Chapter 192: Masked Man

Chapter 192 by Hlentai
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Masked Man
 “And so, since our levels have increased too, I think it’s time to hunt bandits. We can resume levelling again after taking the treasure.” (Naofumi)
“Wait a moment! What are you planning with the stolen goods!?” (Female Knight)
The next morning. We, who rested with the camping plants, set up preparations at a mountain near the highway that the bandits had settled down at. By the way, female knight’s tsukkomi was ignored. The bandits treasures are mine.
“About the bandits, at most 40 should be the limit”
If there is no credibility, Class Up can’t be done. So the bandits levels aren’t that high. Of course, some wanderers could have Classed Up in Zeltbur or something, but even now I have not encountered any. You’d probably need achievements in the Colosseum I guess. However it’s hard to say if someone who earned income at the Colosseum would become a bandit. Well it has nothing to do with me though.
“For now, team up in twos and search for the base. There is not enough information on the boss.” (Naofumi)
Inquiring bandits about information with threats is needed or we will get nowhere. Many bandits must be captured from the outset.
“Hmm, Rishia and Atla, Female Knight and Taniko, team up and search” (Naofumi)
“Reason?” (Taniko)
“None in particular. If unpleasant then split up how you like” (Naofumi)
“Why is Gaelion with you” (Taniko)
“Since we’re aiming for the boss, we’ll have Gaelion scout and I will be a decoy with my high defensive power” (Naofumi)
“Ah, so it’s like that” (Taniko)
“If your end finds them, fire illumination magic. I will quickly rush over on Gaelion” (Naofumi)
“Don’t make Gaelion do dangerous things” (Taniko)
“Of course he’ll be flying in the sky, Gaelion’s mission will be to gather the members” (Naofumi)
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
“I see, I got it. Then let’s go” (Taniko)
Female knight patted Taniko who came to an understanding on the back to start walking.
“Atla, your perception ability is high so I’ll be depending on you” (Naofumi)
“Please leave it to me” (Atla)
“Then, see you later” (Rishia)
Rishia is also settled huh, she and Atla started searching together.
“Well then…” (Naofumi)
Gaelion and I also began searching for the bandits hideout.
“Fumu…human hands have entered this mountain” (Gaelion)
“Because the highway is nearby, is there anywhere peculiar?” (Naofumi)
“Some…like, a naturally formed cave, or was something like a fortress made?” (Gaelion)
“It’ll vary between bandits. This time I think it’ll be a cave.” (Naofumi)
“Then it’ll be hard. This area has an extraordinary amount of caves.” (Gaelion)
“I see” (Naofumi)
Somehow chances to talk with Gaelion are increasing. I can talk with him normally, so even though he’s a pitiable dragon I might be relying on him. Or rather, besides Fuol he’s a rare male after all. Honestly, the conversations are comfortable.
“Then I will go higher to look for figures of people” (Gaelion)
“I’ll leave it to you” (Naofumi)
“Aa” (Gaelion)
With a basaa- Gaelion flapped his wings and flew off. Well, I shouldn’t be injured even from a bandit surprise attack, so this mission will go smoothly. With a walking mood, I strolled the mountain road alone.
 There suddenly–
“Assassin Sword!” (???)
“Guha-!” (Naofumi)
Suddenly I hear a voice and at the same time with a gusa- I felt a stabbing pain from behind. Well, it’s about to the extent of “That really hurt”, still though-…. Blood is coming out. My armor let out a sound like it was breaking.
Penetrating my defense, what the heck! If it was any of the other guys wouldn’t they die?
“That hurt! What are you doing so suddenly!” (Naofumi)
With a bun- I turned around with my shield and received the idiot’s thrust coming from behind. I confirm the identity of the one thrusting at me with a ba- sound.
“It’s a fair and square match…!” (??)
“Wha-” (Naofumi)
 Being aware myself that someone unbelievable appeared, I became speechless. Their face was hidden by a suspicious skull mask, but from the figure, voice, and stance, the masked man’s identity rose to the surface.
 Amagi Ren, the Hero of the Sword took a stance while wielding a pitch black, sinister-looking sword.
 “Chi-!” (Ren)
 Maybe it’s my imagination his equipment appears much cheaper than before, his eyes that were visible through the mask’s cracks looked strangely sulky. No, it’s being said by me but, it’s not to that level. Maybe he’s worn out emotionally, his pupils look empty.
 “Re, Ren!?” (Naofumi)
“…Hide…Sword” (Ren)
 With a yura- sound Ren’s figure disappeared like a heat haze. What? Did I see a weird phantom made by illusion magic or something? Anyway, using a skill like hide is exceptionally suspicious. Thus I also entered a battle state.
 In the first place, while saying it’s a fair and square match, then suddenly attacking from behind or using a skill that erases your presence, what kind of nerves do you have? Do you intend to say it is fair from a game system perspective? Nevertheless, his voice was strangely lacking strength. Oh well, let’s focus on the opponent for now.
 “Hate Reaction!” (Naofumi)
 A skill that lures monsters. Actually it has one other hidden effect that was confirmed on Cal Mira Island. It can drag out the real form and reveal opponents lightly concealed by magic and skills. It was when Raphtalia released Phantom Sword, and I used Hate Reaction. Raphtalia’s state of concealment was cancelled. Therefore detection can be used in cases of concealment.
 Trying to circle around to my rear again or something, Ren was moving to my left rear. It was a bit of an idiotic scene but, conversely felt annoying. If you’re going to use a skill like that then retreat for a moment.
 “Ku…” (Ren)
“You’re…Ren right” (Naofumi)
“…” (Ren)
It would’ve been fine if it was an illusion but-…I did not expect him to be lurking around here. Could it be Witch is the bandit chief?
…Amazingly suitable.
She’s princess caliber isn’t she. If I had to say one or the other then she’d be better suited to be a pirate or bandit.
“Rakshasa Meteor Sword!” (Ren)
With the motion of Meteor Sword, Ren swung his sword at me. Using Meteor Sword, the black fragments of his sword scattered like meteorites, then faced and headed towards me.
“Chain Bind! Chain Needle!” (Ren)
Gu…I was poised with my shield, but a slow pain spreading. In that interval, Ren used consecutive skills.
“The punishment I have decided for the foolish sinner goes by the name of execution by decapitation. With no time to cry, simply feel despair from the separation of your head and body!”
“Guillotine!” (Ren)
 Suddenly chains came from the ground and bound my body, moreover, the thorns on the chains pierced into my skin. And then an enormous bladed execution tool appeared above me. This attack…the atmosphere feels like a similar type to the Shield of Anger’s Iron Maiden I think.
 Ku…No way I’m going to receive and bear it.
 “Don’t mess with meeeeeeeeeee!” (Naofumi)
 The chains were torn off, the falling blade restrained with my hand. That hurt. Blood is coming out.
 However, it appears to have not been an unendurable attack. Gu…but my SP is completely depleted.
 “Ren…that’s enough!” (Naofumi)
 Should I switch to Wrath Shield too? I simply open the menu and go to the refining screen.
For actual combat, +4 and a rarity of R should be enough. Blutopfer should also not be needed, Iron Maiden will finish this. Refining failed consecutive times with a bokinbokin sound. Don’t mess around!
 “Gyaooooooooooo!” (Gaelion)
 Gaelion sensed the strange situation and came after a bit. Good, just like that go pin Ren down!
 “Transfer Sword!” (Ren)
“Ah, you!” (Naofumi)
Faster than I could grab him, Ren had disappeared with his transfer skill.
Wh, What was that?
Was it a monster or human that pretended to be Ren? No, it would have to be a considerable monster if it could penetrate my defense. Other than that, something like the Old Lady’s attacks that ignore defense or an attack proportionate to defensive power would be needed or it wouldn’t work.
The Assassin Sword skill was released right behind me. It’s fine to presume from its skill, name, and concealed state that it’s a certain kill attack from stealth and hiding. Furthermore…it somehow smells of the Wrath Series, with that sinister looking sword.
Out of nowhere, that attack from behind…is he a PK that often appears in net games or something. Identifying Ren, now that I know the bandit boss is not a resident of this world, this matter has completely become PK…Player Killer. Well he did say he had a background with suspicious games like VRMMO.
To begin with, having experienced serious things to that extent, you still feel like it’s a game huh. If it wasn’t me it’d go beyond instant death, wouldn’t they be split in two? Really, I feel like vomiting.
“Are you ok?” (Gaelion)
“Aa…but” (Naofumi)
“I understand, I also saw it” (Gaelion)
Gaelion gave off bloodthirst. It was the arch-enemy that destroyed the lifestyle with Taniko, his own life, and his wife after all.
“What’s with this mountain”
For the time being, I cast recovery magic to heal the wounds I received. Aah, incidentally because of Blutopfer’s curse, that Guillotine attack skill really hurt.
Not only that, the recovery is slow….
Meeting up with Taniko, with the holy water’s Ability Restoration magic taught by Sadina, I was narrowly able to have a complete recovery.
 Bandit searching lasted only 30 minutes. I became extremely uneasy about the future of the mission this time.

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