Chapter 165: Another Awakening

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Chapter 165: Another Awakening

The inn we stayed at didn’t include food, so we all, Motoyasu included, went off to the bar.
As soon as we step in, Motoyasu rushes over to the counter and orders some alcohol. And he hangs his head while downing it at an alarming rate.
He really has nothing but women on his head, this one. When he loses them, this is the inevitable result.
Some people who don’t realize his identity try to hit on him, but he brushes them aside.

“Ara, do you want to have a drink with this Onee-san?” (Older Woman)
“… I’m sorry. I kinda want to drink alone now. Please don’t mind me.” (Motoyasu)

He even brushes away the females.
This may be more serious than I thought.
Bitch was always like that. Did you really believe in her that much?

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Chapter 164: Negligence

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Chapter 164: Negligence

The first one to react to my words was Ren.

“Keep your hands off of Mein!” (Ren)

Ren brandishes his sword.
It lets out sparks as it collides with my arm.
Of course, I don’t take any damage. It’s not like he learned the other reinforcement methods in this short amount of time.
At this level, I don’t even need to use my shield.

“You know. If you call her that, her punishment will only increase.” (Naofumi)
“Shut it. Get away from Mein!” (Ren)

Witch is also struggling. It’s become difficult to hold her with one hand.

「Meteor Sword!」 (Ren)

Oh, a skill might be able to inflict some damage on me. I’m holding a relatively rare egg right now.
It will be a waste if it breaks, so I back off.
In exchange, Rafatalia and Firo step forward.

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