Chapter 151: Camping Plant

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Hatoken experienced some Technical Difficulties.

Chapter 151: Camping Plant

“It’s going quite well.” (Rafatalia)
“Right. For me to make this much progress in just 2 days, could I possibly be a genius?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama…” (Rafatalia)

It’s been two days since then. Rafatalia is facing me with a serious face.
I think I overdid it as well.
I had tried to modify the Bioplant with Rat’s help. Because of this, quite a few people are watching our work.
Having a specialist really helps.

Rat has already been registered as one of my slaves. I have set the crest to punish her if she tries to lie to me.
The punishment has been set to the highest level. Based on the severity of her actions, she may die.
I can’t be negligent. Though for now, she seems to be satisfied while being immersed in research.

The real work starts from here on…

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