Chapter 170: Trash and Hakuko by Darkstrolm

Translator: darkstrolm
Editor: Futon Lord
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Trash and Hakuko
“Wow…… it’s been a long time since I came here. The castle town has greatly changed.” (Sadina)
“You have visited this place before?” (Naofumi)
“Oh yes, once during Melromarc’s National Day.” (Sadina)
Sadina answers me while looking at the mountain of the Spirit Turtle.
Reconstruction is progressing further than before. The impression of ruin has weakened considerably.
That said…… what about the shell of the Spirit Turtle? Hmmm, it’s good to see that the trees are being cut and the reclamation is advancing.
As the saying goes, human beings are strong.
We are working hard trying to overcome the disaster.
“Where do you want to go now?” (TL: Not sure who says this line)
“I’ll go to the castle at once. Since we came suddenly, the preparations for the level reset have not been done.” (Naofumi)
I do not think there is no possibility that Shadow’s information network or the female knight sent ahead information about my coming, but I will meet Queen for the time being.
Unlike a class up, a reset can’t be done normally.
“It’s the castle! I’ve seen it, but I have never entered before.” (Anon Slave 1)
“Yes. Me too.” (Anon Slave 2)
“That should be about right.” (Naofumi)
Demi-Humans and Beastmen are not welcome in the castle of a country which practices human supremacy.
“It is not that good of a place.” (Kiel)
“I guess.” (Naofumi)
I said while heading towards the castle.
……Firo is still looking around the area restlessly.
“If Motoyasu is here, we will know. You’re too cautious.” (Naofumi)
“Firo knows, that’s why Firo’s still like this!” (Firo)
Being overtly cautious has its weaknesses too.
But even if I startle her, it would have the opposite effect.
In addition, I don’t think Motoyasu would come to the castle town because of the warrant for his arrest.
When you’re a known face in this town, it’s impossible to hide.
He does not have the skills to hide like Rafatalia, and he is dependent on crystals for magic.
Until he finally acquires the skills to hide, based on his past behavior, he will continue to foolishly come directly charging at Firo.
“Well, don’t worry about it.” (Naofumi)
“Muuu……” (Firo)
We pass by the castle gates while chatting.
The gatekeeper lets me through after I have taken my robe off to show my face, though there is a subtle change in his face when he sees Sadina.
Is that bitter face made for Sadina, who is obviously a Beastman?
Ah, back when I was summoned as a hero at the victory party after the first wave was over…… weren’t there considerably few demi-humans there?
The demi-humans have a low status in this country.
I have realized it a few times before.
The strong sense of discrimination is so deeply-rooted that even the Queen admitted to it.
“By the way, where is the Queen?” (Naofumi)
Are you playing a staring game with the documents in your office?
I ask about the Queen’s whereabouts to a servant. It looks like she’s in the middle of conducting official business, but that seems like a stalling tactic because she knew I was coming.
Will she come if I wait?
Oh, I’ll just rest here in the castle’s garden.
“Wait here.” (Naofumi)
“Hmmm……” (Fohl)
Fohl is wriggling uncomfortably in his robe.
Do you want to take if off here?” (Naofumi)
“Can I? Well then.” (Fohl)
Fohl takes off his robe.
Garangaran…… (TL: clanging sound)
I hear a sound of something falling behind me.
Turning around, I see Trash with his mouth hanging wide open while starring foolishly at me.
I wonder, is Trash is still being forced to be the Naked King?
Moreover, there’s a signboard attached to him that says “Do one lap around the castle as punishment. Do not get help no matter what!” signed with the Queen’s name.
What is with this guy?
“Finally the Shield has revealed his true colors!” (Trash)
He declares loudly while pointing his finger at me.
“Come on everyone! It’s time to erase the Devil of the Shield from this world! (Trash)
He comes running at me with the sign. While the soldiers standing around are dumbfounded, I am standing in front of Trash.
And Trash is immediately suppressed.
“Let go of me! Shield, he is the Devil, and he even brought a Hakuko[4] into the castle! Kill him!”
……I hear some amazing threats from Trash about the Hakuko species.
Some famous lines come out.
Well, I have fun seeing Trash being overpowered.
“Why are you making a racket now?” (Queen)
The Queen comes out while holding her head.
“Oh my wife! The Devil of the Shield is showing his true nature and has brought a Hakuko into the castle.” (Trash) (TL: Hakuko means White Tiger)
“Is that so?” (Queen)
“Is that so, that’s all you have to say!? Those aren’t the words I expected to hear!” (Trash)
“The world is in crisis now. Dealing with the Wave is more important than dwelling on bad history. It is the law of nature for the Hakuko to be with the Shield, the God to the Demi-Humans. How could that make you angry?” (Queen)
The Queen does not mince her words.
It makes me think that regardless of whether or not you are being brainwashed, I feel uplifted here.
Though I do not have…… a shield with such an effect.
Yeah, I definitely don’t.
“Guh…… even though you are my wife, I will not allow you to defend a Hakuko!” (Trash)
“I do not need your forgiveness. I cannot permit you to continue looking at the world with such clouded eyes forever. Take him away.” (Queen)
Let go of me! Vulture, do not let that vulture take advantage- J-JYHAAAAaaaAaaaaAAAAaaa!” (Trash) (TL: He actually says the word eagle here)
Trash is then taken somewhere else.
That guy is noisy everywhere.
“Was that…… because of me?” (Fohl)
“Don’t worry. That guy’s just crazy.” (Naofumi)
Fohl comes to me and asks while there is tension hanging in the air.
“Is that so?” (Fohl)
“The law…… I seem to have a mysterious relationship with the law of cause and effect.” (Naofumi)
I mutter while the Queen looks at Fohl.
“What is it?” (Fohl)
“You…… perhaps the name of your grandfather is Tai RanGaFeon?” (Queen)
“Ah…… that’s right. However, what of it? What did my grandfather do?” (Fohl)
On hearing that, the Queen nods as she is convinced.
“By all means, please follow the Shield Hero. Your late grandfather would have been pleased.” (Queen)
“I don’t know!” (Fohl)
Phew…… Whenever I’m in the neighborhood, Fohl becomes rebellious. Now he won’t obey me.
“How do you know my grandfather?” (Fohl)
“That person who was making those noises awhile ago was an enemy of your grandfather.” (Queen)
“I see, what did you say……?” (Fohl)
I am also surprised. How could you say that with such ease? Well, I will never forgive such selfishness.
“The thing about your grandfather, did you know?” (Queen)
“I didn’t know at all. My parents never told me.” (Fohl)
“Is that so…… it was rude of me to say that. I ask that you do not mind.” (Queen)
Fohl has a subtle face. Are you anxious because you are in a position your parents never told you about?
No, it is pretentious of me. I am going to take care of my own roots.
“Iwatani-sama, are you facing any problems? How are you holding up?” (Queen)
“Well, I’m well.” (Naofumi)
“And your territory? Anything that happens reaches my ear.” (Queen)
“Both areas are having difficulty dealing with your daughter.” (Naofumi)
“In the end, is Melty useful.” (Queen)
“Well…… I cannot leave the management of the town to her.” (Naofumi)
Though it looks like due to the brat, the people of the town appear to have not faced many problems.
I cannot say anything more because she has only just taken over the management for a few days.
“Can’t you do anything about Bitch, your other daughter? Or rather, I feel like murdering her the next time we meet.” (Naofumi)
The thought of capitalizing on her information bounty fills me with a sweet feeling.
“We must take into account…… the possibility of that child crossing over the border together with Ren-sama and that other woman from the Spear Hero’s party.” (Queen)
“When putting together Motoyasu’s and Elena’s stories, certainly there are other countries they could flee to.”
All in all, I would not be surprised if Bitch attempts to pass through the border’s barrier. However, if I were to guess methods she may use to break through it……
Perhaps going over a mountain?
That Bitch? She would never go through such an undignified method to enter another counter.
Smuggling? Or hiding in a cargo hold? Neither options would be acceptable for her.
“Can’t you just smoke her out with the slave’s crest?” (Naofumi)
“It’s not possible. There is something interfering……” (Queen)
“Can I kill her?” (Naofumi)
“If possible, don’t……” (Queen)
“Is it necessary to keep that girl alive and arrest her? Don’t tell me it’s because of the need to keep what she did hidden.”
“More or less. To put it specifically, it’s a means to avoid a war.” (Queen)
“Say what?” (Naofumi)
“It is that that child hates from the bottom of her heart. As she escapes without its writhing, and refusing it, and entreating, and being heated, and waving the eyes.” (Queen) (ED: Help…T_T)
“Hō……” (Naofumi)
“It’s……” (Queen)
“Oh, I thought of something better.” (Queen)
By all means, I would really like to enjoy the pleasant surprise of witnessing that moment while not knowing her fate beforehand.
It seems I can have more fun mentally by making a Daruma doll. Even if the Daruma Doll wears out, in this world, it can be cured so long as there is money due to the miracles of the recovery magic or alchemy.
“Is that so? Then this time, please tell me everything.” (Naofumi)
“Oh, it is better that you do not know everything by all means.” (Queen)
“But as punishment, for the sake of education, an iron brand should be firmly thrust in her.” (Naofumi)
“Does that sound good to you?” (Queen)
“……how is that good? (Fohl)
Fohl squirms uncomfortably as though he is being branded. Because Rafatalia is not around, there is no helping it.
And soon, it would be Rafatalia’s turn to be squirm too.
I feel like I’ve become some stand-up comedian. (TL: I think he’s making a joke here about plunging/thrusting the branding iron and putting Fohl in an uncomfortable/unpleasant situation)
I mean, I do not believe it’s normal for a Hero to be pleased with holding a branding iron like me.
I do not think I want to change myself, but let’s decide to hide the feeling inside a little bit more
However, the opponent is Bitch. Considering all that has happened in the past, my thoughts should be justifiable.
“The woman that you hate, what kind of terrible person is she?” (Fohl)
“Well, to give you an example, she’s the type of person who would use your sister’s body to commit various crimes, and once her use runs out, your crying sister would then be tossed away with a kick even as she laughs loudly. (Naofumi)
The victims are mainly Motoyasu and me.
I’m sure the number of victims will grow until she is caught in the future, though.
“What did you say!?” (Fohl)
Fohl is enraged.
Even if you’re that angry, you don’t have to grab me.
“That is something absolutely unforgivable! I will kill you before I allow such a thing to happen!” (Fohl)
“Hey, it’s me. We’re discussing what Bitch would do, not me.” (Naofumi)
Why must you must treat Atlas in such a way?
Even though I’m considering selling you if you are worthless.
“It’s the same thing.” (Fohl)
Yikes, my mind was read?
Still, I do not laugh aloud.
“May I continue speaking?” (Queen)
“Ah.” (Naofumi)
“It’s about the permission for the level reset this time.” (Queen)
“Did you already hear about it?” (Naofumi)
“It was within the reach of my ear. I have already made preparations for you to visit the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era at any time. Please also go receive the sand at the same time.” (Queen)
“It would be convenient if the Warp skill could be used for travel.” (Naofumi)
“By all means, please come to the castle at any time. That way, I can report any developments to Iwatani-sama as soon as they occur.” (Queen)
Ah, I must go and meet the Old Man, and I paid a visit to the castle for the time being, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
“Based on the stories I heard from Motoyasu, 6 people seems to be the limit. You should find out what further conditions there are in order to catch the other Heroes.” (Queen)
“I understand. I think I will attend to your request for their capture as soon as the conditions are met. Moving on, there is the issue about the Spear Hero.” (Naofumi)
“That……” (Firo)
Firo leans back with a wince and hides under my robe.
I do not encourage it because it is unpleasant under there.
“It should be possible for a slave, but the slave crest does not have an effect on a Hero.” (Queen)
“So it seems…… Looks like I’ll have to persuade them once I catch them.” (Naofumi)
“Thank you. We will also investigate anything that has to do with the Sword Hero.” (Queen)
Because it has something to do with Bitch, there is an unpleasant feeling that’s attached to it.
That woman…… What on earth happened to make her grow up into such a character? Though I didn’t want to know about it for obvious reasons, I wonder how she turned out that way.
“Hey, do you know why Bitch became like that? A genius at lying, spitting insults, and manipulating people.” (Naofumi)
“She inherited a few qualities from Trash and me. Perhaps the reason is because Trash spoiled her while she was growing up.” (Queen)
Is it the fault of Trash?
I mean, you should have been aware of her bad personality.
Oh, I’m also aware that I have a bad personality.
“As for that person, his daughter remained the apple of his eye even though she hurt others, and in the end they both became fools.” (Queen)
The Queen speaks with distant eyes.
This not the time for you to start reminiscing.
“Many times have I tried to fix her bad personality. I even let her study abroad in a school in Foburei to learn cultures. But the result was……” (TL: Foburei is the most powerful country. The hero summons was originally supposed to be performed here)
School of the Bitch.
I really don’t want to see it in my life.
“By the way, it was at the school in Foburei that that child graduated from her virgin status.” (Queen)
“The Bitch’s past is not something I give a damn about!” (Naofumi)
It really did not matter.

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