Chapter 158: Medicine of the Sacred Tree

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Reposted with Flazeo25’s permission.

***By Flazeo25. Edited by Firo’s Ahoge (4 hours worth of editing o_o; I had to consult the raws at times with machine assistance so some parts may be off. In any case, enjoy! It’s a great chapter!)***

Medicine of the Sacred Tree

Slave Dealer: “Here we are.”

I was shown a group of slaves who were kept away due to illness.
They were kept in poor conditions similar to those in the Tent at Melromark.
Since there was no sign of their health being taken care of, their mental health also suffered.

Naofumi: “Wait for just a moment.”

I gesture to a sick slave and approach the cell.
Even though the slave hesitates, as I take out medicine from the shield, it is snatched instantly.
There wouldn’t be much loss, since the medicine is cheap.

Naofumi: “Open your mouth.”

The medicine given to the first slave starts affecting the surrounding…

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