Chapter 190: Official Request

Chapter 190 by darkstrolm
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I changed Lord Iwatani -> Iwatani-dono for consistency, because the Female Knight also used -dono for Rishia and she’s not a lord so I might as well keep the title as a suffix.
Official Request
I visit the Old Man’s shop when we went to Class Up but a “shop closed” sign was hung up and it was unattended. When I ask the neighbouring store, it seems the old man’s weapons had sold so well that production couldn’t keep up, and he’s gone out to gather ores.
I wonder how much of the prosperity is due to Imya’s uncle.
Originally the shop was already famous in the Castle Town but it’s reputation has increased lately.
Although I am the reason for that, Old Man himself was quite skillful and recently his ability has been improving even further.
Was Imya’s uncle a surprisingly skillful craftsman?
Or is the growth due to their rivalry? (TL: Between the Old Man and Imya’s uncle)
I don’t know.
The next place I would stop by is the Slave Trader’s place, but he is also absent.
Was he still in Zeltbur? (TL: Zeltbur, the country of mercenaries. refer to Chapter 155)
Reconstruction is progressing, but to me Castle Town feels deserted. (TL: Naofumi is feeling lonely)
How should I say it, none of my acquaintances are here.
In the first place, most of the people I know are in my territory.
Because of that, I return to the village quickly.
When I arrived at the village, I see some familiar faces.
The fearful girl who always seems misfortunate, and the strong woman who’s dressed in simple armor.
“Ah, Iwatani-dono, we’re back.” (Female Knight)
“We’ve just returned.” (Rishia)
Rishia and the Female Knight greet me.
“Oh, have you finished your training?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, I was told by the Instructor that because the training has ended I’m allowed to go back before them.” (Female Knight)
“Yes, me too. I was taught various things. (Rishia)
“I see, you did go so far as to take a vacation for this apprenticeship. So how did it go? Were there any results?” (Naofumi)
“Well, the Instructor was so impressed by my enthusiasm that she taught me the Peerless Transformation Style.” (Female Knight) (TL: The Peerless Transformation Style: also known as the Hengen Musou Ryuu)
“Enthusiasm…… right.” (Naofumi)
So they followed the Instructor to the end.
There was a charater in a game I knew who demanded an apprenticeship and didn’t move from the entrance of the master’s house.
If the character wasn’t accepted, then the story didn’t advance.
I remember that they were the one with the highest potential within the three disciples but the character had a strong habit, such a thing didn’t matter here.
“That being said, I was only taught sword techniques. She told me to keep training like I did before.” (Female Knight)
“I had everything beaten into me……” (Rishia)
So the Female Knight was only taught sword techniques, and Rishia was taught everything.
And that’s why they both came back from training at the same time.
The old hag had said before that there was no specific weapon for the Hengen Musou Style. (TL: Refer to Chapter 167)
And yet the Female Knight only learnt about swords, wasn’t she taught properly?
“What is it, Iwatani-dono?” (Female Knight)
“Is it really all right? Saying you’ve been taught sufficiently, I’m afraid you seem like the underdog.” (Naofumi)
“Hmph…… Who do you think I am? I followed the Instructor to the point where Rishia-dono and Rafatalia collapsed from exhaustion.” (Female Knight)
“The Instructor also gave her permission for an official apprenticeship enthusiastically. The instructor even cut into her own break to teach her sword techniques.” (Rishia) (Editor’s note: she taught her only focusing on sword techniques and it couldn’t be helped if it cut into her break)
“It is a style where the basics of body movement, magic, and spiritual flow are more important than technique. It was very hard to get the hang of it.” (Female Knight)
So…… in other words, it’s a Style in which weapons are just decorations.
There are parts that I don’t understand understand too well.
“When Rafatalia-san’s training ends, it seems she will also teach the village.” (Rishia)
“Is there a reason why you guys secluded yourselves in the mountain?” (Naofumi)
“It seems that it’s the basics of body building. To experience the elements of the mountains, feel the flow of the earth, to strive for….” (Female Knight)
“Do you even understand what that means?” (Naofumi)
I don’t get any of it. Is it because I’m from a different world?
I am able to use magic, but I don’t understand it at all.
“Isn’t it obvious.” (Rishia)
Says Rishia with a blank expression.
Has it already become commonplace……
Is this girl getting conceited with her powers?
I wonder if I will be defeated in the next battle with a single blow.
There was such development in a manga that I read once.
……I’d hate it. Something like that.
“By the way, judging from what you just said, Rafatalia is still continuing her training.” (Naofumi)
“Yes, there are still a lot of things Rafatalia-san needs to learn because she is Naofumi-san’s right-hand man.” (Rishia)
“I see……” (Naofumi)
I had a lot of problems that were solved because Rafatalia was there.
Actually, Fohl is the odd one out.
I feel like there are many slaves who she has been looking after.
“What are Iwatani-dono’s plans after this?” (Female Knight)
“Oh? I think I will go level up with those who just had a Class Up.” (Naofumi)
Indeed, I’m a little worried that I haven’t been levelling up at all lately.
I was optimistic and thought it’s fine even after Rafatalia returned and she could raise her level together with Firo, but the person in question has yet to return.
I’m thinking of officially gathering some people and making a party with the purpose of raising my level.
I feel bad for Firo but I plan on having Gaelion be our transport.
“Then I shall come with you. Of course, Rishia as well.” (Female Knight)
“That sounds good. I would like to see the Peerless Transformation Style.” (Naofumi)
Let’s see, there’s me, Atlas, Gaelion, Taniko, Rishia and the Female Knight.
It’s a simple, well-balanced party.
If we were in an RPG, it would be a safe formation that wouldn’t lose to most of the enemies.
Of course I know that it’s only applicable in an adventure game and may not be true in reality.
“What are you going to do, Sadina?” (Naofumi)
In the worst case scenario, I could have the Female Knight be the caretaker.
I feel she has already adapted to the village but as far as it goes, the Female Knight is not one of my subordinates.
In terms of priority, Sadina is higher.
“I’ll be levelling in the sea~” (Sadina)
“Oh, I see.” (Naofumi)
Well, having Sadina level up in her natural battlefield is what’s best for her.
If I’m lucky then she might pick up some things and I also want materials from the sea.
“Next is…… Atlasー” (Naofumi)
“Yes. What is it?” (Atlas)
Atlas comes when I call.
Though she was a sickly character in the beginning, she has now completely adapted.
“I’m going to do some levelling so help out.” (Naofumi)
“Okay. I’m looking forward to going along with Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“I’ll be counting on you.” (Naofumi)
“Then let’s go, Lord Iwatani,” (Female Knight)
“Ah, yes of course.” (Naofumi)
As far as it goes, the Female Knight is able to practice with Rafatalia so it looks like she has some skill.
Well, it’s not like she had been fighting seriously with Rafatalia so her stats are lower.
I’ve also thought this before.
“Gaelion.” (Naofumi)
“Kyuaaaa!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion makes a happy sound when I call him.
I wonder if he was waiting for his turn. He is unusually excited.
I think it’s child Gaelion based on his voice.
If anything, I have a better relationship with father Gaelion.
“Well Gaelion, we’re going to go level up is pulling the carriage or flying better?” (Naofumi)
“Kyu……” (Gaelion)
Gaelion’s Child Mode.
Tilting his head, he decides to make a cunning pose.
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion raises his wings in the air. Oh, you want to fly in the sky.
Going by carriage would be more comfortable, but it’s fine.
We can return with my shield and it’s not like we’re going peddling so it’s just right.
“Kyuaaaa!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion enthusiastically transformes into a four-meter dragon.
“Where are we going?” (Taniko)
Taniko asks while climbing on Gaelion’s back.
It seems she’s feeling at home here.
What happened to the Caterpilland she first rode on?
No, that guy is often with Taniko too.
“I wonder where is good.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, right. Iwatani-dono, since you’re just going to level up, can you carry out a request from the Castle while you’re at it? I will help too.” (Female Knight)
“What’s it about?” (Naofumi)
“It seems that some bandits have built their stronghold in the mountains recently.” (Female Knight)
“I see…… Bandit subjugation.” (Naofumi)
“Why are you laughing so gleefully? This is the first time I see you smiling like that, Iwatani-dono.” (Female Knight)
The Female Knight answered ominously. Did I make such an expression?
It’s probably the remnants of those guys. [T/N: This is the 4th time he’s seeing those bandits…]
When I think about it, it has been awhile, so it’s a good time to harvest the crops. (TL: Refer to the events in chapter 152)
Those guys must have saved up quite a lot. I’m the perfect person to deprive them of it.
If it’s an official request, I can also get a reward so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.
“Can you pinpoint the place?” (Naofumi)
“Yes…… for the time being. The problem is the leader keeps escaping.” (Female Knight)
“The leader?” (Naofumi)
I have a feeling there was a similar guy last time, and the time before that.
Both times we raided their hideout where he was resting and arrested him.
“Based on the testimony of one of the caught thieves, it seems that person has recently become the boss of all the bandits in the vicinity but he’s created quite an army.” (Female Knight)
“He has an army but he’s still running away?” (Naofumi)
“That’s just it. I’m not sure but apparently he’s a considerably suspiscious boss who rarely makes an appearance and yet he has the tenability to crush brave adventurers one at a time or something.” (Female Knight)
“He doesn’t really seem to portray that though……” (Naofumi)
Can that really be considered a boss?
It can be said that the guy is a tactician, but he can be considered petty as well.
He’s the troublesome type of enemy.
“It seems that the strategy is for the thieves to create a disturbance based on the leader’s orders, and the boss isolates and hunts the people who run.” (Female Knight)
I don’t get what you’re trying to say….why did they have such a troublesome way of fighting?
He’s a guy with no distinct objective.
“With that ability, it seems we can’t arrest the boss even if we catch his subordinates.” (Female Knight)
This is a troublesome opponent for sure.
It’s a situation where as long as the leader survives, the lower ranks can be replaced as much as he likes.
He does such intricate things so he probably has more than one hideout.
That being said, bandit subjugation is profitable.
It’s regrettable that Firo is absent. She’s very useful as a threat.
Oh, how about I let Gaelion play that role.
I’ll have to make sure Taniko stays silent.
“Well then, we’ll go around the area where the bandits appear and hunt down some monsters.” (Naofumi)
“Roger that.” (Rishia)
“Understood.” (Taniko)
“Okay.” (Female Knight)
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
That said, we rode Gaelion and set off for some levelling and bandit hunting.