Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

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And now we see why Firo disobeys Naofumi

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Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

Following the Female Knight, I leave the slaves to themselves and proceed towards the Village Storehouse.
And there I find Rat with her arms crossed and an unpleasant expression on her face. Contrastingly, Taniko’s eyes are sparkling. They are both waiting for me.

“What have you called me for?” (Naofumi)
“First, look inside the storehouse.” (Female Knight)

I slowly open the door and peer inside.
Inside is… various armors and materials. There are also monster eggs.
Hm? There wasn’t supposed to be anything in here.

“Did you use my money to buy these things?” (Naofumi)
“No, these were sent in a parcel addressed to you.” (Female Knight)
“What?” (Naofumi)

Inside the storehouse, I see an open wooden box.
The words, ‘To the Hero of…

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Chapter 161: Princess Visit

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Princess Visit
With Firo advancing at a slow pace, we needed 4 days to reach the village.
We turned the monsters in our path into food and our carriage journey advanced with no problems.
All the slaves who ate my food for the first time had the same reaction. Was it really that delicious?
By the way, Fohl became sulky whereas Atla praised it greatly.
The third night of our trip.
“Naofumi-sama……um… apologies but could you please change my bandages?” (atla)
“I’ll do that kind of thing!” (fohl)
“Well, I should apply a salve for skin disease while I’m at it.” (naofumi)
“Damn…” (fohl)
The medicine seemed to be working and Atla’s skin improved but she complained about itching so I took off her bandages.
“….Huh? It seems that the skin that had looked like it was burned has now healed.” (naofumi)
“Y-yeah.” (fohl)
Fohl stared at his little sister with astonishment.
Was this really such a surprising situation? Well it was a marvellous recovery though.
And so I removed the bandages covering her face and checked.
“Well……” (raphtalia)
When Raphtalia looked at her condition, her voice slipped out without thinking. It’s unusual for Raphtalia to expose such behaviour because she always maintains her silence when it’s quiet. It isn’t really that surprising though.
The brother’s face looked conceited but even though I had been prepared for it, when I looked at the little sister, I was also surprised.
Despite being a slave, her hair was glossy and her skin was smooth and pale.
I wonder how old she is….her brother looked about 12 or 13, so she should be younger than that…..
Her eyes were out of focus and her pupils were dilated. I knew that if a blind person had their eyes open, their eyes would be like this.
That slave merchant said such unorthodox things but isn’t he selling slaves of this class for a different reason?
Well, I should be saying this after the skin disease has recovered completely.
“I feel so refreshed. Naofumi-sama, thank you very much…..for applying the salve for me.” (atla)
“Mm….” (naofumi)
I’m lost for words. Raphtalia and Firo can considered to be beautiful without being biased but Atla is a beauty of a different class.
She has a young appearance and yet, it could be said that she was as delicate as a doll.
“Ooh….Atla has become so pretty.” (fohl)
Are you the father of a bride the night before her wedding or something!
“It looks like the progression is going well. The salve isn’t really necessary any more.” (naofumi)
“Is that so?” (atla)
The blind Atla touched her face with her hand.
“It’s not rough any more.” (atla)
“So it seems.” (naofumi)
“It’s all thanks to Naofumi-sama. Thank you very much.” (atla)
Atla made a quick bow of her head.
“Don’t worry about it.” (naofumi)
Another slave peeked at us from a crack in the carriage. I could hear a small voice exclaiming something about a beauty.
She hasn’t been completely cured yet, but she should be soon. As expected of the Yggdrassil medicine, the results are extraordinary.
“And there you have it, Fohl. You understand, right” (naofumi)
“…..Yeah” (Fohl)
Fohl came to his senses with my words and nodded with vexation.
I’ve healed his frail little sister to this extent. I will have him work wholeheartedly.
“Naofumi-sama.” (atla)
“What is it?” (naofumi)
“Please tell us……what will be awaiting us in the village that we’re heading to? Raphtalia-san, please teach us as well.” (atla)
When we journey in the carriage, I usually process monster parts, compound medicine and also study magic, but I wasn’t doing those things right now.
Well, it’s fine.
“The hell-like days of me working everyone hard are――” (naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama!” (raphtalia)
Raphtalia was rather loud.
I was only going to scare them a little.
Raphtalia hates these kinds of pranks, doesn’t she.
Well, I have the feeling that I may have been the cause of that.
“Tsk! Let’s see…..” (naofumi)
Raphtalia and I told Atla about the other villagers and what would happen in the future.
It may have been trivial, but when I thought about how healthy this frail girl had become, I thought it was good that I had learnt to compound medicine.
“We’ve just returned~” (naofumi)
The slaves undertook Firo’s right of passage when she decided to play around just before we reached the village and by the time we arrived, they were completely exhausted.
“Ah, welcome back~ I arrived earlier.” (sadina)
……How did Sadina arrive ahead of us?
Honestly, it’s quite unexpected. She couldn’t have been faster than Firo.
“You were quick.” (naofumi)
“Hmph…..If Firo was being serious she would have arrived earlier!” (firo)
“What are you being so competitive for.” (naofumi)
Firo glared at Sadina provokingly while muttering.
Is it her pride as a mount?
Such unnecessary….. Sadina’s not even a steed.
Besides, Firo had been giving a ride to lots of sick and inexperienced slaves.
It would have been troubling if she had made a serious effort.
“Brother, are you alright?” (atla)
“Y-yeah….I’m fin――*ugh*” (fohl)
Unexpectedly, Atla appears to be good with motion sickness.
Well, I’ll have to reprimand Firo later, for playing around when we’ve got sick people on board.
“So this is….Naofumi-sama’s village” (atla)
Despite being unable to see, Atla surveyed the village.
“Can you see?” (naofumi)
“No, but the aura….” (atla)
Speaking of which, she’s been saying that sort of thing for a while.
It’s amazing that she doesn’t seem to be inconvenienced even though she’s blind.
I mean, aura…..
“It’s good that you’ve returned. I also have a mountain of things to report that I’m starting to get impatient.” (female knight)
The female knight was there but Melty had also come along.
Melty was almost angry enough for steam to come out of her head.
So she’s becoming hysterical again.
“Why did you leave even though Firo told you I would be coming over to Naofumi-sama’s place soon!” (Melty)
“Ah, now that you mention it, there was something like that.” (naofumi)
She was completely infuriated.
Which reminds me, Melty was going to come and play.
“When I came to the village, Naofumi had already left and Firo wasn’t here either, so there was no reason for me to even be here!” (melty)
“My bad, my bad. So, when are you leaving?” (naofumi)
“Asking me when I’m going home after I’ve been waiting for so long, isn’t there a limit to your insolence?” (melty)
“But you’re the princess.” (naofumi)
“So what about me being a princess!” (melty)
What is with the next queen of a human nation coming to visit a Demi-human village?
“I have proper orders from mother.” (melty)
“Ah, so it’s like that.” (naofumi)
It seems the queen was still plotting to set me up with Melty.
Well in her position, it would be best to win over the Hero of the Shield.
“So, how long are you staying?” (naofumi)
“A long time! I was dispatched by mother to help out with Naofumi’s land management. To go learn to manage a village or town for the sake of the future….I’ve been forced to do such a troublesome job.” (melty)
“Your parents are strange. In the head.” (naofumi)
Both her father and her mother were.
She’s superior to her elder sister at her age but learning land management at this age is a lot of work.
What’s worse is that she might not have my obligation to push the demi-humans to grow rapidly.
“Shut up! I already know that.” (melty)
“All right, you go and play with Firo.” (naofumi)
“Why! Didn’t you hear what I said?” (melty)
I did hear it but….fair enough.
Melty seems like she’ll kick up a fuss again if I talk so let’s take some countermeasures against her.
“Hey Firo, go and play with Melty-chan.” (naofumi)
“Oka~y.” (firo)
“Wai..Firo-cha――I haven’t….talking with Naofumi――” (melty)
And so, Melty struggled while being dragged away by Firo.
With this, it should be quiet.
As expected, Firo is the best when it comes to Melty.
“How about treating Princess Melty a little kinder, Iwatani-dono?” (female knight)
“Our relationship is just like that. She’s strong-willed.” (naofumi)
“Is that so? She was really disappointed when she heard that Iwatani-dono wasn’t here though.” (female knight)
“That’s because Firo wasn’t here. They’re good friends.” (naofumi)
“I don’t really think so but…. I suppose it depends on Princess Melty’s tenacity from here on.” (female knight)
“What are you talking about?” (naofumi)
“Never mind. More importantly, I have some information to report.” (female knight)
“Did that woman and the brat finally cause a problem?” (naofumi)
By that I mean Rato and Taniko.
Whenever I leave the village for a prolonged period of time, I expect something to happen.
“No, they’re quite docile.” (female knight)
“Is that so?” (naofumi)
“They seem to be joyfully playing with the monsters.” (female knight)
“Get to work!” (naofumi)
This passiveness is wrong!
Why the hell are they playing around!?
Jeez…. they haven’t caused any problems but it’s practically the same as doing nothing.
“So? What’s the problem?” (naofumi)
“Ah, it kind of concerns that woman but, come to the warehouse for a bit.” (female knight)
“What’s there?” (naofumi)
“Just come.” (female knight)
“Ah, just wait a moment.” (naofumi)
After I watch the slaves dismount from the carriage, I call the village slaves over.
And then I beckoned to Imia when she emerged from a hole. Is that a burrow?
“Imia, I’ve brought along some of your colleagues.” (naofumi)
“Eh? Ah, Uncle!” (imia)
“Oh, it’s really Imia. You’ve grown.” (lemo slave)
Imia and another Lemo reunited with pleasure.
“Thank you very much, Hero of the Shield-sama!” (imia)
“Eh? He was the Hero of the Shield!?” (lemo slave)
Come to think of it, I hadn’t told them.
Imia’s family bowed their heads deeply.
Their mood turned into admiration. There were also those who didn’t care though.
“I’d like you guys to learn a variety of detailed-oriented tasks. Can I ask that?” (naofumi)
“We owe you a debt of gratitude even if it costs us our lives.” (lemo slave)
“……Is your home town in Silt Welt?” (naofumi)
“No? It’s not but…..the legend of the Hero of the Shield-sama is very well known and we’ve heard the rumours. Moreover, you’ve also let us meet with Imia again.”
“I don’t know if it will be pleasant, but I wanted to let you to live in even a bit of comfort. Because of that, I’d like you to hang in there.” (naofumi)
“Okay!” (lemo slave)
And thus I ensured to a certain extent that I had some adept subordinates.
I’ll think about what they should learn later.
“Now then, all you new slaves introduce yourselves make some friends so that you can get accustomed to the village.” (naofumi)
Everyone started introducing themselves noisily. The village has become quite lively.
“Um, where shall we be residing?” (octopus slave)
One of the aquatic slaves inquired.
Indeed, it would appear to be hard for them to live in a normal village? or the camping plant houses. [T/N: Naofumi is rather dubious about calling this a normal village hence the question mark]
“You guys can live near the sea along with Sadina.” (naofumi)
“Ah, okay……” (octopus slave)
The dolphin and octopus-like Beastmen nodded obediently.
Ah, they’re probably surprised to know that I’m the hero of the shield.
“You guys seem pretty dexterous. You’ll also be allocated work soon, but I’d like you guys to level up enough to protect yourselves.” (naofumi)
“I understand.” (octopus)
The octopus-like Beastman assented with a wave of his hand and walked towards the ocean with his many legs.
The dolphin……I hadn’t really been looking but if I compared his height with Sadina’s then he’s rather small. And round.
Was it an issue of age? It was like Raphtalia when she was little.
I feel like I shouldn’t ask his gender. It’d be bad if he turned out to be a girl when I thought he was a boy.
The high female ratio is troubling, it’d be better if I didn’t know. There’s no need to go and ask.
“Fohl and Atla are…..” (naofumi)
Those siblings were….Fohl was carrying Atla on his back and doing self-introductions with Kiel and them.
Fohl had a greatly displeased look on his face but Atla was happily chatting with her new friends in a gesture of friendship.
…….How far did Firo and Melty go?
What do I do if they don’t introduce themselves here?
“I’ve kept you waiting.” (naofumi)
“Ah, but I’ve become motivated from watching Iwatani-dono’s actions, go figure.” (female knight)
“Is that so?” (naofumi)
“It is. Everyone’s desire for improvement has been circulating.” (female knight)
“So it’s that sort of thing…..” (naofumi)
I came with efficiency in mind though……
“It’s rare for someone to do that subconsciously. Iwatani-dono really is a Hero.” (female knight)
“Nothing will happen even if you praise me. Besides, I’m doing things for myself. Those guys are just putting themselves to work at their own pleasure.” (naofumi)
“Fufu….and that’s why your dearest Raphtalia has been boasting.”
I don’t understand what she’s saying at all.
Has Raphtalia been telling stories?
“And, what did you have to report?” (naofumi)
“I said so before but please come to the warehouse, Rato is also waiting there.” (female knight)
“Huh?” (naofumi)
Why is Rato also there?
For now I continue to follow the Female knight.
~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
If I understand correctly, Demi-humans are part human, part animal whereas Beastmen are more animal than human. I was browsing the internet and came across some cute pictures of what I imagine some of the Beastmen slaves to look like (when they’re adults?). They actually come from a series of Stickers from Line.
*Please note this is not official, nor has it been confirmed. This is just my opinion of what they look like*


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Chapter 160: Return to the Village

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Chapter 160: Return to the Village

After Itsuki’s game ended, the coliseum continued to host other events but I didn’t feel like watching.

“I heard that the weapon shops here had a wide variety. I’m going to go check them out.” (Naofumi)
“Should I show you around? Yes.” (Slave Dealer)
“Yeah… I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)

It’s quite a bustling city. I think that it will be easy to get lost.

“Then, you there, please lead him around.” (Slave Dealer)

A large muscular man raises his hand to announce his presence.
I follow him and arrive at the biggest market area in the city.
It reminds me of a mall from the other world.

“Well, well. If it…

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