Chapter 182: Wrath Dragon

I mostly paraphrased the sentences so don’t expect a precise translation.. and also if you read this and you don’t greet kookie a happy birthday.. I will send yanderes to your house.. your call..

“G U R U !?”(Gaelion)

That way of speaking stopped Gaelion’s movements

Oh! Did the parent-child love move his heart?

Is that it?



“I had my hunch, I knew it I was right”(Rat)

Rat is muttering something, looks like she’s convinced

“Uhnn,  My father… My father is the dragon that occupies this area”(Taniko)

Taniko nods and then talked to Gaelion

“It’s true.  There are stories about children who grew up in the wilderness and those stories usually include demons, monsters and dragons” (Rat)
What the? That’s a typical wolf boy phrase(TLN: I think he’s referring to a player)

Eh? Is Taniko really raised by a dragon?

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