Chapter 196: Reality VS Ideal

Chapter 196 by Hlentai
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Reality VS Ideal
 “…Foolishness.” (Gaelion)
 Gaelion gazed at Ren with scornful eyes.
I’m sure I have those same eyes right now, probably.
“Foolish one who acts superior. It is the way of the world for the strongest to be overtaken. The knowledge of the Dragon Emperor who was once the strongest speaks of such. Know that being the strongest is but a tower built from sand.” (Gaelion)
The time left is 1:30.
“Let that one be carved! Flames of purgatory! Prominence – Dark Nova!” (Gaelion)
Flying into a rage, Gaelion unleashed a Breath with the might of a sea of flames towards Ren.
“Instant – Dragonslayer! Chain – Bind! Change Chain!” (Ren)
Ren determinedly fired skills one after another, but―.
“Useless! Foolish Hero of the Sword!” (Gaelion)
All of Ren’s attacks were drowned out by the might of the Breath.
“Not yet! It’s not over yet!” (Ren)
Ren’s sword changed once again.
It was Growing Up, huh?
Certainly, there was the thing with my shield of anger changing into the Wrath Shield.
No doubt this looks just like that.
In that case, the chances of Ren’s sword becoming stronger are high.
“That’s right. I’ve discovered a new technique! Rakshasa – Meteor Sword” (Ren)
You just used that earlier!
To speak as if you’ve just discovered a technique that you’ve been using until now. Even by manga principles, that does not apply to techniques you’ve already used before.
What is this. Really.
“For this sinner, the punishment I have chosen is crushing by God’s name! Using what is mine, have this one receive God’s attack!”
“Goldaufstand!” (Ren)
Ren raised his sword to the heavens and out of nowhere, gold and silver treasures gathered, forming a human shape in the air.
Profoundly ominous, it was a gold statue made with extremely bad taste.
That statue changed it’s shape and descended towards Gaelion.
What happened to Rakshasa – Meteor Sword.
No matter how you look at it, aren’t you using a different technique.
Your means are gradually becoming foul.
This probably what is called the Greed of wanting to win.
That’s…probably a skill equal to Blutofer, huh.
The compensation is the caster’s possessions huh.
Ah, so that’s why Ren’s equipment is so poor?
“Take this.” (Ren)
“I can’t even say I’m shocked. Decide on your aim.” (Gaelion)
“E!?” (Naofumi)
“Fueeeeee!?” (Rishia)
Gaelion flaps his wings, scoops up Rishia and I with both arms, and flies away.
The distasteful gold statue summoned by Ren formed a gigantic fist and rained down on us, but we had already escaped out of its range.
Only one minute was remaining, by the way.
I was getting quite irritated and was also at my limit.
“Oi. Hurry and finish it.” (Naofumi)
“Fueeee.” (Rishia)
“Hmm, the conclusion has already been reached.” (Gaelion)
“What?” (Naofumi)
“Did you think I was only breathing flames?” (Gaelion)
While I was wondering what he was saying, the sky dyed red.
Somehow, a meteorite-looking ball of magic fell from the sky in an instant.
“Ku…” (Ren)
The statue Ren made instantly fell apart.
“Well then, Hero of the Shield. You surely understand what you must do.” (Gaelion)
“Indeed.” (Naofumi)
There isn’t much time left, but it’s not that I won’t do it.
Gaelion even left the best part.
Letting me deal the finishing blow.
Kukuku, how long I have been waiting eagerly for this moment.
“Shield Prison!” (Naofumi)
I faced Ren, who was trying to escape, and the shield’s cage appeared.
Oh, Shield Prison’s range is longer than before.
Is this an effect of the Wrath Shield?
A banging sound came from inside.
Well, the Ren now will need a couple seconds to destroy it.
Just that much time is plenty.
“Change Shield (Attack) !” (Naofumi)
Let’s change to the Spike Shield.
With a *whack*, damage was inflicted on Ren.
“Well then.” (Naofumi)
Letting loose Iron Maiden would be fine, but….
Too late, the sun created by Gaelion fell towards Ren in an instant.
“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa–” (Ren)
The shield’s prison was destroyed, Ren’s scream and a flash as bright as the sun enveloped the area.
The flash seemed to go on for eternity.
It probably only lasted around 5 seconds.
“Compared to the cost, the short time it lasts is a defect.” (Gaelion)
We landed on the burnt ground.
Ah, the Wrath Shield has already been changed to another shield.
I am not dumb enough to maintain the transformation with less than thirty seconds remaining.
With that said, Gaelion returned to the size of four meters.
“Isn’t there no trace remaining?” (Naofumi)
“I had no intention of holding back. If he is to die from this, then that is merely the extent of his existence.” (Gaelion)
“Fueee…the Hero of the Sword has been killed.” (Rishia)
Hmm. Nothing to do with me.
“Guha…” (Ren)
Turning to face the voice, aside from being burned black, Ren was physically fine, but his mask fell after being charred and broken.
“He’s tough, huh-” (Naofumi)
He’s quite sturdy, this guy.
Was it the influence of the Curse Series?
He should just vanish without leaving a trace after receiving such a flashy attack.
Good grief….
“Well then, Gaelion.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah.” (Gaelion)
Gaelion gently stepped on the fallen Ren, opened his mouth widely towards Ren’s head, prepared his fangs and–.
“What are you doing!” (Female Knight)
Female knight shouted as she approached.
“What, you say, I’m just giving Ren the finishing blow?” (Naofumi)
“If the hero can be captured, then capture him!” (Female Knight)
“He might run away though.” (Naofumi)
“Was that not why all paths of escape were made invalid!” (Female Knight)
“Ha! I accepted the request to subjugate the bandit boss, not to capture the Hero of the Sword.” (Naofumi)
“What you are saying is sophism!” (Female Knight)
Female knight glares sternly at Gaelion.
Gaelion did not care and tried to to bite down.
This time it was Taniko who came and raised her voice at Gaelion.
“That’s not good Gaelion! Certainly, that person is my father’s enemy, but you can’t do such a thing!” (Taniko)
“What are you saying! That guy is an evil to this world! More people will meet disaster if he’s not killed!” (Naofumi)
I shouted, and Taniko just shook her head objecting.
“If we kill this person, next time it might be us who are killed. I don’t want something like that!” (Taniko)
“No problem! Even if this guy is killed there will be those who rejoice but none who would mourn!” (Naofumi)
“That’s not possible!” (Taniko)
Good grief, Taniko’s righteousness is depressing.
How much do you think I’ve wanted to make this guy drink boiling water.
“Wyndia-san, that is a mistake.” (Atla)
“Eh?” (Taniko)
“If you show hostility once, you can no longer withdraw.” (Atla)
“Why is that!” (Taniko)
“If you have sympathy now, the debt will someday fall on Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)
Atla spoke with an unusually strong tone.
Come to think of it, Atla is from the Hakuko species…they were a war-minded species if I recall.
Also, taking from what I’ve heard Fohl say, the chances that they have the mindset of a military family is high.
Either way, more than Taniko’s idealistic words, I feel more familiarity with Atla’s views.
“I will answer contrarily. Even if this person is not harmed now, the hatred will not cease.” (Atla)
“Atla, what are you saying!” (Female Knight)
“Then I wish to inquire, why is there a grudge between this person and Naofumi-sama?” (Atla)
“Hah…?” (Female Knight)
“Unfortunately, I do not wish to understand all of Naofumi-sama’s thoughts. However, the gentle Naofumi-sama has been made to go this far. I think they are quite an evil person. And if this person is a hindrance to Naofumi-sama, I would gladly dirty my hands.” (Atla)
“You…that idea is dangerous!” (Female Knight)
“Please say anything you wish. However, I will continue to stay by Naofumi-sama’s side no matter what.” (Atla)
Atla and Female Knight started glaring at each other.
Even if I say that, Atla can’t see though.
“Fuee…let’s stop this…” (Rishia)
Rishia was just getting flustered and wandering around aimlessly.
Things like idealism and realism, either way is fine.
Right now, what I want to do is to kill Ren.
“Gaelion! Give the finishing blow!” (Naofumi)
And, as I was giving the order, Gaelion changed to young dragon mode and flew towards me.
“Why did you return. Quickly kill him!” (Naofumi)
“Because Taniko was here.” (Gaelion)
He whispered near my ear while acting playfully.
“I also had that intention. But I recalled something.” (Gaelion)
“What?” (Naofumi)
“Carelessly killing a hero must not be done. The Seven Stars are still fine, but something unthinkable will happen if it is one of the four saints…supposedly. That much is firmly engraved on the few fragments as something that must be prevented.” (Gaelion)
“Don’t lose your nerves from the kid’s words! This good-for-nothing dragon!” (Naofumi)

Chapter 195: Greed

Chapter 195 by Hlentai
Originally Uploaded:
 “Ku…” (Ren)
 Ren let out a vexed sound.
 Looks like it turned out well. The thing Gaelion planned with us was stopping the transfer skill. Referencing from when we did not run from Gaelion’s former territory before, it seems Gaelion researched and was able to produce the magic. Normally it awakens the magic element from the vicinity, a power within the extent of power enhancing Dragon Pulse magic, but this time a large amount of magic element was activated to interfere and obstruct or so I heard.
Supposedly, specific attributes of normal human magic could be sealed if this magic was figured out. For example, the fighting power of Melty and Sadina would greatly diminish if water was sealed.
 “Okay! Rishia! Fire signalling magic!” (Naofumi)
“Y, Yes!” (Rishia)
 My order was followed. The effects of concealment magic wore off on Rishia as a magic aria set in. Immediately after, magic flew upwards. Okay, everyone should gather within a few minutes. Until then it’ll be fine if pursuit is maintained so there is no escape.
 “…” (Ren)
 Ren understood he could not escape, readying his sword. I’ll acknowledge you for not losing your fighting spirit in this situation.
 “Finally time to pay the piper huh. Ren.” (Naofumi)
“Piper? That’s my line” (Ren)
 Running from reality as usual it appears huh.
 “A guy who can’t do anything without numbers looking at me. Even being accompanied by a dragon…let me judge personally” (Ren)
“…Do you understand your own standing?” (Naofumi)
I can’t even say I’m surprised. Is the equation “dragon=evil” or something? Pride’s Curse…?
“A coward who challenges me to a match with two, I won’t lose to you!” (Ren)
“Is concealing yourself against an opponent who has no attack power, even using a certain kill attack from behind not considered cowardly?” (Naofumi)
“Not being able to sense it is the fault” (Ren)
“So you say” (Naofumi)
As I thought, it’s “my rules” full throttle.
His speech and conduct are somehow strange too, I wonder if his inner thoughts are coming to the surface. Almost like, or rather just like those who often appear claiming to be strongest in net games.
By Ren’s terms, not having companions is bad, though it’s fine to say dim things, in the end returning inflammatory words with inflammatory words will become a pissing contest. Frankly, I want to say his defeat was because of a lack of useful pawns, but he’s not someone who’ll listen.
“Here I come!” (Ren)
“Listen to me–” (Naofumi)
Ren started running faster than I could give caution. Then facing me with his sword he–or not, his target became Rishia as he ran.
There’s definitely something strange about the current Ren. Inconsistency or how should I put it, lacking direction.
“Fue!?” (Rishia)
Rishia raised her voice as the attack suddenly changed direction. This guy, aiming at the weakest looking person in this situation…. It’s the basics of tactics but targeting the weakest first, where did fair and square go. Nevertheless, you’ve made a big mistake. Rishia is now….
“Deryaaaaaaaaaa!” (Ren)
Ren brandished towards Rishia, letting out an enthusiastic shout at the same time. But Rishia promptly leaned over as if breaking her stance, threw a rope-attached throwing knife at a nearby tree, and quickly took distance with a su-. While in the motion of taking distance, four iron skewer-like things were thrown towards Ren.
“That surprised me” (Rishia)
“Rather I’m the one surprised” (Naofumi)
What was with that quick evasion. It pretty much took only an instant. Isn’t it only this fellow who fights like from another world? No, it can be seen so it’s not like it can’t be defended against.
Where did she even get those iron skewers? Is it a hidden weapon of the Peerless Transformation style or something?
“Ku…” (Ren)
The skewers did not stick, but Ren let out a troubled voice since it did not go as he’d thought.
“It’s troublesome if you forget about me” (Gaelion)
Gaelion threatened while flapping his wings with a basaa-. Oh yeah. It’s three versus one, not like I don’t feel unfair at all but it’s a habit. Well, originally I can’t fight alone after all.
“However, to only possess strength of this extent…the disappointment is tremendous” (Gaelion)
“I didn’t see anything like damage being inflicted” (Naofumi)
“Of course I held back. Although, I shall not deny I lack the strength to defeat him.” (Gaelion)
“Is that so” (Naofumi)
The more hands, the easier it gets I guess.
“Oi. Witch isn’t coming?” (Naofumi)
“…” (Ren)
Ren’s face distorted at my question and I sense the swelling presence of an ominous aura emanating from his sword.
“It appears you chose the wrong words. His power has increased” (Gaelion)
Mu…questioning him poorly backfired. In which case, getting information will be difficult. I wanted to at least know where that fellow was at though.
“Well then I’ll have you let me get serious. Hero of the Shield. Take out the abominable Cursed Shield” (Gaelion)
“No” (Naofumi)
With the Wrath Shield at it’s initial state from failed enhancements, the effects of the curse just makes it an item that puts my self in danger. Of course, it wouldn’t be to that extent if I use the certain kill Blutofer, but I’ve been told that I could even die if I use it again while cursed. It’s not that I don’t have a technique using Iron Maiden to submerge, but I could probably win without it.
“It’s okay. I have secret measures. Moreover…there is no need to drag it on” (Gaelion)
“Really-?” (Naofumi)
It’s pretty suspicious to me. Ma, it should be fine just quickly changing shields if the corrosion gets out of hand.
I put my hand on my shield and change to the Wrath Shield. As expected, my vision becomes black with a bashi-.
…I still have my reason.
Hateful emotions are surging upwards, but still within bearable range.
Hm? 3:00 appears in my field of vision and decreases to 2:59.
“Gyaoooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion’s body is swelling with a black shine. A sinister jet-black aura, overflowing sentiments of rage. An appearance like a Wrath Dragon. Materialized there was Gaelion as a Great Dragon.
“Fumu…my power is swelling” (Gaelion)
Letting out a dark flame, Gaelion spoke. A-…probably, this number is the transformation time. Since with Firo it lasted five minutes, the time is lower. Well, it probably also depends on how much ability Gaelion possesses.
Even so, Gaelion…what a villain-like appearance. It’s starting to feel like I’ve become the boss-like character. The truth is that the Hero of the Sword is the bandit chief though.
“Lowly demon that takes the pretense of a hero. I shall pass you judgement!” (Ren)
Not giving up, Ren roars. Aren’t you not looking at reality? If the opponent you’ve had a hard fight with until now powered up, no matter what you consider you can’t win right.
“Awaken! My power! In battles I get stronger!” (Ren)
Oww! So painful! Chills ran down my back.
Stop going so far with your chuunibyou! This is settled.
Because what Ren awakened without killing was his chuunibyou.
There are those guys who suddenly, after cruelly committing atrocities until then, become enlightened and stop killing in anime right. I wonder if this is like that.
“How foolish…I will let you witness the difference in our powers” (Gaelion)
Oi…Gaelion, that line is for the losing side. Why are we only acting and speaking like the villainy role.
As the time fell to 2:30, Gaelion inhaled a large amount of air. This appearance…I guess there are Wrath Dragons too. The inhaled air was probably for a Breath. Because of the time limit, it seems to be a powerful Breath.
“Take this!” (Gaelion)
While flapping his wings, Gaelion let out a breath toward the ground.
Oi! I’m here too! It was a jet-black flame. No mistake, it is the flame of Dark Curse Burning S.
“Instant – Dragonslaying!” (Ren)
Ren cut the flame, slashing at Gaelion. A fighting spirit in the form of a dragon flew up. I think I’ll simply commend being able to cut through the flame.
Well, it is of no concern to me.
“Tsuveit – Aura” (Naofumi)
I chant support magic for Gaelion.
“…Fumu. How lukewarm” (Gaelion)
Maybe my support magic had an effect, Gaelion caught Ren’s attack with one hand. The dragon made from fighting spirit was grabbed by the neck and crushed.
“Oh yes, you may not know it, but now I shall allow you to witness a dragon’s…Dragon Emperor’s serious Breath”
“I, Dragon Emperor Gaelion command the heavens, command the Earth, cut off reason, connect. My power. Manifest a strength to destroy the foolish one before me!” (Gaelion)
I saw the development of countless magic formations overlapping in front of Gaelion. Even though you had such a thing, why was it not used until now. I hate stinginess you know.
No, could it not be used? He’s a Great Dragon right now as well, so that possibility is high.
“Fuee…somehow it feels dangeroussss” (Rishia)
“I suppose so. Let’s run” (Naofumi)
We quickly escaped.
“Like I’ll let youuuuuuuu!” (Ren)
Ren is boldly attacking Gaelion. Energetically. I myself wish to pass on attacking in such a situation. Such work is for Heroes.
“I will become stronger than anyone. Yes…my desire has no limit…I will awaken to even more power in this place and defeat you, my desire has no limit! Feeding off of desire, I will become the strongest. Awaken power, triumph, prepare equipment, collect gold, increase power, become the strongest of all, everything wishes for me!” (Ren)
Is his head okay? This guy.
How many times are you gonna say the same thing. Desire, desire, annoying.
Awakening powers? You’ve already awakened as the Hero of the Shield…. Do you become that ridiculous if the curse erodes far enough? There’s only a painful guy left now.
…Somehow, I’ve distinguished what curse Ren committed.
But I wonder why. It feels like a very pitiably small greed. It’s hard to call that greed.
Greed is so to say, a bottomless desire right. To want anything and everything, desire with no bounds.
In Ren’s case, it can be summarized by his wanting to become strong. Of course I’m not saying that is not a desire. But, guys truly driven by desire are more unsightly, coveting anything and everything.
After all, to be involved with just power…ah, I see, I understand why.
If I had to say, the process was the objective.
Desire is obtaining something because you want it. This has been obtained, but you also want that other one. That kind of feeling.
But in Ren’s case, becoming strong is his intent, the reason he wants to become strong is not to attain something else. The result and process are reversed.
I understand all the more because I’ve had a similar experience. Previously, when I was peddling…I should have been earning gold to get equipment, but my objective became earning gold, something like that. Would the Curse Series lend power even to this degree.
That would also become the reason why it can’t beat my rage. No matter how much you increase the power of the Curse, with that greed, you cannot beat my rage. That is a transient greed.
“I am the strongest hero who will save the worldddddd! Obediently admit your defeatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!” (Ren)

Chapter 194: Dragon Sanctuary

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Chapter 194: Dragon Sanctuary

“The problem is…” (Naofumi)
“What is it, Iwatani-dono?” (Female Knight)
“Will Ren go out of his way to target a lone dragon chick?” (Naofumi)
“Isn’t that the entire basis on which this plan is relying?” (Female Knight)

But he seems like the type of person to immediately pick a fight if he knows it’s an opponent he can beat.
Gaelion looks like a child. He’ll probably attack.
As long as Gaelion senses Ren, things will probably go fine.
As long as he pretends not…

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