Chapter 186: A Dragon’s Rage

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Chapter 186: A Dragon’s Rage

Apparently, a group of Demi-Human Merchants were attacked while passing through Gaelion’s mountain range.
Of course, Gaelion was not going to let the culprits go Scot free.
But before he could do anything, a female Demi-Human came running to his cave with a baby in her hands. She collapsed at the entrance.

“Fumu, what are you doing in front of my cave. Depending on your answer…” (Gaelion)

The woman’s vision was getting hazy. She could not see who she was addressing, but still she smiled and held the baby up with the last of her strength.

“Thank god. There was someone here… we were attacked in these mountains, and I somehow made it here… I beg of you, please, at the very least, save this child…” (Female Demi-Human)
“Nu…” (Gaelion)
“This is a harsh country for Demi-Humans. I understand that I am…

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