Chapter 148: Failed Creation

Failed Creation
When I was feeding the kid’s lunch to the new Lemo slave, a loud voice could be heard from outside the shop.
“Big bro’s eating!” (kiel)
When I looked, Kiel was pointing at me from outside the shop while she entered.
“No fair, that’s sneaky! I also wanna eat” (kiel)
“You’re only saying that because you see the skewer in my hand” (naofumi)
I had given everyone pocket money and free time to celebrate their long-awaited Class Up.
As long as they have money, they should be able eat here.
Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be asking me for skewers from the food stall after they’ve eaten.
“Isn’t it okay~” (kiel)
“Kiel-chan, stop speaking so selfishly” (raphtalia)
“Don’t add ‘chan’ to my name!” (kiel)
It’s this dialogue again. How troubling.
“Hm? Who’s this kid?” (kiel)
“Eeep…..” (mole slave)
Startled, the Lemo slave curled into a ball.
It’s not that he’s timid but…. he’s afraid of strangers.
“He’s a new slave” (naofumi)
“I see, Shield-niichan may say scary things but he’s rather indulgent so its alright” (kiel)
“You……” (naofumi)
To say this kind of thing about someone whilst in front of the person himself.
“What’s your name?” (kiel)
“…..Imia Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz” (mole slave -> imia)
Such a long name! It’s hard to remember.
“So Imia then. You a boy?” (kiel)
“No….” (imia)
Another girl. And I thought she was a boy.
It’s getting a bit much.
“You can’t get spoilt though. Me and Raphtalia-chan won’t allow it” (kiel)
“O-okay” (imia)
“The place we’ll be going to is somewhere where if you work hard, you’ll be able to see your improvement, but only for the part you worked on, so let’s work hard together” (kiel)
Kiel explained clumsily and smiled at Imia.
It’s a good development.
“And so, Niichan. Give me some too” (kiel)
“Nope” (naofumi)
In the end it was that. She was just making fun of me, this damn brat.
“What happened to the other guys” (naofumi)
Ever since I first gave food to Kiel to eat, everytime she finds me I end up having to feed her. Give me a break.
“They went shopping with the pocket money Niichan gave them. For souvenirs and stuff” (kiel)
Really, just what am I even doing.
I should be managing my land, but instead it feels like I’ve just become the big brother who looks after everyone.
“Well, we’ll be meeting up at the castle town’s gates. Don’t be late whatsoever” (naofumi)
“I already know that” (kiel)
Kiel left, as expected of someone who wasn’t usually treated. As she was going, she said this.
“Oh right, the friend Firo brought along is a bit prideful but she’s interesting!” (kiel)
Melty….she’s playing around incognito again.
I wonder what’s become of the education in this country.
Imia’s also in a good mood and has become cheerful.
It’s similar to how Raphtalia was in the past.
“For the time being, let’s go to the weapon store after we finish eating” (naofumi)
“Yes” (imia)
*munch munch* Imia frantically devoured her Kid’s Lunch.
It seems like she would get along with Firo, with the way she’s eating.
After we finished our meal at the restaurant, we made an appearance at the weapon store.
“Oh, well isn’t it the young laddie. It’s been a while” (oyaji) [T/N: He calls him An-chan which is derived from Aniki/Nii-chan]
“It’s been around two weeks” (naofumi)
“It’s around that long” (oyaji)
“Ah……it’s about the shields I requested last time but…..the money is still….” (naofumi)
It’s very hard to say. That I don’t have money so I’ll just be copying.
“Ooh, I had also wanted to talk to you about that” (oyaji)
The old man also seems to have trouble talking. The atmosphere is oppressing.
“It’s not finished yet” (oyaji)
“I see….then it’s fine” (naofumi)
“I’ll be frank. I’ve gotten the materials from the country, but they all have the characteristic of being resilient” (oyaji)
“Ho…..” (naofumi)
“If I was to make them into weapons, adding enchantments or special options would be easy and because the foundation is solid, it could become a weapon just by shaving it into shape” (oyaji)
Hmm….is it the manufacturing part that’s difficult…..?
I haven’t really looked at the other weapon stores so I don’t really understand, but this one seems to have a bit of an appeal to it.
I remember that the spears and swords were quite conspicuous.
There was a blade that looked like turtle shell. So that was shaped by shaving.
“However, I also wonder if that can even be called a weapon. There’s no need for skills. In the worst case, a clumsily hammered item could still end up on the market” (oyaji)
“Are you that fussed about it” (naofumi)
“Well, it would be affected by the maker’s skills so I’m fine with just wondering. That can’t really be said for making armour though” (oyaji)
“Is that so?” (naofumi)
“Yes. Anyhow, this material seems to have bad affinity with the Air Wake feature. It has no effect” (oyaji) [T/N: Air Wake was originally translated as Air Walk in the early chapters but the pronunciation is ‘ea’ (air) ‘ueiku’ (wake)]
The Air Wake feature. If I’m not mistaken, it’s supposed to make heavy armour lighter.
This is due to a special effect that the shield has. Gravity Field comes to mind.
This special effect that uses a gravitational field. It has a high probability of developing in shields in the Spirit Turtle Series and it seems to have the power to somehow cause floating objects to fall.
If that was enhanced by the shield’s effect then even Firo would say it’s hard to jump around.
I nod at the fact that if the Spirit Turtle materials have even just a tiny bit of this effect then it’s affinity with the Air Wake feature would be bad.
“And these materials are intrinsically heavy, I can improvise something for a sword or spear if they were only being used as a blade but armour is different” (oyaji)
The Spirit Turtle’s shell itself can’t help but to repel attacks……however it’s heavy.
“There’s the concept of making it thinner but, you know…… the fundamental defensive power would diminish” (oyaji)
“I see” (naofumi)
It’s a difficult material. In my opinion it’s not perfected yet.
“I’ve made two prototypes. Have a look” (oyaji)
The old man guided me to the interior of the shop and I looked at his prototypes.
“Is this it?” (naofumi)
“Yeah” (oyaji)
“Is it alright if I hold it?” (naofumi)
“Go ahead” (oyaji)
One was an ordinary shield made from the spirit turtle’s shell, the problem was it was quite big and bulky.
I thought I’d try to carry it to test it, but it was too heavy. I should’ve had the strength to stop the spirit turtle’s foot but…was that simply the miraculous power of the shield?
It’s not that I couldn’t pick it up, but it would be hard to fight with this.
I can’t wield it.
Just putting it down caused a *thud* sound.
And, there was a major flaw.
It didn’t activate Weapon Copy.
In other words, this wasn’t treated as a shield. The criteria was hard to understand but, it may appear as a….wall.
However, there was a tiny reaction so I feel like it’s a delicate line.
“How is it?” (oyaji)
“Looks like it isn’t a shield” (naofumi)
“Ah, it’s a total failure” (oyaji)
“The other one?” (naofumi)
“This is it” (oyaji)
And what he gave me was a thin, semi-transparent shield made from the turtle shell. It’s appearance was really beautiful.
I try hold it for the time being. Its weight is not to the extent of being unable to hold it. It seems good to wield.
However…….huh? This one is more shield-like but there’s no reaction.
“Ah as I expected, even the young laddie thinks there’s a problem” (oyaji)
“What’s the meaning of this?” (naofumi)
“For this shield, I focused on making it as light as possible. In exchange for that, there’s barely any defensive power. It’d break in one shot” (oyaji)
……Wow. A disposable. Or should I say, this is already…….
“Isn’t this a plate?” (naofumi)
“Even if you say that, I can’t refute it. When I first made it, I saw something similar shown in the souvenir shop and I wanted to cry” (oyaji)
“It’s also heavier than it looks” (naofumi)
“That’s right, isn’t it. It’s a strong property of these materials” (oyaji)
“Both extremes are too much, don’t you have any that are more of a compromise?” (naofumi)
“That’s just it though. Somehow if it exceeds a certain thickness, the weight won’t change” (oyaji)
“Eh?” (naofumi)
“If I made that plate just a bit thicker, its weight would have been the same. Its weight is proportional to its size. Having said that, I wanted to try making a smaller shield but then your forearm would be heavy” (oyaji)
…….It’s hard to handle.
Do the ingredients themselves emit gravity.
“How difficult” (naofumi)
“Yeah, but my intuition is telling me I should be able to make something good. So just wait with high expectations, young laddie” (oyaji)
“……I get it. Oh right, this is about the shield but”
I explained to the old man regarding the necessary items for strengthening the Spirit Turtle materials. Perhaps there might be something helpful.
“I see…that’s an interesting story, it might be better than making it with only those materials” (oyaji)
“Actually I will receive them in segments so I can deliver some afterwards”
“Alright. I’ll also try a variety of things” (oyaji)
And, while saying that, the two of us returned from the interior of the store.
Raphtalia and Imia were waiting near the entrance.
“Oh right, it looks like you brought a Beastman slave with you” (oyaji)
“Yeah, it seems this kid is from a dexterous race so I bought her” (naofumi)
“Oh, so she’s the one who’s going to become my apprentice”
“I haven’t thought about that yet. I’ll bring someone after I’ve gathered and raised them some more” (naofumi)
“I see. I’m only waiting because it’s you” (oyaji)
“It’ll be very soon. Please wait a little” (naofumi)
“I’m strict though” (oyaji)
“Work them hard, but please don’t discriminate” (naofumi)
“I won’t do that sort of thing” (oyaji)
It seems he wasn’t originally born in this country and I don’t want to see the old man discriminating or anything.
Therefore it was a good reply.
“It’s because beastmen are frightening as enemies but when they’re allies they’re very reliable. If it’s that kid, I’d recommend a rapier” (oyaji)
“Speaking of which, have you finished the weapon meant for Rishia?” (naofumi)
“Yeah, the improved weapon made with the money I received from the country. It’s finished” (oyaji)
The old man took out a sword from underneath the counter.
Pekkle Rapier Quality: Good
Bestowed Effect: Agility UP   Magic UP   Blood Clean Grease
Compared to Raphtalia’s sword, the bestowed effects are quite low.
Well, it was originally a spear so it seems to have degraded from the manufacturing.
“Then I’ll be taking it” (naofumi)
“Alright. Please come back whenever you like” (oyaji)
“I’d like to come when I have money. I can’t be spoiled forever” (naofumi)
“Hahaha, whenever you have that attitude it makes me want to work harder” (oyaji)
The old man replied in good humour.
He can really make me relieved with his words.
“And it’s also thanks to your patronage that I can be so prosperous” (oyaji)
“Ah, so that influence is showing” (naofumi)
“Of course. It’s to the extent where I’m so busy that it’s difficult” (oyaji)
The equipment hanging in the store have been selling out considerably.
It feels as if the production side isn’t fast enough.
“For a while, I’ve been saved by the seclusion for my manufacturing” (oyaji)
“It sounds quite envious” (naofumi)
“Come to think of it, the pharmacy has been taken away forcibly by the magic shop. Did you do something?”
“Is that so….so the magic shop succeeded then” (naofumi)
That stubborn old guy has been fished out nicely.
With this, the slaves can be taught pharmaceutics.
“I heard something I didn’t want to hear….” (oyaji)
“Next is……” (naofumi)
“Laddie. Please stop with your recruiting” (oyaji)
“Hahaha” (naofumi)
“Stop hiding behind your smile” (oyaji)
I wish that the old man would also come to my land.
When I send a look saying that, he bluntly avoids my glance by turning away.
“Um… what are they talking about?” (imia)
“Shh…..They’re in the middle of an important discussion. Let’s just wait for them” (raphtalia)
“R-right….” (imia)
Raphtalia and Imia had heard the chat between the old man and me.

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