feathers! Don’t fall out! Don’t fall out! Ah, Atlaaaaaaa―” (fohl)

Firo ran around noisily.
Firo’s feathers were also mysterious. They could hold onto riders and made a strange song. [T/N: like how grasshoppers make music]
And just like that, I could no longer hear Fohl’s voice.

“We’ll be taking our leave now.” (atla)
“Work hard.” (naofumi)
“Won’t Naofumi-sama join us?” (atla)
“If I go then Firo know.” (naofumi)

I pointed to Gaerion and explained my reasoning.

“That is troubling. However, I want to be able to Level up together with Naofumi-sama soon.” (atla)
“That’s true. I haven’t been suppressing any monsters lately so it should be fine when I feel like going.” (naofumi)
“It’s a promise.” (atla)
“I know. You’re also quite a strange fellow.” (naofumi)

In this village, it’s rare that someone would want to fight monsters and level up together with me.
However if you think about fighting in the waves, it’s important know how to cooperate with me, as I can only defend.
Actually, right now only Raphtalia and Firo have experience fighting with me, but following the plan to a certain extent would mean I should have to participate in battles too.
All the same, if we went out to fight the waves together without being able to cooperate, there would have been no meaning in creating this village. [T/N: Naofumi created the village to form a private army to fight the waves but if they don’t cooperate, it’s the same as fighting with the random soldiers.]
“Come back before nightfall.” (naofumi)
“I got it, big bro.” (kiel)
And just like this I saw the levelling party off and resumed work in the village.

Chapter 171: Portal Shield

At long last, I present Chapter 171!!~~
Portal Shield
“I get that Witch grew up spoiled, but what about Melty?” (Naofumi)
“That child was brought up with an exclusive teacher. So as much as possible, she was not too influenced by that person.” (Queen)
And that’s why Melty is respectable, compared to her sister.
Just compared to her sister though.
Because if I had to say, Melty’s emotionalness stands out.
She was angry even when we first met, and was also in hysterics recently.
“Ah, right, Iwatani-sama has somehow changed how he calls her, so I made the name change official.” (Queen)
“You did well to distiguish it, despite the two names being mostly the same.” (Naofumi)
“I also heard of it through Shadow’s report.” (Queen)
“Did you hear about the source of the name?” (Naofumi)
“Iwatani-sama’s world plays a factor. I dare say…. it’s probably a play on the words succubus or satan…sorceress or something, right?” (Queen) [T/N: In japanese, the three words share the character 魔 (魔性 devilishness, 悪魔 demon, 魔女 witch)]
“Mn, correct.” (Naofumi)
However, what is with you coming up with those words to be associated with your own daughter?
Well, that’s the impression you get when talking about Witch though.
“Also, I am entrusting this to Melty but what what will you do about the tax rate in your land?” (Queen)
Tax rate, huh.
When I think about it, the nobles originally only had to deal with the land management and doing nothing was a virtue, right?
Well, I don’t know if that’s even the case in this alternate world.
“Having high tax rates while we’re still reconstructing is a bit…..” (Naofumi)
It’s because it’s this kind of occasion that the populace’s power is swayed.
I feel that demanding taxes while they’re still unable to live as they please will cause everything to fail.
I understand that the Japan I lived in also had such a sore point.
Even though we’re in hard times, it’ll accelerate if taxes are raised. The recession, that is.
If you look at history and stuff, taxes must be lowered during a recession.
Having said that, as long as we are spirited, we can still expect revenue somehow.
…Well, I don’t know much about it.
“For now, we should lower those things that will affect the reconstruction and livelihood and raise the prices of luxury goods and such….” (Naofumi)
“I’ll have Iwatani-sama’s show us your abilities.”
“I hope you don’t expect too much.” (Naofumi)
How should I say it, I’m not that exceptional.
One way or another, it’s just using the power of the Shield.
Come to think of it, it’s almost time for the Bioplants to produce medical herbs so I’ll be able to manufacture medicine soon.
My purchasing has also been enhanced, and my property investments are somehow quite substantial.
One way or another, I’ll be able to sell medicine.
“I heard from the reports that you made a rather interesting building. Something about a plant that simply becomes a building?” (Queen)
….So you’re indirectly asking about Rato.
Just like I’m being cautious, even the country wants to be careful.
“Right, I created it with that Alchemist who was causing all that trouble in Forburei.” (Naofumi)
I hand a Camping Plant Seed to the Queen.
“This is a prototype for now.” (Naofumi)
“Will you be using this for business as well?” (Queen)
“There’s the issue of it going rampant so I think it’s dangerous for it to be distributed too much.” (Naofumi)
For now, there aren’t any problems but I don’t know when something will happen.
The problem is that that danger is capable of reviving, especially with strange crossbreeding.
When I was doing management tasks, a lot of places were lost because of the waves so at most I was going to use them as a demonstration.” (Naofumi) [T/N: Talking about the village being destroyed and camping plant was a trial modification.]
My place is the result of displaying this technique, and originally I had the intention of emphasising the selling of medicine.
“Then how about selling to nobles? Hypothetically speaking, if you cast magic to prevent crossbreeding then it might be good value to sell them as disposable products.” (Queen)
“That’s also an option but…” (Naofumi)
It’s not like I can’t do it by fiddling with the plant modification. It’ll work if I change the fertillity value to the lowest setting.
It might be good if it’s those nobles.
“I haven’t recieved any complaints but is it alright?” (Naofumi)
“The ones who’ll have complaints about the Hero of the Shield-sama’s work are the current authorities.”
“That’s what I’m worried about though….” (Naofumi)
Either way, land management is difficult. I’m under the pretense of teaching Melty but it seems like I’m being taught instead.
It’s agony to yield to that short-tempered Melty.
“Come to think of it, how are the country’s nobles? Giving me, the Hero of the Shield, such hospitality is essentially just due to the Queen’s own judgement, right?” (Naofumi)
“For the time being, there’s no problems. Instead it’s so calm that it’s ominous.” (Queen)
“It seems like something will happen?” (Naofumi)
“…Yes. Regrettably it’s at a state that I can’t reach with my power.” (Queen)
I don’t have any conclusive evidence but I have a hunch. My hunches are usually right when it comes to things like this though.
Originally I’m like that too, managing a Demi-human village in a human dominated country, but the Queen, who embraces the Hero of the Shield worshipped by the Demihumans, is the Queen.
“This concerns that trouble-making Alchemist but, it seems she’s adapting to Iwatani-sama’s place from what I can see from the reports.” (Queen)
“Yeah, it’s surprising how fast it was. What really happened in Forburei?” (Naofumi)
“It’s as she said. Somehow it seems that Forburei’s Seven Star Heroes exiled her due to a conflict over her research and techniques. I suspect it’s that, rather than a religious issue.” (Queen)
One way or another, that guy has her own techniques. So she was exiled because of them.
I don’t know what she was researching in Forburei though….
Somehow, the atmosphere reeks of ‘Japan and a certain country competing with their car import businesses’. It resembles being chased out by political power.
Well, Forburei will probably reveal new weapons eventually.
If it makes the waves and living easier then it’s good though. I won’t be depending on it either. I still need Rato’s support.
“So this is how the reports are, huh.” (Naofumi)
“That is the case, we’ll be awaiting your next visit.” (Queen)
With her head lowered, the Queen started to take her leave.
“That’s right, there’s ore excavated from the spirit turtle in the castle warehouse so go ahead and take some whenever you like.” (Queen)
“Ah, please turn those materials over to my regular weapon shop.” (Naofumi)
“Alright.” (Queen)
Because I want to become Oyaji’s power somehow. I want to give him priority.
With that feeling, the conversation ended and we went to the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era for Fohl and Sadina’s Level Reset.
At the same time, I recieved some of the sand from the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era. I let the shield absorb it.
The Dragon’s Era Sand Shield was unlocked.
Dragon’s Era Sand Shield    0/60 C
Ability Sealed…Equipment Bonus, Skill [Portal Shield]
Proficiency 0
I had a look at the sudden pop-up….there were no special skills attached. Its ability wasn’t very high either.
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
With a *Pop*, an icon appeared in my field of vision.
Transfer <-
Transfer Memory
Where was the initial transfer location?
I identify the transfer.
Melromarc Summon Space.
Ah, it’s that room I first appeared in. It’s unlikely to be anywhere else.
I should try jumping as a test.
When I do, I become aware of the range.
I can also designate comrades that can be transfered. It seems that i can also jump unintentionally.
Moreover it’s pretty vast. So there’s no need to be touching or anything.
They also have it as an emergency escape skill.
“Then I’m going to use the transfer skill to experiment.” (Naofumi)
“Okay!” (Firo)
“Oh, it looks quite fun.” (Sadina)
“You’re going to do it?” (Fohl)
Fohl startled and grasped onto Sadina. Sadina also embraced Fohl.
Firo was….
“That’s right Firo. Distance yourself a little more please.” (Naofumi)
“Hm? Understood~” (Firo)
The human-shaped Firo trotted away from me.
It should be something like this.
I become aware of the transfer.
When I do, the scenery changes, and I jumped to the damp and humid, earth-smelling altar.
Speaking of which, this is that kind of place.
There’s no one around and there’s no ceremony being held so it’s natural.
“You really jumped. How interesting~” (Sadina)
Sadina cackled with laughter. Say, you’re always laughing.
Fohl blinked with surprise.
Firo… separated from me and yet she was standing close by.
It’s sure is a convenient skill…
What was the cooldown time like?
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
Reuse time, a countdown time of 1 hour appeared.
It’s longer than I expected.
Well, if it was short then it could be utilised in battle.
“Now then, let’s return.” (Naofumi)
Just like this, we finished experimenting and returned to the village.
By the way, it seems like the possible transfer point memory of the Portal Shield is fundamentally impossible inside caves and buildings. The summoning space was the initial point and that’s why there’s that sort of treatment.
And so, if I can’t transfer to places that cant be registered, then it’s practical to jump to somewhere different.
Moreover, there’s actually no need to shout, just moving my mouth lets me jump.
I covered my mouth with my own hand and just by saying ‘Portal Shield’, an icon appeared.
Futhermore, starting with my party members, I have the option of select allies in my surroundings to transfer with.
That is to say, it can still be used even if an ally is caught by the enemy.
Furthermore, a hostile opponent can’t be transported.
In short, monsters, the heroes and Witch aren’t allies so I can’t forcably take them with me.
That’s a nuisance…
Ah, that’s right. Speaking of limits, it seems like the carriage is too big and is impossible to transport.
That’s why the other heroes didn’t use carriages.

Chapter 170: Trash and Hakuko by Darkstrolm

Translator: darkstrolm
Editor: Futon Lord
Originally Uploaded:
Kookie: This chapter is a placeholder, the re-translation will replace it when it’s done. But for now, I gotta get back to 174 so ppl don’t rebel~
Trash and Hakuko
“Wow…… it’s been a long time since I came here. The castle town has greatly changed.” (Sadina)
“You have visited this place before?” (Naofumi)
“Oh yes, once during Melromarc’s National Day.” (Sadina)
Sadina answers me while looking at the mountain of the Spirit Turtle.
Reconstruction is progressing further than before. The impression of ruin has weakened considerably.
That said…… what about the shell of the Spirit Turtle? Hmmm, it’s good to see that the trees are being cut and the reclamation is advancing.
As the saying goes, human beings are strong.
We are working hard trying to overcome the disaster.
“Where do you want to go now?” (TL: Not sure who says this line)
“I’ll go to the castle at once. Since we came suddenly, the preparations for the level reset have not been done.” (Naofumi)
I do not think there is no possibility that Shadow’s information network or the female knight sent ahead information about my coming, but I will meet Queen for the time being.
Unlike a class up, a reset can’t be done normally.
“It’s the castle! I’ve seen it, but I have never entered before.” (Anon Slave 1)
“Yes. Me too.” (Anon Slave 2)
“That should be about right.” (Naofumi)
Demi-Humans and Beastmen are not welcome in the castle of a country which practices human supremacy.
“It is not that good of a place.” (Kiel)
“I guess.” (Naofumi)
I said while heading towards the castle.
……Firo is still looking around the area restlessly.
“If Motoyasu is here, we will know. You’re too cautious.” (Naofumi)
“Firo knows, that’s why Firo’s still like this!” (Firo)
Being overtly cautious has its weaknesses too.
But even if I startle her, it would have the opposite effect.
In addition, I don’t think Motoyasu would come to the castle town because of the warrant for his arrest.
When you’re a known face in this town, it’s impossible to hide.
He does not have the skills to hide like Rafatalia, and he is dependent on crystals for magic.
Until he finally acquires the skills to hide, based on his past behavior, he will continue to foolishly come directly charging at Firo.
“Well, don’t worry about it.” (Naofumi)
“Muuu……” (Firo)
We pass by the castle gates while chatting.
The gatekeeper lets me through after I have taken my robe off to show my face, though there is a subtle change in his face when he sees Sadina.
Is that bitter face made for Sadina, who is obviously a Beastman?
Ah, back when I was summoned as a hero at the victory party after the first wave was over…… weren’t there considerably few demi-humans there?
The demi-humans have a low status in this country.
I have realized it a few times before.
The strong sense of discrimination is so deeply-rooted that even the Queen admitted to it.
“By the way, where is the Queen?” (Naofumi)
Are you playing a staring game with the documents in your office?
I ask about the Queen’s whereabouts to a servant. It looks like she’s in the middle of conducting official business, but that seems like a stalling tactic because she knew I was coming.
Will she come if I wait?
Oh, I’ll just rest here in the castle’s garden.
“Wait here.” (Naofumi)
“Hmmm……” (Fohl)
Fohl is wriggling uncomfortably in his robe.
Do you want to take if off here?” (Naofumi)
“Can I? Well then.” (Fohl)
Fohl takes off his robe.
Garangaran…… (TL: clanging sound)
I hear a sound of something falling behind me.
Turning around, I see Trash with his mouth hanging wide open while starring foolishly at me.
I wonder, is Trash is still being forced to be the Naked King?
Moreover, there’s a signboard attached to him that says “Do one lap around the castle as punishment. Do not get help no matter what!” signed with the Queen’s name.
What is with this guy?
“Finally the Shield has revealed his true colors!” (Trash)
He declares loudly while pointing his finger at me.
“Come on everyone! It’s time to erase the Devil of the Shield from this world! (Trash)
He comes running at me with the sign. While the soldiers standing around are dumbfounded, I am standing in front of Trash.
And Trash is immediately suppressed.
“Let go of me! Shield, he is the Devil, and he even brought a Hakuko[4] into the castle! Kill him!”
……I hear some amazing threats from Trash about the Hakuko species.
Some famous lines come out.
Well, I have fun seeing Trash being overpowered.
“Why are you making a racket now?” (Queen)
The Queen comes out while holding her head.
“Oh my wife! The Devil of the Shield is showing his true nature and has brought a Hakuko into the castle.” (Trash) (TL: Hakuko means White Tiger)
“Is that so?” (Queen)
“Is that so, that’s all you have to say!? Those aren’t the words I expected to hear!” (Trash)
“The world is in crisis now. Dealing with the Wave is more important than dwelling on bad history. It is the law of nature for the Hakuko to be with the Shield, the God to the Demi-Humans. How could that make you angry?” (Queen)
The Queen does not mince her words.
It makes me think that regardless of whether or not you are being brainwashed, I feel uplifted here.
Though I do not have…… a shield with such an effect.
Yeah, I definitely don’t.
“Guh…… even though you are my wife, I will not allow you to defend a Hakuko!” (Trash)
“I do not need your forgiveness. I cannot permit you to continue looking at the world with such clouded eyes forever. Take him away.” (Queen)
Let go of me! Vulture, do not let that vulture take advantage- J-JYHAAAAaaaAaaaaAAAAaaa!” (Trash) (TL: He actually says the word eagle here)
Trash is then taken somewhere else.
That guy is noisy everywhere.
“Was that…… because of me?” (Fohl)
“Don’t worry. That guy’s just crazy.” (Naofumi)
Fohl comes to me and asks while there is tension hanging in the air.
“Is that so?” (Fohl)
“The law…… I seem to have a mysterious relationship with the law of cause and effect.” (Naofumi)
I mutter while the Queen looks at Fohl.
“What is it?” (Fohl)
“You…… perhaps the name of your grandfather is Tai RanGaFeon?” (Queen)
“Ah…… that’s right. However, what of it? What did my grandfather do?” (Fohl)
On hearing that, the Queen nods as she is convinced.
“By all means, please follow the Shield Hero. Your late grandfather would have been pleased.” (Queen)
“I don’t know!” (Fohl)
Phew…… Whenever I’m in the neighborhood, Fohl becomes rebellious. Now he won’t obey me.
“How do you know my grandfather?” (Fohl)
“That person who was making those noises awhile ago was an enemy of your grandfather.” (Queen)
“I see, what did you say……?” (Fohl)
I am also surprised. How could you say that with such ease? Well, I will never forgive such selfishness.
“The thing about your grandfather, did you know?” (Queen)
“I didn’t know at all. My parents never told me.” (Fohl)
“Is that so…… it was rude of me to say that. I ask that you do not mind.” (Queen)
Fohl has a subtle face. Are you anxious because you are in a position your parents never told you about?
No, it is pretentious of me. I am going to take care of my own roots.
“Iwatani-sama, are you facing any problems? How are you holding up?” (Queen)
“Well, I’m well.” (Naofumi)
“And your territory? Anything that happens reaches my ear.” (Queen)
“Both areas are having difficulty dealing with your daughter.” (Naofumi)
“In the end, is Melty useful.” (Queen)
“Well…… I cannot leave the management of the town to her.” (Naofumi)
Though it looks like due to the brat, the people of the town appear to have not faced many problems.
I cannot say anything more because she has only just taken over the management for a few days.
“Can’t you do anything about Bitch, your other daughter? Or rather, I feel like murdering her the next time we meet.” (Naofumi)
The thought of capitalizing on her information bounty fills me with a sweet feeling.
“We must take into account…… the possibility of that child crossing over the border together with Ren-sama and that other woman from the Spear Hero’s party.” (Queen)
“When putting together Motoyasu’s and Elena’s stories, certainly there are other countries they could flee to.”
All in all, I would not be surprised if Bitch attempts to pass through the border’s barrier. However, if I were to guess methods she may use to break through it……
Perhaps going over a mountain?
That Bitch? She would never go through such an undignified method to enter another counter.
Smuggling? Or hiding in a cargo hold? Neither options would be acceptable for her.
“Can’t you just smoke her out with the slave’s crest?” (Naofumi)
“It’s not possible. There is something interfering……” (Queen)
“Can I kill her?” (Naofumi)
“If possible, don’t……” (Queen)
“Is it necessary to keep that girl alive and arrest her? Don’t tell me it’s because of the need to keep what she did hidden.”
“More or less. To put it specifically, it’s a means to avoid a war.” (Queen)
“Say what?” (Naofumi)
“It is that that child hates from the bottom of her heart. As she escapes without its writhing, and refusing it, and entreating, and being heated, and waving the eyes.” (Queen) (ED: Help…T_T)
“Hō……” (Naofumi)
“It’s……” (Queen)
“Oh, I thought of something better.” (Queen)
By all means, I would really like to enjoy the pleasant surprise of witnessing that moment while not knowing her fate beforehand.
It seems I can have more fun mentally by making a Daruma doll. Even if the Daruma Doll wears out, in this world, it can be cured so long as there is money due to the miracles of the recovery magic or alchemy.
“Is that so? Then this time, please tell me everything.” (Naofumi)
“Oh, it is better that you do not know everything by all means.” (Queen)
“But as punishment, for the sake of education, an iron brand should be firmly thrust in her.” (Naofumi)
“Does that sound good to you?” (Queen)
“……how is that good? (Fohl)
Fohl squirms uncomfortably as though he is being branded. Because Rafatalia is not around, there is no helping it.
And soon, it would be Rafatalia’s turn to be squirm too.
I feel like I’ve become some stand-up comedian. (TL: I think he’s making a joke here about plunging/thrusting the branding iron and putting Fohl in an uncomfortable/unpleasant situation)
I mean, I do not believe it’s normal for a Hero to be pleased with holding a branding iron like me.
I do not think I want to change myself, but let’s decide to hide the feeling inside a little bit more
However, the opponent is Bitch. Considering all that has happened in the past, my thoughts should be justifiable.
“The woman that you hate, what kind of terrible person is she?” (Fohl)
“Well, to give you an example, she’s the type of person who would use your sister’s body to commit various crimes, and once her use runs out, your crying sister would then be tossed away with a kick even as she laughs loudly. (Naofumi)
The victims are mainly Motoyasu and me.
I’m sure the number of victims will grow until she is caught in the future, though.
“What did you say!?” (Fohl)
Fohl is enraged.
Even if you’re that angry, you don’t have to grab me.
“That is something absolutely unforgivable! I will kill you before I allow such a thing to happen!” (Fohl)
“Hey, it’s me. We’re discussing what Bitch would do, not me.” (Naofumi)
Why must you must treat Atlas in such a way?
Even though I’m considering selling you if you are worthless.
“It’s the same thing.” (Fohl)
Yikes, my mind was read?
Still, I do not laugh aloud.
“May I continue speaking?” (Queen)
“Ah.” (Naofumi)
“It’s about the permission for the level reset this time.” (Queen)
“Did you already hear about it?” (Naofumi)
“It was within the reach of my ear. I have already made preparations for you to visit the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era at any time. Please also go receive the sand at the same time.” (Queen)
“It would be convenient if the Warp skill could be used for travel.” (Naofumi)
“By all means, please come to the castle at any time. That way, I can report any developments to Iwatani-sama as soon as they occur.” (Queen)
Ah, I must go and meet the Old Man, and I paid a visit to the castle for the time being, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
“Based on the stories I heard from Motoyasu, 6 people seems to be the limit. You should find out what further conditions there are in order to catch the other Heroes.” (Queen)
“I understand. I think I will attend to your request for their capture as soon as the conditions are met. Moving on, there is the issue about the Spear Hero.” (Naofumi)
“That……” (Firo)
Firo leans back with a wince and hides under my robe.
I do not encourage it because it is unpleasant under there.
“It should be possible for a slave, but the slave crest does not have an effect on a Hero.” (Queen)
“So it seems…… Looks like I’ll have to persuade them once I catch them.” (Naofumi)
“Thank you. We will also investigate anything that has to do with the Sword Hero.” (Queen)
Because it has something to do with Bitch, there is an unpleasant feeling that’s attached to it.
That woman…… What on earth happened to make her grow up into such a character? Though I didn’t want to know about it for obvious reasons, I wonder how she turned out that way.
“Hey, do you know why Bitch became like that? A genius at lying, spitting insults, and manipulating people.” (Naofumi)
“She inherited a few qualities from Trash and me. Perhaps the reason is because Trash spoiled her while she was growing up.” (Queen)
Is it the fault of Trash?
I mean, you should have been aware of her bad personality.
Oh, I’m also aware that I have a bad personality.
“As for that person, his daughter remained the apple of his eye even though she hurt others, and in the end they both became fools.” (Queen)
The Queen speaks with distant eyes.
This not the time for you to start reminiscing.
“Many times have I tried to fix her bad personality. I even let her study abroad in a school in Foburei to learn cultures. But the result was……” (TL: Foburei is the most powerful country. The hero summons was originally supposed to be performed here)
School of the Bitch.
I really don’t want to see it in my life.
“By the way, it was at the school in Foburei that that child graduated from her virgin status.” (Queen)
“The Bitch’s past is not something I give a damn about!” (Naofumi)
It really did not matter.

Chapter 169: The Weapon Shop’s Apprentice

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The weapon shop’s apprentice
“Yaaahhhhhh!” (firo)
“Firo-taaa―…..” (motoyasu)
I saw Motoyasu off with a sigh as he flew off into space for the third time today.
He’ll probably arrive ahead of us with his transfer skill, but she did well.
“As I thought, being with the Hero of the Shield-sama is entertaining~” (sadina)
Sadina cackled with laughter at the sight of Motoyasu flying into space.
I feel like she was always laughing, but was that just my imagination?
Even Fohl screamed in the beginning. [T/N: When he first saw Motoyasu go flying]
I also saw the other guys drawing away but Sadina was the only one who laughed so readily.
Was she someone who laughs easily? How should I say it, I think it’s too much.
Oh well, one way or another, the castle came into view.
Fohl looked to be suffering from very bad motion sickness but we were nearly at our destination.
Returning with the transfer skill…….I didn’t register my land or anything, so for the time being it’s not an option.
Well, I have various things to do in the castle so it’s fine.
Before we enter the castle town, I stop the carriage at the village nearby, like always.
“Heh, are we walking from here?” (sadina)
“Firo and I are famous, we stand out whenever we enter the castle town.” (naofumi)
“Hmm. Well then, wouldn’t it’d be better for Fohl-kun to conceal himself as well, for the same reason?” (sadina)
“Why?” (naofumi)
“Melromarc has been in a feud with Silt Welt for a long time, you know? And the Hakuko species is renown because of it.” (sadina)
Mmm…..there’s some truth in that. His appearance may be noteworthy.
“My kind is not seen very often but it’s fine since we’re not well-known.” (sadina)
“I see.” (naofumi)
It seems kind of stupid. We might stand out for a different reason, but let’s just go as eccentric adventurers.
It seems that the Lemo slave was fine for the same reason.
We were just going to leave him at the old man’s place. It was Imia’s uncle.
Was his a docile species?
Come to think of it, I haven’t been fighting at all lately.
I’m afraid my senses seem to be dulling.
I should also do some training exercises with the Battle Instructor.
Firo kept a restless lookout of our surroundings as she walked behind me.
Did she really hate Motoyasu that much.
If she hated him, she shouldn’t have given him such kind words.
I really didn’t want to tell her, but she should be more secretive about this fear.
What will you do when Motoyasu proceeds to the village?
We entered the castle town as I thought that.
It would probably be good to ask the queen to prepare for the Level Reset first.
Or, should I turn the slave over to the old man before that?
Well, we pass the old man’s shop on the way to the castle so the delegation is probably better.
“Oh, Laddie.” (oyaji)
When we entered the weapon shop, the old man was standing at the counter as usual.
The shop seems to have settled down and stabilised. Well, I had confidence in the old man’s business.
“How is it? Is there any progress?” (naofumi)
“Not at all. The ore from the spirit turtle also has the characteristic of being tough.” (oyaji)
“Hmm..” (naofumi)
“That part is very challenging right now but I’m researching everything I can.” (oyaji)
“I see. Which reminds me, in Zeltbur I―” (naofumi)
I told the old man about the Spirit Turtle Sword I saw in Zeltbur. In any case, I could tell that it was a sword made by a skilled craftsman at a single glance.
“If you say so, it must have been quite a sword….I can probably tell who made it or how they made it just by looking at it but….” (oyaji)
“I’d need to bring it here? Forgive me but such an expensive weapon is beyond me.” (naofumi)
If I sell the weapons made by the old man, I could probably get a bit of money but that would be like putting the cart before the horse.
….Speaking of which, I also have the option of selling the rare or unique weapons gained from the drops. Since they’re unusual, I should be able to get a good price for them.
I’ll think about it.
“Oh right, I thought about who I should make your apprentice and brought the slave.” (naofumi)
“Who is it?” (oyaji)
I pointed to Imia’s uncle among the slaves I brought.
“For a while now, I feel like I know you, but is that just my imagination?” (oyaji)
The old man inquired while pointing at Imia’s uncle.
“Why it’s been a long time. It looks like you’ve graduated properly from the Master’s place.” (imia’s uncle)
“As I thought!” (oyaji)
“You’re acquaintances?” (naofumi)
“Yeah.” (oyaji)
“From the past.” (imia’s uncle)
It seems that Imia’s uncle and the old man from the weapon shop were fellow disciples under the same craftsman when they were younger.
“Even if I say that….I dropped out in the middle. There were a lot of troubles at home and we had to raise Imia and the other children.” (imia’s uncle)
“The management was completely screwed up back then.” (oyaji)
“Despite being craftsmen?” (naofumi)
It was a somewhat ridiculous story.
“Whenever there was a huge discussion, it’d be about women. My master was obsessed with love.” (imia’s uncle)
It seems like the master was similar to Motoyasu. In my head, the old man’s master turned into Motoyasu.
Although, the Motoyasu I know has already turned into a Firo maniac.
What kind of life did Imia’s uncle go through? Imia also became a slave, I really don’t know any details.
A wave similar to Raphtalia’s…..was considered strange. Since it was huge.
“Speaking of which, how did you and Imia become slaves?” (naofumi)
“We were forced into slavery after being caught by slave hunters. During that time, quite a lot of corpses appeared and the village was also ruined. The only survivors are the ones with the Hero of the Shield-sama.” (imia’s uncle)
I see, there was also that kind of pattern. Raphtalia also experienced something similar.
“The orphaned Imia seems so happy now. I feel that I also want to lend my strength to the Hero of the Shield-sama” (imia’s uncle)
The circumstances behind the slavery were things such as being sold by parents, having no relatives or slave hunting.
Sadina’s reason was the same, being caught by slave hunters.
Then what about Fohl​?
“What about you?” (naofumi)
“I couldn’t pay for Atla’s medical fees and we were also burdened with debt.” (fohl)
“……so it seems I’ll receive a bill.” (naofumi)
Should I sell him depending on the amount of money?
No, there’s also the medicine costs. This guy owes me quite a debt.
“As far as I know, it disappeared when we were presented to you.” (fohl)
“I see, that’s good.” (naofumi)
Those slave dealers. So that part was given as a service.
“Originally I worked and fought…..the debt was gone, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to buy medicine.” (fohl)
“I see….” (naofumi)
“Atla should’ve been able to have a more normal life. At the very least, she shouldn’t have had to suffer from her illness.” (fohl)
“What kind of background did you have?” (naofumi)
“Who knows….? I only know that grandfather was amazing. My parents were lost in the war when we were young, but I think they were also pretty influential. There were a lot of people who helped around.” (fohl)
“What about servants to put on your clothes?” (naofumi)
“We didn’t have those kinds of guys. But since we couldn’t pay, our household belongings were distributed and we parted.” (fohl)
Ruined by medical fees, huh……
To have loyal subordinates and stuff, what kind of noble were you?
“Where did you live?” (naofumi)
“Why do I have to tell you that much?” (fohl)
“Well, that’s true.” (naofumi)
Worrying about the background of this hero-ish guy, my mind was dwelling on something inconsequential.
“Well since you’re already acquainted, it simplifies things.” (naofumi)
“Well, that’s true but…..I never thought the smithing place I would be employed at would be yours.” (imia’s uncle)
“I was also surprised. I’m taking in an apprentice due to Laddie’s request but, well, you’re a fine partner so isn’t it good.” (oyaji)
“How nostalgic. It brings back the past.” (imia’s uncle)
“Including lodging fees, how much should I pay?” (naofumi)
“It includes boarding, right? If I can work him hard then I don’t need it.” (oyaji)
“I’m grateful for your generosity.” (naofumi)
“Hey….stop saying stuff like working me to death.” (imia’s uncle)
He’s become sturdier than normal Demi-humans due to there being some correction.
Will the old man also be Spartan when teaching?
How should I say it, pipes or cigars would probably suit Imia’s uncle but he doesn’t smoke.
He wears overalls and looks like a hillbilly.
Well, whatever.
“I’ll have you work to a similar standard as we did in the past.” (oyaji)
“That would kill me.” (imia’s uncle)
“Ha ha ha, it’s not as bad as you think.” (oyaji)
And with that, they started work as the old man chatted with Imia’s uncle.
It looks like it will be fine if it’s like this.
“Well we’ve got some errands to do.” (naofumi)
“Alright, I’ll beat the shop’s business into this guy.” (oyaji)
“I want you to teach me how to beat the techniques into this guy, so won’t you come to my land?” (naofumi)
Depending on whether his skills rival the old man or if they’re just at the level of a salesperson, we’ll be able to have weapons and armour made for the village.
“I haven’t really thought about it. For now, I have to see how capable he is.” (oyaji)
“I haven’t done much. Only as far as continuing to do a bit of metal-work.” (imia’s uncle)
“A modest attitude. I’ll have you show me how well you swing your hammer.” (oyaji)
“Look forward to it.” (imia’s uncle)
It feels like a reunion between long-term friends. It’s not bad.
“Well then, I’ll come again if anything happens. If you need me, just contact the village or the castle.” (naofumi)
“I know, Laddie.” (oyaji)
“I’ll work hard to learn the work, Hero of the Shield-sama.” (imia’s uncle)
And like this, we left the weapon store behind.

Chapter 168: Alps

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Chapter 168: Alps

“It seems… that an amazing granny has arrived.” (Fohl)

Fohl arrives carrying Atlas on his back.
He’s acting as if he is uninvolved.
Rafatalia and the others have a level cap of 100, but these two can reach 120.
It’s true that having technique can balance out having low stats, but having high stats never hurts.

“What are you talking about? You’re taking her lessons as well.” (Naofumi)
“Ge…” (Fohl)

Fohl has recently been preoccupied with tending to Atlas, and he’s been ignoring my orders.
I don’t know why, but he is behaving quite rebelliously towards me like Kiel when she first got here.
I was able to tame Kiel with food, but it seems that won’t work on this one.
The younger sister Atlas’s condition has improved quite a bit, and it seems a full recovery may be possible.

“Naofumi-sama, it’s been a while.” (Atlas)

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