Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

Oh dear, now I have to actually work on the next chapter…
Yoraikun, Why you so fast!? >w<
Next chapter probably wont be finished/released before tomorrow comes~
But I haven't decided if thats my tomorrow or your tomorrow yet

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And now we see why Firo disobeys Naofumi

Note: This chapter is late because I wasted my day making banners.

Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

Following the Female Knight, I leave the slaves to themselves and proceed towards the Village Storehouse.
And there I find Rat with her arms crossed and an unpleasant expression on her face. Contrastingly, Taniko’s eyes are sparkling. They are both waiting for me.

“What have you called me for?” (Naofumi)
“First, look inside the storehouse.” (Female Knight)

I slowly open the door and peer inside.
Inside is… various armors and materials. There are also monster eggs.
Hm? There wasn’t supposed to be anything in here.

“Did you use my money to buy these things?” (Naofumi)
“No, these were sent in a parcel addressed to you.” (Female Knight)
“What?” (Naofumi)

Inside the storehouse, I see an open wooden box.
The words, ‘To the Hero of…

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 162: Filo Rials and Dragons

  1. Woah, it took me about an hour to understand the title of the next chapter. English japanisation is hard. Also, it’s the new Bitch name. =)


  2. Every moment without you translators being here for us would be lifetimes of torment. Just don’t leave us ={

    You guys are the most awesome translators I’ve ever seen work on LNs and by far the most dedicated!


  3. Hi Kookie, earlier you said that the raws for Atla’s name is アトラ or A-to-ra in Katana. Plugging that into google translate gave me this though. Thoughts on this?


      1. I’m still convinced it’s Alta. I even found a reference!
        In FF9, one of the Moogles is called アトラ -> Atla.
        And the comment about not knowing it’s a girl’s name makes sense because Moogle gender’s aren’t stated explicitly so he wouldnt know if it was actually a name for girls or not

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That makes sense, I think it’s probably Atla too then. If they really wanted to say atlas, then they would probably have said アトラス anyway. Thanks for replying, sorry for the late response ^_^;


    1. The other translation places I go to won’t give you that though. They give アトラ as only part of a word or they list it by phonetics. So that makes me believe someone messed with it on GT since you can “offer’ translations there.

      Not that I don’t agree with the reason Yoraikun chose Atlas. But I don’t believe Kookie is wrong either. When it comes to names, there is a pretty good reason why it’s left up to the translator, unless the Author specifically romanizes the name. And that reason is because unless stated by the Author, romanization of names is generally personal opinion. Do you do it phonetically? Do you find a word similar to it? And in both cases, there can still be several choices sometimes. Especially phonetically.


      1. One of the joys of Katakana, the phonetics can change a lot when changing languages. I guess it doesn’t help that Japanese is syllable based and English isn’t.


  4. I am okay. with not getting a chapter to read today because I got three yesterday, but I won’t lie, I do want more chapters. I will patiently wait for my crack for today/tomorrow or even the day after that.


          1. Actually the other comments are the reason I checked.
            Though I wasn’t expecting Kookie to be that far ahead, kinda thought he/she was in an American timezone.


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