Chapter 154: Independent Nature

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I have Agreed to take Up Konjiki no Word Master, but no it will not be seeing as regular updates as Tate no Yuusha. Perhaps weekly.

Chapter 154: Independent Nature

I return to the village and relate Ren’s story to Female Knight.

“Fumu… It seems the Hero of the Sword is quite the spoiled brat.” (Female Knight)

Female Knight speaks whilst cricking her fingers.
It’s not like I can’t understand Ren’s feelings, but he truly is a wimp.

“Relying only on otherworldly knowledge to rashly rush into battle… There should be a limit to being naïve.” (Female Knight)
“Well, that pretty much sums it up.” (Naofumi)
“If you happen to catch him, turn him over to me. I’ll personally make sure to re-educate him.” (Female Knight)
“…He may have just overestimated himself.” (Naofumi)
“What are you saying. It’s a knight’s common sense to fight a battle even if victory is…

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