Chapter 153: Even Though You Already Understand…

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Chapter 153: Even Though You Already Understand…

Ren and his comrades successfully cleared the Wave of another country, and then headed to the town the Spirit Turtle was sleeping in to search for greater strength.
He’s exactly the same as Motoyasu, or so I want to retort.
According to Ren, the Spirit Turtle was going to be the mastermind behind an even greater calamity, so it was best to kill him off early.

“In the near future, a plague would have struck that land. The people would fall one after the other… And the cause of that would be the Spirit Turtle. He would manipulate their corpses and create an undead army with his powers of mind control.” (Rem)

Apparently, in the games Ren played, if he didn’t act fast a large calamity would befall this land. This event was big enough in scale to cause the fall of nations…

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