Chapter 175: Ding Dong Dash

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The King of Kings did 177, and I will be doing 176. I’m working on it, but won’t be able to around dinner +-2 hours, so I’m not sure if I will finish today.

Chapter 175: Ding Dong Ditch

『Damn… This body’s will is stronger than I thought. But given time…』

I think I’ve heard this voice before.
The voice seems to be in pain.

『Kukuku, luckily there are two parts of me close by. If only I could obtain one…』

This seems to be quite a Chuu2 situation.
Mostly the atmosphere.

『What is this feeling? … Is this Windea’s presence? She survived! But…』

It’s been six days since Rafatalia left for the mountains.
That morning.

“*Sigh*…” (Naofumi)

It happened again.
Atlas has recently been sneaking into my bed.
Firo also occasionally sleeps here, so I just assumed it was her and went back to sleep.
Whenever this happens, I…

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