Chapter 166: Hatching

Kookie lied, she didn’t take as long a break as she was going to….
Chapters until Kookie returns: 2

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Chapters until Kookie will start translating: 7

Chapter 166: Hatching

We frantically drive the carriage to get away from the broken Motoyasu, and head for our village.

Paki… paki.

I hear some sounds from my back. It seems the egg is about to hatch.
I take it off of my back and examine it.

“Is the egg ready to hatch?” (Rafatalia)
“It seems that’s the case.” (Naofumi)

The carriage is shaking. Firo is running with all of her might.
Well, something terrible did happen to her…
This egg is much bigger than Firo’s. It’s not big enough that I’d have to carry it under my arm, but it’s about as big as an ostrich’s.
Cracks begin to spread across the surface of the egg, and from it a small dragon begins to emerge.

“What do dragons even eat?” (Naofumi)
“I think it’s probably meat.” (Rafatalia)
“Did we have any meat?”…

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