Chapter 172: Training

Chapter 172 retranslated by Kookie
This was such a pain to do cos it was so long. Pls, if you’re going to do bad translations of chapters that I have to redo, pick shorter ones next time.


“We didn’t see Motoyasu on our way home.” (naofumi)
“Firo doesn’t want to see him.” (firo)

I had thought to try to pursuade Motoyasu if we encountered him but we didn’t meet.
Was the kick so bad that he died?
It would be bad if he fell just like that.
But I can’t imagine that stalker just dropping dead so easily….

“Come to think of it, you guys reset your levels but you’re moving unexpectedly normally. Was a stretcher not necessary or something?” (naofumi)
“I’m not that fragile!” (fohl)
“It’s quite heavy but not to the extent of being unable to move~” (sadina)
“What kind of people are you guys.” (naofumi)
Wondering if they were really alright, she tried poking Fohl in the arm.
…..Firo did.
“~~~!” (fohl)
He really seems determined.
I don’t know if he understood that I was letting him try, but Fohl endured.
“Ahaha~ It’s ticklish.” (sadina)
Fohl seemed fine compared to Sadina.
So were they fine if they had trained their body?
Level raising was a completely different category. Compared to training one’s body, that was.
Unlike simply recieving divine protection from stats, if one trains, they should have no problems with most negative conditions.
Or perhaps I should say that these two had been doing such self-training.
Raphtalia also did something similar, but the lost stats from the Level Reset was compensated for by strengthening with training so there was no loss. [T/N: Naofumi only got the growth correction after Raphtalia was ~Lv25 and he’s talking about that part not being boosted by the correction – Raphtalia rejected the reset so no extra bonus.]
In short, the ones who needed stretchers were those who specialised in magic or had been power-levelling and were now bedridden.
The method of employing a young noble or adventurer and only raising one’s level.
You’d expect a certain extent of effectiveness and the guys from my village also raised their levels in a similar manner so it’s not a bad technique.
The problem is that there’s no choice but to improve with self-disciplining or something like the Old Hag’s training after reaching the Level Cap.
It seems like there’s no level restriction for the Heroes but it’s probably still better for me to also do the training.
This is a world where Levels and Statuses are natural so I should train every day and repeat magic to improve the merit of the level cap.
In that case, it could be thought that one can be strong if one trains from young like Fohl and Sadina.
I don’t know how it is in reality and I’m not going to be staying in this world so I’ll train until we suppress the waves.
Anyway, I wonder what would happen to the levels or stats after I return to my original world.
The shield as well.
No matter what I do, this shield can only be disguised with the book shield at best, so if it remains attached even in my original world then it would already be in the region of a cursed item.
When I become a full-fledged member of society, always walking with a strange book would simply get me laughed at.
This kind of thinking is dangerous. I haven’t even returned yet so there’s no point in me having such expectations.
Even if the shield remains attatched, I should think about it when the time comes.
“You guys, I’ll have you level up as soon as we return.” (naofumi)
“Yes, Yes~” (sadina)
“I know that.” (fohl)
I conveyed as such to Sadina and Fohl and we had a favourable return from our trip.
It has been just over a day since we departed.
I could see the village.
“Welcome home….Naofumi-sama.” (raphtalia)
A somewhat tired Raphtalia came to greet us.

“You seem tired.” (naofumi)
“That old lady has been training me vigourously.” (raphtalia)
“I see…” (naofumi)

Rishia collapsed face down on the floor as if she was dead.
When I drew near and checked her state, I heard a moan.
It appears that she’s not dead, but she was worn-out.
“Now then, break time is over, we’re leaving now!” (granny)
“Fueee…..” (rishia)
“W-well then, we’ll be leaving for a little bit.” (raphtalia)
“Where to?” (naofumi)
“We’ll be heading to the mountains for some training in a moment.” (granny)
“Ah…is that so.” (naofumi)
Upon saying that, Raphtalia and the others followed the old hag on a trip.
Where did they go?
Before I realised, it became like a Shounen manga.
In the end, that kind of training is needed when learning martial arts.
Raphtalia who had received growth correction from the shield suffered such fatigue from leveling and self-training. It’s as the old or rather, the battle instructor had said.
“Welcome home Naofumi-sama, Brother.” (atla)
“Why did you call him first? Atla.” (fohl)
“That cannot be helped.” (atla)
What can’t be helped?
Well, it’s probably that I’m the master of these slaves.
“I’ve already reached Level 15.” (atla)
“I see.” (naofumi)
“S-so fast.” (fohl)
Is it really fast? Rishia reached Level 20 in half a day though. Rather, isn’t this on the slower side?
This probably differs between individuals.
If I had to say, it would be that Rishia’s levelling was on the fast side.
“I understand Atla’s growth. How is the baby Dragon?
“Kyaaaaa!” (taniko)
Some creature was giving Taniko a ride and was running around noisily, raising a cloud of dust.
Based on it’s size, it was as large as an average wild boar….compared to Firo, but she was already that size at two days old.
“Gaerion-chan has come.” (atla)
Without turning around, Atla revealed the creature behind the dust cloud.
Nothing about Taniko riding on his back?
“Atla-chan! And….” (taniko)
Taniko saw me and glared.
“Hey….Why do you hate me so much?” (naofumi)
“…Because you’re a hero.” (taniko)
“Huh?” (naofumi)
“Nothing.” (taniko)
Somehow Taniko seems to regard me as an enemy.
Despite being such a monster-lover, she doesn’t really hate levelling up….
When she came to this village among the slaves, her initial level was 10.
…..She was a complicated person.
The dust cloud cleared and I could see the baby dragon’s figure.
….His whole body was a ball with some dragon parts attached.
He absorbed all sorts of things… He looked like that Poyo but with bat wings and a lizard’s tail. [T/N: Poyo is an orange, round cat and main character of the series Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki.]
What is this?

Firo also had a figure similar to this before.
There’s no way he’ll become huge just like this, right?

“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
A smile surfaced on Gaerion’s face, he dropped Taniko off and leapt at me.
As if I’ll let you.
I prepared my shield to obstruct him.
He clung firmly to the shield, then climbed over it and onto my back.
He’s simply huge so it’s heavy.
“Let go! Don’t stick to me!” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
He stuck out his tongue and licked my cheek.
He’s become unusually attached just two days after his birth.
Well, he probably thinks of me as his parent.
“Hey, Stop it.” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
Gaerion ignored my edict and licked me, but he seemed to understand my dislike and ceased to just clinging to me.
Hm…he’s more lovable than I thought.
Firo’s also quite cute when she doesn’t talk though.
“Hmph…” (firo)
Firo let out a frustrated voice.
And then she stood in front of me…
“What is it?” (naofumi)
She licked me with her tongue.
Ugh… disgusting.
“Bird, what’s with you all of a sudden.” (naofumi)
“That position of Master’s is Firo’s~!” (firo)
“As if I know! You’ve never had that kind of behaviour.” (naofumi)
“But that way of playing is Firo’s!” (firo)
“I don’t know.” (naofumi)
“Hmph~!” (firo)
Firo ran away angrily.
Jeez, what was she so dissatisfied about.
Speaking of which, she also became sullen when I played with the new Philorial.
Was it jealousy?
I heard before that when keeping a dog, it might show hostility if there was an increase in new pets or children.
It’s a bit extreme, treating a Philorial like a dog, but was it something similar?

Or it could be Firo’s own personality.
I’ll ask Rato about it next time.

“Kyua?” (gaerion)
He inclined his head…but it was part of his body so his whole body moved.
Taniko stroked Gaerion’s head as he gazed after Firo’s retreating figure with wonder.
“Hey, go play with him.” (naofumi)
“Kyuaa!” (gaerion)
When I passed him to Taniko, she extended her hand to me as if wanting to play again.
If Firo had this kind of animalistic charm, she would also seem cute.
“I seems he’s grown quite big.” (naofumi)
“Yeah.” (taniko)
“This isn’t the end of his growth, right.” (naofumi)
“He’s still a baby though?” (taniko)
Taniko replied while cuddling Gaerion.
Why are you so well-informed.
Ah, maybe she heard from Rato.
“But weren’t you on his back?” (naofumi)
“….That monster lady said it would discipline him properly.” (taniko)
“I see….” (naofumi)
Is it training for being a mount or something? Firo did that kind of thing sufficiently. [T/N: And therefore didn’t need training.]
As to be expected, dragons have their differences in regards to this.
“It seems like Gaerion-chan also loves Naofumi-sama.” (atla)
Atla said charmingly.
“By the way, what is going to happen to Brother and Sadina-san now?” (atla)
“Let’s see. Firo just left so I can’t really use her right now…” (naofumi)
Well, she was convenient as transport though.
“Did you need something?” (firo)
Firo appeared from somewhere after I said her name.
“Ah, I wanted to have you help Fohl level up. You aren’t tired?” (naofumi)
“I’m fine?” (firo)
“I see, then can I count on you?” (naofumi)
“Ok.” (firo)
“Is it alright if I join you?” (atla)

Atla inquired of Firo. Firo responded with a nod.

“It’s okay.” (firo)
“Kyua!” (gaerion)
Gaerion also raised his paw as if announcing his participation. [T/N: What do you call a dragon’s arm?]
“No~!” (firo)
Sticking her tongue out provokingly, Firo rejected Gaerion’s company.
“Then head to somewhere with appropriate monsters with the carriage….” (naofumi)
“Ah, I’ll be levelling in the ocean so don’t worry about me.” (sadina)
Sadina held her harpoon and informed me.
Well, there’s no problem if she levels in her own domain.
“Are you okay at Level 1? If you need companions, I’ll send some with you.” (naofumi)
“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m already used to fighting like this.” (sadina)

Sadina said I was worrying too much of all things and headed to the ocean.
She made me sound like I was her guardian.
I don’t have much material from sea monsters so it would help if Sadina brought some back.
One way or another, she seems like she wants to raise her stats simply.

Then those who want to quickly raise their levels will…” (naofumi)

Firo hates Gaerion with prejudice.
It seems like she would cause an uproar if I said I was going to help with Gaerion’s upbringing.
It’s none of my business but she can’t complain if I continue as I have been doing.
And one way or another, Firo’s reliable when it comes to combat….

“Firo will help Atla and Fohl with their level raising, Gaerion and you and―” (naofumi)

After I pointed to Taniko, I called Kiel over and instructed them to take the Caterpiland with them.
I actually wanted them to ride the Philorial but it was rejected.
It seems that it’s true that Dragons and Philorials don’t get along.
I feel like Philorials are more peaceful and weak but….how is it in the wild?

“Naofumi-sama, with that deployment, I would be better off with Gaerion-chan.” (atla)
“Is that so?” (naofumi)
“Really?” (firo)
“Yes. Because I will grow together with Gaerion-chan.” (atla)
“Hey, Atla! I―” (fohl)

They did have the same levels…If that’s the case, it can’t be helped.
Besides, Firo’s spartan course is difficult, which is perfect for Fohl.

“Then Firo.” (naofumi)
“Wha~t?” (firo)
“Go train Fohl spartanly at the highest difficulty you can manage and raise his level rapidly.” (naofumi)
“Ok!” (firo)
“Of all things, what are you talking ab―” (fohl)

Fohl idiotically clung to Firo’s back as he rode her.

“We’ll be going now Master~!” (firo)
“Ah, off you go.” (naofumi)
“Wh-what’s with this guy’s feathers! Don’t fall out! Don’t fall out! Ah, Atlaaaaaaa―” (fohl)

Firo ran around noisily.
Firo’s feathers were also mysterious. They could hold onto riders and made a strange song. [T/N: like how grasshoppers make music]
And just like that, I could no longer hear Fohl’s voice.

“We’ll be taking our leave now.” (atla)
“Work hard.” (naofumi)
“Won’t Naofumi-sama join us?” (atla)
“If I go then Firo know.” (naofumi)

I pointed to Gaerion and explained my reasoning.

“That is troubling. However, I want to be able to Level up together with Naofumi-sama soon.” (atla)
“That’s true. I haven’t been suppressing any monsters lately so it should be fine when I feel like going.” (naofumi)
“It’s a promise.” (atla)
“I know. You’re also quite a strange fellow.” (naofumi)

In this village, it’s rare that someone would want to fight monsters and level up together with me.
However if you think about fighting in the waves, it’s important know how to cooperate with me, as I can only defend.
Actually, right now only Raphtalia and Firo have experience fighting with me, but following the plan to a certain extent would mean I should have to participate in battles too.
All the same, if we went out to fight the waves together without being able to cooperate, there would have been no meaning in creating this village. [T/N: Naofumi created the village to form a private army to fight the waves but if they don’t cooperate, it’s the same as fighting with the random soldiers.]
“Come back before nightfall.” (naofumi)
“I got it, big bro.” (kiel)
And just like this I saw the levelling party off and resumed work in the village.

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