Chapter 163: Witch

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That night, I heard a voice when I retired to bed.
“Kukuku….’twas that woman and pack-bird’s fault that I was repressed, but when the perfect host for mine spirit comes, it will be….. fun”  (???) [T/N: ‘Pack animal’ but with the character for animal replaced with bird, therefore Pack bird. Also, they’re using somewhat archaic pronouns hence the shakespearian-ness]
What? This voice……I’ve heard it before, but I can’t remember.
“The wrath of thou who burned me was exquisite….no, that’s wrong. Together with me and mine power, thy strength was raised. However, it’s insufficient, I’m unsatisfied.”  (???)
This is….who? Who’s voice is this?
“I will be the ones to kill thee. I will have thee take responsibility for killing me, by compensating with thy body”  (???)
I felt extremely unpleasant sweat flow from my paralysed body.
“I look forward to coming out.”
That was the kind of nightmare I saw that night.
I had the feeling that I knew who the owner of the voice was.
But this was lost as a part of the dream.
“I wonder how long left until the egg hatches.” (naofumi)
“Yeah.” (raphtalia)
“Firo also wants to incubate the egg.” (firo)
“You were told that you couldn’t though.” (naofumi)
That was the sort of conversation we had while on our peddling trip.
And just like that, we arrived in a large town. We’ve come here many times to sell our goods so I recognise the faces of the townspeople, to a certain extent.
After most of our stock was sold, I stared out of the carriage wondering what to do in the future, when I recognised a familiar-looking figure walking away.
“Firo, stop.” (naofumi)
“What’s the matter, master?” (firo)
I stopped the carriage, covered myself with a robe to hide the egg and then approached the figure.
He stood in the shade of a building and seemed to be looking out onto the main street. Raphtalia also realised who it was and stopped her query mid-way.
“That’s right. Raphtalia.” (naofumi)
“What is it?” (raphtalia)
“I forgot about it last time but you can use concealing magic, right.” (naofumi)
“Yes. I learnt how to cast it so that everyone else will have difficulty sensing us.” (raphtalia)
Raphtalia was taught magic in the castle and therefore knew more advanced concealing magic.
Recently, she also studied this magic, saying that she was trying to think up a countermeasure against Motoyasu and Ren.
If Portal Spear was used then it would be over, but it seems like we can do something about the Flash Sword.
“Then please do so.” (naofumi)
“I understand.” (raphtalia)
We hid in an alley and Raphtalia grasped Firo and my hands while concentrating.
<As one worthy of the origin of power, I am commanding. I’ve reread and understand the principles, clad us in a coating of illusion>
“Al Hide Mirage”
Raphtalia’s magic wrapped around us gently.
“It should be fine now.” (raphtalia)
“Ah, this is helpful.” (naofumi)
We tailed our target with our hands linked.
Somehow it seemed like he was tailing someone as well.
No, more accurately, he was waiting for the right timing to talk to them.
“What should I do…..I just hope it doesn’t end up like with Erena.” (motoyasu)
Did he not even realise that we were behind him, filled with anticipation all by himself.
Just what was he so anxious about, that idiot.
And, as I was thinking that, I followed the idiot’s gaze.
And then the idiot’s face changed colour.
At first I thought the magic had released and we had been discovered, but I was wrong.
When I saw who the gaze was resting on, I was also speechless.
Somehow Bitch had brought along Woman 2…..and was talking to Ren for some reason.
What were they saying?
I ignored Idiot Motoyasu and approached Bitch. Or I should say, I advanced in order to arrest her. Motoyasu and Ren will run away so I can’t catch them, but Bitch is different.
It seems something interesting will be awaiting if I arrest her, and I don’t have the option not to.
I sent Raphtalia a glance.
Raphtalia nodded. I’m not sure if Firo understood the situation or not but she followed silently.
A sound reached my ears. It was a pretty loud voice.
“I’m not the Hero of the Spear’s weapon. The first time we met, I believed Ren-sama was also a hero who would save the world.” (bitch)
Bitch is saying some terrible things.
I have a strong impulse to jump out and bash her face in.
”Besides…. Spear forces us into unreasonable relationships, just like Shield. Needless to say, I…. searched for Ren-sama with my new-found freedom.” (bitch)
She’s saying some really infuriating lines. And this outburst of emotions after so long.
You, I thought you were together with Motoyasu for a good many months.
I promptly look towards Motoyasu.
“Gununu….” (motoyasu) [T/N: Sound of outrage]
Wow, he’s peeping with such a prominent face.
“But I think the queen said that you’ve always had problems….” (ren)
As expected, Ren also felt the need to be cautious.
Well, she has to struggle that much at least.
“Ren-sama doesn’t know Mama’s true colours. Mama’s the woman known as Melromarc’s vixen. She invented a ploy to produce large profits by humiliating me. This gave credit to that demon, Shield, and Spear was also part of it too.” (bitch)
“I-is that so….” (ren)
What will you do? Will you raise your voice and object?
Or rather, say something with credibility.
Although I’ve also put my faith in her before, these are Bitch’s words so they’re definitely lies.
It would be better if you believed someone who has been antagonized by Bitch.
Like Melty, or the current Motoyasu.
Then, Bitch embraced Ren and stroked his hair.
“Ren-sama…..losing your comrades must have been very heart-breaking…’s okay to cry now. It’s alright. The whole world may be calling you a criminal but I believe. I believe that Ren-sama has been fighting for the sake of the world.” (bitch)
She’s pretty good at sucking up to weakened guys.
Raphtalia looked at Bitch with an incredibly doubtful face.
It’s similar to what she said to me.
Or should I say it’s a complete rip-off?
Right, in a bit…..just a little bit longer and I’ll grab Bitch’s shoulder.
“Wait!” (motoyasu)
Motoyasu rushed over at this point.
He looks as though he saw something really despicable.
Was this really the rumoured ladykiller.
No, no…….
“Well if isn’t it the Spear.” (bitch)
Bitch flicked her hair back with an incredibly obnoxious face and deliberately gave Motoyasu a dirty look.
For some reason, my trauma was evoked and I felt pissed off.
Bitch, you won’t be laughing for much longer.
“That’s my line! What the hell are you doing! Sucking up to Ren, I’ve been searching for you!” (motoyasu)
“Ahaha, charging in recklessly, I’m not an idiot. Ren-sama, please listen.” (bitch)
Bitch clung to Ren and declared this while crying fake tears.
“When we got into a pinch, that Spear focused the enemy’s attention towards us. He said he would defeat the enemy, but he just used us as a shield. We fled because we were scared but when we did, he chased after us obstinately, saying that he won’t forgive us for deserting in the face of an enemy.” (bitch)
“Lies!” (motoyasu)
I started to get a headache.
Bitch was following her usual pattern…….. I should probably hurry and arrest that Bitch.
Speaking of which, I recognise Motoyasu’s current expression.
Obviously. It’s the me from that day!
Bitch…..You’re repeating the same things as before.
Sinking your fangs into three heroes…’re a bitch who has transcended beyond a bitch, I’m renaming you Witch.
It even has the double meaning of being a sorceress.
I should just kill her and say she tried to resist.
Yeah, let’s do that. I can’t think of anything else.
“So you were trying that kind of thing, huh. You’re as bad, or even worse than Naofumi. Betraying people’s trust, you’re a disgrace.” (ren)
“Ren, Whore has been telling lies! Please believe me.” (motoyasu)
“Who’s going to believe that!” (ren)
“That’s right! Forcing us into a relationship every night….. and if not, you would threaten to kill Papa!” (bitch)
“Stop lying! I…. really did worry!” (motoyasu)
I’d like to see more of Motoyasu’s misfortune, but I can’t stand it any more.
Filled with murderous intent, I firmly grasped Witch’s shoulder with my hand.
“Eh?” (bitch)
Raphtalia snapped her fingers and released her spell.
“How dare you spew out such lies, Witch.” (naofumi)
“Shield!” (bitch)
Witch’s eyebrows sprung up high. She looked as if she came across someone detestable.
But I feel the same way.
“Sorry but I’m going to have you come back to the castle. I’ll arrest you, dead or alive.” (naofumi)