Chapter 180: Good Luck

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Naofumi’s intelligence may be visibly falling.

Chapter 180: Good Luck

I check the Wrath Shield.

… You have not cleared the conditions to unlock this shield.

I can’t check its status!
And Gaelion’s status is so corrupted that I can’t make any sense of it.

“For now, the only thing we can do is defeat him!” (Naofumi)
“Defeating it is… correct, right?” (Taniko)

Gaelion was able to slip past us and get out of the cave.
His size is now greater than 20 meters, He looks like an authentic dragon.
His eyes are shrouded in darkness. I can’t read his expression.
I can’t find any part of this being similar to the Gaelion we know.

(TL: Note, this sound is written in alphanumerics)
“Ah… Yes. I’m fine. How have you been?” (Taniko)

Everyone snaps their heads towards Taniko… She’s also at a loss for words. She’s one of…

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34 thoughts on “Chapter 180: Good Luck

  1. so apparently ive been trying to spell the website as onahashimi for a while now and couldnt figure out why i couldnt find this wordpress until today. i kept using links from one of yuraikun’s posts to get here lol.

    F5 F5 F5…love yas kookie


      1. It wasn’t that bad. 171 gave me such an headache I stayed away from 172 and at break since then – thank god for Douluo Dalu, re Monster and Konjiki Word Master!


        1. Thank you sir. Now reading Douluo Dalu. Good start so far and as long as it has more depth and character than Stellar Transformations I’ll enjoy it.


        2. Nooo. 170 was edited by a badass, but since he didn’t know japanese, he couldn’t tlc the line meanings. The current 170 on baka-tsuki has perfect grammar and perfect flow, but needs some tlc check to make sure line meanings match.


          1. 171-172 were posted, by someone else. Whether it’s up to your standards is a personal issue. And not an issue that should be pushed onto Kookie.


          2. It’s not about my standards. Hell, If I took it so personally I’d already learn the language. It’s about deciding if to wait for Kookie’s edit version and then continue reading, or skipping 171 & 172 (at their current form won’t be a great loss) out of respect to those translators who actually work their ass of for our sake (Bakahou, Kookie, Yoraikun…).


  2. While I’m extremely grateful for your active role in translating new chapters, Kookie, could you maybe take a little time to go back and edit 170-172? Even grammar doesn’t matter that much; as long as you can TLC the sentences to a level where I can understand what they’re trying to say, I’ll grammar-edit all 3 as I move them to preview pages.

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      1. Kookie how did you come up with your name, do you really dream of kookie’s? or does kookiedreamer stand for some hidden message that can only be understood by birds? O:

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