Chapter 169: The Weapon Shop’s Apprentice

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The weapon shop’s apprentice
“Yaaahhhhhh!” (firo)
“Firo-taaa―…..” (motoyasu)
I saw Motoyasu off with a sigh as he flew off into space for the third time today.
He’ll probably arrive ahead of us with his transfer skill, but she did well.
“As I thought, being with the Hero of the Shield-sama is entertaining~” (sadina)
Sadina cackled with laughter at the sight of Motoyasu flying into space.
I feel like she was always laughing, but was that just my imagination?
Even Fohl screamed in the beginning. [T/N: When he first saw Motoyasu go flying]
I also saw the other guys drawing away but Sadina was the only one who laughed so readily.
Was she someone who laughs easily? How should I say it, I think it’s too much.
Oh well, one way or another, the castle came into view.
Fohl looked to be suffering from very bad motion sickness but we were nearly at our destination.
Returning with the transfer skill…….I didn’t register my land or anything, so for the time being it’s not an option.
Well, I have various things to do in the castle so it’s fine.
Before we enter the castle town, I stop the carriage at the village nearby, like always.
“Heh, are we walking from here?” (sadina)
“Firo and I are famous, we stand out whenever we enter the castle town.” (naofumi)
“Hmm. Well then, wouldn’t it’d be better for Fohl-kun to conceal himself as well, for the same reason?” (sadina)
“Why?” (naofumi)
“Melromarc has been in a feud with Silt Welt for a long time, you know? And the Hakuko species is renown because of it.” (sadina)
Mmm…..there’s some truth in that. His appearance may be noteworthy.
“My kind is not seen very often but it’s fine since we’re not well-known.” (sadina)
“I see.” (naofumi)
It seems kind of stupid. We might stand out for a different reason, but let’s just go as eccentric adventurers.
It seems that the Lemo slave was fine for the same reason.
We were just going to leave him at the old man’s place. It was Imia’s uncle.
Was his a docile species?
Come to think of it, I haven’t been fighting at all lately.
I’m afraid my senses seem to be dulling.
I should also do some training exercises with the Battle Instructor.
Firo kept a restless lookout of our surroundings as she walked behind me.
Did she really hate Motoyasu that much.
If she hated him, she shouldn’t have given him such kind words.
I really didn’t want to tell her, but she should be more secretive about this fear.
What will you do when Motoyasu proceeds to the village?
We entered the castle town as I thought that.
It would probably be good to ask the queen to prepare for the Level Reset first.
Or, should I turn the slave over to the old man before that?
Well, we pass the old man’s shop on the way to the castle so the delegation is probably better.
“Oh, Laddie.” (oyaji)
When we entered the weapon shop, the old man was standing at the counter as usual.
The shop seems to have settled down and stabilised. Well, I had confidence in the old man’s business.
“How is it? Is there any progress?” (naofumi)
“Not at all. The ore from the spirit turtle also has the characteristic of being tough.” (oyaji)
“Hmm..” (naofumi)
“That part is very challenging right now but I’m researching everything I can.” (oyaji)
“I see. Which reminds me, in Zeltbur I―” (naofumi)
I told the old man about the Spirit Turtle Sword I saw in Zeltbur. In any case, I could tell that it was a sword made by a skilled craftsman at a single glance.
“If you say so, it must have been quite a sword….I can probably tell who made it or how they made it just by looking at it but….” (oyaji)
“I’d need to bring it here? Forgive me but such an expensive weapon is beyond me.” (naofumi)
If I sell the weapons made by the old man, I could probably get a bit of money but that would be like putting the cart before the horse.
….Speaking of which, I also have the option of selling the rare or unique weapons gained from the drops. Since they’re unusual, I should be able to get a good price for them.
I’ll think about it.
“Oh right, I thought about who I should make your apprentice and brought the slave.” (naofumi)
“Who is it?” (oyaji)
I pointed to Imia’s uncle among the slaves I brought.
“For a while now, I feel like I know you, but is that just my imagination?” (oyaji)
The old man inquired while pointing at Imia’s uncle.
“Why it’s been a long time. It looks like you’ve graduated properly from the Master’s place.” (imia’s uncle)
“As I thought!” (oyaji)
“You’re acquaintances?” (naofumi)
“Yeah.” (oyaji)
“From the past.” (imia’s uncle)
It seems that Imia’s uncle and the old man from the weapon shop were fellow disciples under the same craftsman when they were younger.
“Even if I say that….I dropped out in the middle. There were a lot of troubles at home and we had to raise Imia and the other children.” (imia’s uncle)
“The management was completely screwed up back then.” (oyaji)
“Despite being craftsmen?” (naofumi)
It was a somewhat ridiculous story.
“Whenever there was a huge discussion, it’d be about women. My master was obsessed with love.” (imia’s uncle)
It seems like the master was similar to Motoyasu. In my head, the old man’s master turned into Motoyasu.
Although, the Motoyasu I know has already turned into a Firo maniac.
What kind of life did Imia’s uncle go through? Imia also became a slave, I really don’t know any details.
A wave similar to Raphtalia’s…..was considered strange. Since it was huge.
“Speaking of which, how did you and Imia become slaves?” (naofumi)
“We were forced into slavery after being caught by slave hunters. During that time, quite a lot of corpses appeared and the village was also ruined. The only survivors are the ones with the Hero of the Shield-sama.” (imia’s uncle)
I see, there was also that kind of pattern. Raphtalia also experienced something similar.
“The orphaned Imia seems so happy now. I feel that I also want to lend my strength to the Hero of the Shield-sama” (imia’s uncle)
The circumstances behind the slavery were things such as being sold by parents, having no relatives or slave hunting.
Sadina’s reason was the same, being caught by slave hunters.
Then what about Fohl​?
“What about you?” (naofumi)
“I couldn’t pay for Atla’s medical fees and we were also burdened with debt.” (fohl)
“……so it seems I’ll receive a bill.” (naofumi)
Should I sell him depending on the amount of money?
No, there’s also the medicine costs. This guy owes me quite a debt.
“As far as I know, it disappeared when we were presented to you.” (fohl)
“I see, that’s good.” (naofumi)
Those slave dealers. So that part was given as a service.
“Originally I worked and fought…..the debt was gone, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to buy medicine.” (fohl)
“I see….” (naofumi)
“Atla should’ve been able to have a more normal life. At the very least, she shouldn’t have had to suffer from her illness.” (fohl)
“What kind of background did you have?” (naofumi)
“Who knows….? I only know that grandfather was amazing. My parents were lost in the war when we were young, but I think they were also pretty influential. There were a lot of people who helped around.” (fohl)
“What about servants to put on your clothes?” (naofumi)
“We didn’t have those kinds of guys. But since we couldn’t pay, our household belongings were distributed and we parted.” (fohl)
Ruined by medical fees, huh……
To have loyal subordinates and stuff, what kind of noble were you?
“Where did you live?” (naofumi)
“Why do I have to tell you that much?” (fohl)
“Well, that’s true.” (naofumi)
Worrying about the background of this hero-ish guy, my mind was dwelling on something inconsequential.
“Well since you’re already acquainted, it simplifies things.” (naofumi)
“Well, that’s true but…..I never thought the smithing place I would be employed at would be yours.” (imia’s uncle)
“I was also surprised. I’m taking in an apprentice due to Laddie’s request but, well, you’re a fine partner so isn’t it good.” (oyaji)
“How nostalgic. It brings back the past.” (imia’s uncle)
“Including lodging fees, how much should I pay?” (naofumi)
“It includes boarding, right? If I can work him hard then I don’t need it.” (oyaji)
“I’m grateful for your generosity.” (naofumi)
“Hey….stop saying stuff like working me to death.” (imia’s uncle)
He’s become sturdier than normal Demi-humans due to there being some correction.
Will the old man also be Spartan when teaching?
How should I say it, pipes or cigars would probably suit Imia’s uncle but he doesn’t smoke.
He wears overalls and looks like a hillbilly.
Well, whatever.
“I’ll have you work to a similar standard as we did in the past.” (oyaji)
“That would kill me.” (imia’s uncle)
“Ha ha ha, it’s not as bad as you think.” (oyaji)
And with that, they started work as the old man chatted with Imia’s uncle.
It looks like it will be fine if it’s like this.
“Well we’ve got some errands to do.” (naofumi)
“Alright, I’ll beat the shop’s business into this guy.” (oyaji)
“I want you to teach me how to beat the techniques into this guy, so won’t you come to my land?” (naofumi)
Depending on whether his skills rival the old man or if they’re just at the level of a salesperson, we’ll be able to have weapons and armour made for the village.
“I haven’t really thought about it. For now, I have to see how capable he is.” (oyaji)
“I haven’t done much. Only as far as continuing to do a bit of metal-work.” (imia’s uncle)
“A modest attitude. I’ll have you show me how well you swing your hammer.” (oyaji)
“Look forward to it.” (imia’s uncle)
It feels like a reunion between long-term friends. It’s not bad.
“Well then, I’ll come again if anything happens. If you need me, just contact the village or the castle.” (naofumi)
“I know, Laddie.” (oyaji)
“I’ll work hard to learn the work, Hero of the Shield-sama.” (imia’s uncle)
And like this, we left the weapon store behind.