Chapter 189: Secret Base

Inlitify OA

The Web Novel’s halfway point, not that the author knew that when he wrote it. One Line I don’t really get at the end.

Chapter 189: Secret Base

“I see… So this is your secret base.” (Naofumi)

After that, Sadina dragged me towards the ocean.
She told me to get on her back, and started swimming.
Riding Sadina, it took around 30 minutes to get there.
I saw an island in the distance. It was too dark for me to see clearly, but the island didn’t look particularly big.
It looked kinda like a crescent island I’ve seen in postcards.

I don’t really see any monsters.
I’m not Motoyasu, but I can say that it’s quite a romantic island.
After we reach the island, Sadina goes onto a hill and lights a torch. She leads me to a cave-like area.
The structure is man-made, and even has windows.

“This place…

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 189: Secret Base

  1. So…Kookie! Will you be TLCing 190 again? And there’s 170-172 too…last I heard, you had finished half of 170. Are you waiting to do a mass release?
    Don’t worry too much about grammar. As long as I can understand what the translation’s trying to say, I can edit.


    1. I finally finished 172!~
      I updated the chapter on Ohanashimi. Weisar did an edit on 171 and 170 is still readable (i’ve re-tled 170 but yet to edit) so I’m going to procrastinate on that a bit.
      Now to work on 190 (:


        1. Uh…why do you keep writing Class Up when it’s meant to be level up/levelling? Class up is only used once, to describe fohl and sadina -> “those who just had a Class Up”
          okay, back to editing….


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