Chapter 178: Grasping Forces

Sorry for the delay… Oh and also I’d like to thank the silent patient readers.. hahaha..   also the one’s who read my novel.. the ones who gave me generous comments and gentle criticisms..  Enjoy.

It’s been four hours since we departed

Firo’s status decrease is being suppressed by Atla

Firo’s Lvl. points are declining steadily

The Lvl. down speed have decreased but it’s still a severe situation

“Atla, Do you know where the power is going?”(Naofumi)

“Yes, Firo tells me which direction it’s heading” (Atla)

“Okay” (Naofumi)

“Haaaa…. Haaaa….”(Firo)


Atlas is riding Firo’s back and I entrusted driving the carriage to Melty

Rat and Taniko puts the situation in order, Sadina is watching the back

Firo is getting considerably exhausted

It’ll be dangerous if we don’t make it there fast

Motoyasu’s beloved Firo is in a great pinch

Where and what is that fellow doing at such a…

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