Chapter 191: Late Bloomer

Chapter 191 by Hlentai
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Great talents mature late
 “Your movement has improved beyond recognition from before” (Naofumi)
 Possibly the fruit of the Old Lady’s training, Rishia took the initiative and is defeating the monsters. Weapons are a throwing knife attached to a short sword and a whip. While throwing the knife, the whip entangles the opponent, and as the knife lands, the opponent is drawn in and skewered by the short sword. Peerless Transformation style, Binding Thrust is what the attack seems to be called.
Though the name being too simple could come off as chuunibyo, but everything else I value highly. Not only that, it is a fast technique. As expected of the Old Lady’s said favorite area of expertise.
Peerless Transformation, as expected from such an exaggerated name, seems painful just from seeing it. Mixing that technique with defence piercing seems formidable. If I recall correctly, I heard Rishia was taught everything from the style. Then that means she could fight with weapons besides the current ones I suppose.
On a side note, Rishia’s current level is 70. Her strength that did not match her status honestly surprised me quite a bit. How should I put it, “Who is this girl?”, is how it is.
Just guessing, but if Itsuki saw the current Rishia it feels like he’d say “Please come back.” Well, Itsuki is doing a perfect hide in Zeltbur with a broken mind though. Just stay like this in perfect hide until the world becomes peaceful.
“Is that so? Though I can’t really tell the difference myself…” (Rishia)
By the way, Rishia is currently wearing the Firo costume. Quickly taking out the outfit after returning was surprising.
I guess spiritual support was needed. Even when stronger, the base does not change it seems.
Maybe if Itsuki put on the Firo costume he could return to normal. No no….
“I’ve thought this from a long time ago, but why does Rishia-oneesan have the same form as Firo-chan?” (Taniko)
Taniko asked as she tilted her head. Well, the appearance of efficiency and practicality are very different after all. Explaining is such a pain. Let’s pretend I didn’t hear.
“Is that so?” (Atla)
It appears Atla has only just now realized. -Thinking back, Atla’s eyes cannot see so it’s not like she should’ve known. As expected, ki does not seem to leave the costume. Though it’d be a little unpleasant if it did leak.
“It’s just, I can see a stream of power coming from Naofumi-sama flowing around Rishia-san” (Atla)
“Ah, that so?” (Naofumi)
“Firo-chan and everyone from the village have the same power flowing, but that power is strong” (Atla)
Ha…Atla’s perception ability is also considerable. While feeling such admiration, female knight defeats monsters with her sword.
Over here too, though not as much as Rishia, has considerable skill. After is the extent Atla will come along, and decide how far to get. Well, I tag along with her training so I know in general.
“Please look okay, Naofumi-sama” (Atla)
“Aa” (Naofumi)
Atla received the wild boar monster, Razorback’s charge head-on with her empty hand and stopped it. Only one finger is on the tip of the Razorback’s nose. The Razorback put forth all its efforts to move, but could not even take one step. What? It seems she has mysterious superhuman strength.
“I’m sorry” (Atla)
Tsun. Atla faced the Razorback’s forehead, jumped, and poked it. From just that…the Razorback revealed its eye whites and foamed at its mouth as it fell over. Is it dead?
…I’ve experienced a new thing. It’s almost like an assassination technique or something. Why is it scarier than defeating it normally I wonder.
“I did it!” (Atla)
“I see…” (Naofumi)
Geniuses are amazing huh. Even far stronger than Rishia and female knight it appears. Rather, even barehanded. Thinking carefully, she wasn’t given a weapon. No, she was given a sword at first, seems she didn’t use it.
The average level of monsters is…approximately 40 huh. This’ll be smooth sailing.
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
 Just like how Firo does it, Gaelion came and threw a live Razorbaby, a miniature Razorback, into his mouth and chewed. There’s blood at the edge of his mouth-…. Yeah. They’re both carnivores, but Firo might be better. That side’s a bird so there’s no blood. I don’t know about times when using the claws to tear apart and stuff cheeks with flesh.
 “Somehow-…I’m kinda plain?” (Taniko)
 After using magic in battle earlier, Taniko was feeling down. The mysterious style, Peerless Transformation style and the genius Hakuko tribe’s Atla. Certainly against weak monsters it feels like power is lacking, but I think Taniko is also suitable. Like magic, or maybe Gaelion.
 “Don’t mind it. I’m pretty much just watching.” (Naofumi)
 The need for me to tank was not necessary, becoming reversed. Was there meaning in coming? For now I just use Hate Reaction to lure monsters, while focusing on strengthening.
 Before long we flew deep into the mountains and a monster part dragon came out. Ah, dragons inhabited remote regions if I recall correctly. Because of Fitoria, the dragon series could not be released even if raw materials were put in. Well it’ll grow along with Gaelion so I guess it wasn’t pointless.
 As expected my turn came, pinning down the monster. And in that opening, one of the others attacked it. After, the weakened monsters are each exterminated.
 I turn to look at Gaelion during that time. Taniko was there so he stayed hidden but I needed to talk to the father side. If the Dragon Emperor were to appear here it’d probably be difficult too.
 “Oh yeah, Iwatani-dono…” (Female Knight)
 Looking for a chance, female knight asked me a question.
 “What?” (Naofumi)
“I heard you’ve attached weird nicknames to us in your head” (Female Knight)
“Oh. That talk huh, let’s see, I just call fellows by their image if they don’t say their name in front of me.” (Naofumi)
“…Is that so?” (Female Knight)
Taniko looks at me with doubting eyes.
“Mu, by that logic, I haven’t said my name. How on Earth am I being called?” (Female Knight)
“Female knight” (Naofumi)
“That is not my name but my official position” (Female Knight)
“But there aren’t many female knights in Melromark, and there is only you in my territory so isn’t it fine” (Naofumi)
“Honestly…you’re just like they say, Iwatani-dono” (Female Knight)
The amazed female knight stopped speaking. If you want to be called by another name then name yourself. What are you trying to do.
“What about me?” (Taniko)
“Taniko” (Naofumi)
“Why!? You know my name don’t you?” (Taniko)
“Windia wasn’t it? It’s troublesome so isn’t it fine?” (Naofumi)
“No good! Not good!” (Taniko)
Sadina said not to say it in front of the person but, whatever.
“It’s better than Ping Pong Dash though” (Naofumi)
“Is, Is that about Gaelion!?” (Taniko)
The noisy gya-gya-Taniko is ignored, and I talked to Atla at the perfect spot.
“Atla knows about this matter right” (Naofumi)
“Yes…I also want a nickname” (Atla)
…Is she a pervert? Thinking about it would be fine, but I feel no need so let’s stop. Well if speaking of necessity comes up, nicknames would be unnecessary.
“It’s not really long enough to need a nickname right. I remember it anyways” (Naofumi)
Raphtalia…I don’t really wanna call her by nickname. I wonder why. Firo is short so there’s no problem. Originally the name Firo itself is something like a nickname for Firo Rial.
“But, I think receiving a wonderful name from Naofumi-sama would be nice” (Atla)
“Ye-ah…your brother would come any number of times though” (Naofumi)
Alps was at first, Sis-con, like an Ateuma so Ateuma. Recently, he’s matched Rishia in plainness position, so something new might come.
“I see…big brother, is jealous. Envious” (Atla)
“By the way, Rishia. You are Itsuki groupie.” (Naofumi)
“Fueee! I didn’t say anything!” (Rishia)
“Besides fueee right” (Naofumi)
“Fueee…” (Rishia)
I’m already exhausted. While conversing about such things, I talk to Gaelion as Taniko’s eyes are stolen. It seems from their presences that the dragons inhabiting this area no longer hold fragments. Though thinking it troublesome, on the other hand it is for Gaelion’s stages of growth so it is just fine.
So, everyone has raised their level, but there is one who grew the most surprising amount. The moment when 70 rose to 71, every status remarkably grew approximately thirty percent.
Her name is Rishia Ivyredd.
 Is it the result of training?
No, I’m sure physical training and magic statuses were treated separately, so it should not have risen this rapidly. She leveled up to 72 that day, yet certainly it increased approximately thirty percent.
 I calculated after I had her remove the Firo costume, her status has come up to half of Raphtalia’s status that I last saw. Before the difference was one third so I am just speculating, but at this rate of growth Raphtalia would be overtaken by level 75. Speaking of, the Old Lady did mention before….
 “This child is a talent found once every hundred years-!” (Old Lady)
 Said something like that. Did the Old Lady foresee this? Rapid growth from level 70, I’d think even for late blooming great talents there is a limit.
 By the way, Rishia was tossed away by Itsuki, becoming my subordinate at 68.
 Anyways, from now on I must observe Rishia I guess.

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