Chapter 199: The Morning of the Shield Hero

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Chapter 199: The Morning of the Shield Hero

I have to get up early in the mornings.
I wake up much earlier than the slaves.
Of course, this is only when I don’t stay up too late into the night.
Occasionally I stay up making medicine or completing other miscellaneous tasks.

Yesterday, we dragged Ren to the village. I was tired from battle, so I slept early.
I look in the bed next to mine, and see Sadina sleeping peacefully with Atlas.

“Uu… Sadina-san. You’re being too forceful…” (Atlas)
“St…op~…” (Sadina)

What exactly are these two dreaming about?
Are they training in their dreams as well? What sort of Manga is this?

“Kyua… Kyua…” (Gaelion)

Just in case, child mode Gaelion is on standby in my bed. If Atlas tries to crawl into the bed, he has to drive her out.

Now then.
I crawl out of bed and leave…

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Chapter 198: Purpose

Chapter 198 by Hlentai
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Well then, let’s bear witness to this public execution.
How good of a fight Female Knight can put up against Ren, corroded by the curse?
For now, let’s try analyzing.
Of course, I have taken shelter.
What is happening with the current Ren’s status, I wonder?
From Greed, the sword transformed. Looking carefully, there are various ornaments on the sword. On the sword guard is a dog-like being…a fox? In addition, something pig-like is on the handle. But…Ren’s manner of speaking became strange after the transformation. Obtain everything and consume, huh.
Presuming from this, changing to consume, the possibility that he has also awakened Gluttony exists. There is a chance that the curse increases if one is easily defeated. I must be cautious if a chance to fight Itsuki comes.
Motoyasu? I don’t want to get near that guy. It has been peaceful lately because he has not appeared. At that time, he will probably be chasing Firo.
…An intensely pointless thought. Let’s concentrate in front of me now.
“I, will become the strongest! I’m growing even in this instant, gaining strength eternally from the future; watch me defeat someone like you and consume the EXP!” (Ren)
Raising the great sword overhead, Ren broke into a run. His movements have gotten quite fast, yet not stiff. Just like Gaelion said, that he’s stronger than before can be seen. In these circumstances, I probably can’t use Portal Shield because of the effect of Gaelion’s magic. For now, let’s retreat and gather more people.
“Rishia, Gaelion, Taniko. Bring Atla. We’re backing off further.” (Naofumi)
I carried the fainted Atla like a princess in my arms.
“Bu, but…”
“As it is, that fellow will also have difficulty fighting, right?” (Naofumi)
I used a random excuse, but if the plan is to use support magic, a little more distance won’t matter.
“Deryaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (Ren)
Ren began recklessly swinging the great sword. Not even a drop of style. By leaning backward or forward, Female Knight continued to dodge. It’s hard to make a prediction similar to children’s swordplay, like “how dare you see through my attack”.
“I understand.”
Taniko and Rishia nodded and backed away as directed. Gaelion may have sensed my intent as he kept alert with his wings spread and ready to escape at any time.
“Ku…hit! My attacks should have become able to blow anything away!” (Ren)
“Like you’ll hit. Though the sword contains power, swordsmanship with no depth is like having no intent to hit.” (Female Knight)
I don’t know Female Knight’s status, but it might be unexpectedly high. She is dodging with no wasted movements.
“Why is it, why can’t I hit!?” (Ren)
“…Why is Iwatani-dono the Hero of the Shield? In my eyes, it’d be better if Iwatani-dono was given a sword.” (Female Knight)
“Shut upppppppppppppp!” (Ren)
If it was Raphtalia or Firo, how would they deal with it I wonder? Maybe instead of avoiding with paper-thin margins, dodge simply with speed? Let’s ask their fellow student Rishia.
“Hey Rishia. What’s your impression?” (Naofumi)
“Fuee? Um, let’s see. The Hero of the Sword’s attacks are all dull. I think anyone with battle experience would be able to avoid them.” (Rishia)
“Hoh-…” (Naofumi)
Well, I guess so. It does have speed, but even I’d probably be able to dodge it. He is swinging his sword that simply. Basically, he is only using vertical and horizontal slashes. They sometimes bend to a right angle, but it’s completely obvious. My eyes are good from training with the troops, so I know. Atla’s good too.
The genius Atla’s attacks have an instinctual depth, so even I have difficulty avoiding them. Rather, Atla is one who becomes stronger every time she fights. I have not seen anyone visibly grow stronger in the middle of a fight like Atla. In the way not relating to status.
Earlier, she probably lost to Female Knight due to a lack of Class Up and level. Thinking about it, it’s not likely a knight-like person would be below level 40. Atla has not gotten a Class Up yet, and has only fought monsters up until now. She’s fought with me, but it’d be more correct to call that training.
Compared to that, Ren’s current attacks amount to child’s play. Rather, wasn’t he stronger when there was depth, before he was corroded by the curse? He’s only gotten stronger status-wise right? I thought it meant something else.
“Well then, is your seriousness only to that extent? Then I will have my turn.” (Female Knight)
“Ku…not yet! I will win one-sidedly!” (Ren)
What a line. Offense is everything, huh? Ah–oh yeah, the shield class died out in Ren’s VRMMO games if I recall. Because of that, is he saying something like defeat before allowing counterattack? I think there was something about evasion as the premise…it’s somehow suspicious.
Since the antiquity of net games, the meaning of defensive classes have affected many. Recently, I’ve thought Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki as novices to anti-personnel combat. Of course, the games are probably exactly as they describe. But it is different in this world. I am saying this with conviction.
“Take this!” (Ren)
Ren recklessly swung his sword downwards in a big manner. In the moment the tip of his sword hit the ground. Tremors were felt as cracks spread on the ground. O-, an attack able to open up the ground. High attack power.
…It’s a match for Gaelion’s showy magic if judging by appearance.
“An opening!” (Female Knight)
Female Knight struck at Ren’s shoulder. Raising a thunk sound, the attack resounded fruitlessly.
“Kkukkuku…the sword I am currently using has the effect of Self-Recovery(Large). There is no meaning to your meager attacks. Obediently admit your defeat!” (Ren)
Ren laughed evilly. His eyes are shining. Ah, he’s laughing since he’s figured that Female Knight can’t deal a decisive blow.
Why was it explained? Well, even my armor has a Self-Recovery effect.
“Fumu…you are soft compared to Iwatani-dono, but instant recovery, huh? How troublesome.” (Female Knight)
Female Knight muttered while looking at the tip of the sword.
“Obediently accept your defeat and become EXP! Instant – Meteor Sword!” (Ren)
That again! Maybe because it’s a greatsword, the scope of the flying black meteors is bigger now. In the midst of all that, Female Knight…becomes a blur while avoiding.
“Th, that’s one of Peerless Transformation style’s evasive techniques, Heat Haze!” (Rishia)
…Yeah. Female Knight’s chuunibyou percentage is no different. And Rishia, stop with explanation character. Even if you say that, “What!? That’s…!”, is all we’ll really get. Also, it’ll feel like we’re weak if you say that from the backline, so stop.
“There’s still more! Chain Bind!” (Ren)
“Hmph!” (Female Knight)
The chains summoned by Ren flew towards Female Knight, but she swung her sword and destroyed them.
“What!?” (Ren)
“As expected…if a point is used, even firm chains can easily be broken…simple compared to Iwatani-dono’s prison.” (Female Knight)
You dare say so even when you destroyed it so quickly…
“There’s still more! Try receiving my certain kill skill! Hide Sword!” (Ren)
Ren’s form vanished to darkness with a yuraa-. You…your attacks are getting repetitive. What happened to Handlet Sword and Thunder Sword? If you had countless methods of attack, even Female Knight would lose without tactics.
“How lukewarm. When Raphtalia becomes invisible, her ki cannot be tracked.” (Female Knight)
Female Knight swung her sword with a supan-. With just that, Ren’s concealment skill was erased, revealing him. Is Ki…possibly that power flowing out from Ren?
…Oi. Somehow, I’ve started to understand ki or whatever.
Wh, what is this? I’m getting stronger by watching others fighting! Did you think I’d say that, idiot?
…Have I gotten strange from being poked by Atla and Female Knight too much? I’ve become unable to understand myself.
In any case, immediately seems unreasonable, but with training I can probably get countermeasures for defense penetrating attacks. What’s essential is creating a flow from the magical power within the body. Not softly and not shittily. It’s fine to just place the flow of magical power before an opponent’s attack grows violent. Making a soft portion would be the method for beginners. That Old Lady, trying to tell me something so hard to understand….
It’s likely that the Peerless Transformation style uses this power to attack and sense. While Female Knight has been dodging, she probably does not use ki for defense. That might be why the Old Lady couldn’t teach me.
Speaking of things I get now, the flow of my ki is strange because of my extreme defensive power. This is like saying ‘please aim here.’ Ki can also be called the flow of magical power.
I see, I understand a bit of what it means to be called strong now. Three more times. I’ll understand if I receive that attack two, three more times…I think.
I say, this’ll be useful in the future if grasped. The extent of Female Knight’s talent is unknown, but though just the sword, it was learned in two weeks; could the village guys learn with a month? No, seriously trying to learn the Peerless Transformation style, even Rishia touted as a hundred years’ rare talent is taking a month. Even Raphtalia, who has been pursuing knowledge since very early on, has still not completely learned it.
I got a late start from half doubting. Offense being essential to martial arts, I thought it was unrelated my defense-focused self. There seems to be merit in learning this. Since such a rule like “heroes should not learn martial arts”, does not exist.
Anyways, not matter how you look at it, the best plan is to have the fellows with high status learn this style. Not only martial arts like Female Knight and Rishia, I’ll take them in if they are useful. Let’s ask Rishia or someone after getting back to the village.
Incidentally, besides me, there is another fellow with a strange flow of ki here.
Hero of the Sword, Ren.
It might be the influence of the Curse Series, but it is clearly different. If Motoyasu and Itsuki are also different, then it would be that heroes possess a special factor.
Hm? Rishia is…very difficult. So I say, but there is no flow of ki. No, not that there’s none, but…thin. What’s going on?
But the Old Lady happily called her a rare talent, so why? There is too little to compare with. Let’s confirm back in the village.
“That attack is for when the opponent can’t be sensed. Hiding is futile.” (Female Knight)
While I was thinking hurriedly, Female Knight turned her sword towards the detected Ren. She’s putting up an unexpectedly good fight. Though she doesn’t have a decisive attack.
“Well then, let’s have you receive from me as well.” (Female Knight)
Female Knight stooped low and dashed, aiming a thrust towards Ren. Ren, that guy too, thinking defense is unnecessary…no, he quickly jumped far backwards.
“Futile.” (Female Knight)
Faster than the retreating Ren, Female Knight came to Ren’s chest.
“Four Cross!” (Female Knight)
The attack that knocked Atla out was used on Ren.
Female Knight’s attack landed on Ren. It somehow looks like some kind of light passed through Ren’s body. But the wound healed as damage was dealt, and Ren stood up as if nothing happened and smiled.
“To hit me with an attack, you are pretty good. I’ll be your opponent a bit seriously.” (Ren)
…What’s he saying? That Ren, even though he’s had a hard time despite fighting with his all, is he acting?
By no means, how many times were you defeated? Running away after not defeating me with a certain kill skill, and completely losing to Gaelion. Then standing up with the Curse Series, you’re receiving attacks again. Rather, is Ren not affected by the Curse Series’ curse? He’s just moving around like normal.
Is chuunibyou is also a power or something? “The curse doesn’t affect me, the curse itself is my power”, is what he’ll probably say, so I won’t delve.
“You jest, to hold back against your opponent in actual combat, there is a limit to discourtesy. Don’t try to act composed, fool! Iwatani-dono came seriously to kill! Receiving my thought-out certain kill attack, he just had a slightly pained face! How many years do you think it took to think that up!?” (Female Knight)
Oi, isn’t that a complaint towards me?
Anyways, Female Knight can see right through Ren. He has speed, but everything’s seen if he’s just fast. Like that, there’s no meaning in speed.
However, Female Knight also has a problem with offensive ability. The defense penetration attack like with me cannot be used unless there is an extremely high defensive power. She’s excelled at swordsmanship since the beginning, but it’s difficult with a curse corroded hero as the opponent.
Moreover, there is something unnatural about that skill that seems anti-Hero of the Shield. I don’t know where the Peerless Transformation style was born, but if it was Melromark, the technique might have been created for anti-Hero of the Shield purposes. It might have another side. Let’s seriously think up countermeasures.
It’s a relief I can come up with countermeasures, because I’ve understood the general idea of ki. Couldn’t this be used for something besides defense penetration?
“My attacks consume everything. Yes, even your EXP!” (Ren)
“No matter how strong your attacks, there’s no point if you can’t hit!” (Female Knight)
But the battle has stagnated. Ren, who can’t hit, and Female Knight, whose attacks don’t work. Female Knight is disadvantaged if the fight is dragged out. Because even if he can’t hit, it’s not like he doesn’t have power. With this match as it is, Ren’s prospects of victory are high.
Well, even if Ren is temporarily defeated, he might just awaken a curse and rise back up. If that were to happen, the only choice this time would be to dispose of him. If it gets that far, there’s no turning back. Even then, this guy….
“Now then, Hero of the Sword. What is your purpose? By the way, Iwatani-dono seems to want to return to his former world, it seems?” (Female Knight)
“Annoying! Don’t compare Ren to me for every little thing!” (Naofumi)
My scream did not reach. Oh? Ren is a bit flustered.
“I…” (Ren)
“Purpose. What are you seeking strength for!?” (Female Knight)
Oi oi. Even if you ask that kind of question, there’ll just be an idiotic reply. Ren’s eyes are weird too; they’re no longer thinking about anything.
“I can’t stand not being the strongest! I will become the strongest in the whole world, all of time, all of space! That is my Greed – I will consume all EXP with my gluttony!” (Ren)
A pitch black aura spouted from Ren as he declared. Seems like a useful ki.
“That’s why, you too, become EXP for me to become strong!”
“For this foolish sinner, the punishment I have chosen is consumption by God’s name! I offer the power of my acquired lands to shred that one with decay, and consume!”
“Starkverfall!” (Ren) [TL: “doitsusprache” for intense decay]
Ren clenched his fist in a grandiose manner, and a firefly-like glow leaked from his entire body, disappearing into the ground. With a go go go-, the area started trembling, splitting the earth beneath Female Knight. Oh, a derivation of the attack that caused cracks on the ground earlier? The aria was similar to Blutopfer’s. With a jyaki-, fangs grew from the fissure and tried to consume Female Knight.
“That attack has too many openings! Iwatani-dono would come to hit!” (Female Knight)
“Like I said, annoying! Don’t bring up comparisons!” (Naofumi)
Ren’s attack was avoided, by the way.
…Somehow, it’s just like Blutopfer. Ah, but it seems to differ a bit.
With a doba-, some gray object came from the ground and gave off a stench. Like the disgusting gold statue used earlier, even I’d find getting hit by that to be severe.
In short, if Blutopfer too is avoided, the compensation alone has to be paid. It’s indirect truth, but I won’t even think about missing, considering my situation. Yeah. The next time I need to use it, I need to make sure it hits with certainty. Let’s engrave into my soul that it was only because there was the Queen’s help with the Pope, and the Spirit Turtle was just pointlessly huge that I was able to hit.
“Fu, Fueee…what is that!?” (Rishia)
“I wonder. But it seems dangerous to touch it.” (Naofumi)
For now, it’s probably still okay since there’s distance, but the ground is dissolving into mud. Stuff like mushrooms or mold began growing around the affected area, giving off a dreadful stench. That decayed land, sea of rot…formed into a fly monster-like organism.
It’s a parade of curse skills. Female Knight seems to be the only target. Before long, the fly monster headed incessantly towards Female Knight.
“Decide your aim. And the attack’s readiness is lacking. The similar attack used by Iwatani-dono was more brutally powerful. I…thought that attack was coming; you could say I was disappointed.” (Female Knight)
Female Knight quickly, regarding the fly monster…unexpectedly climbed over it from the front and stood before Ren. The fly monster who lost its direction soon crumbled and disappeared almost tragically. Ah-…hasn’t it become awfully polluted around here? No matter how, he’ll cause damage to people, huh?
“Oi.” (Gaelion)
Gaelion whispered close to my ear.
“You have a face like it’s none of your business, but your curse’s flames also polluted the earth.” (Gaelion)
I don’t know. That’s something time can solve.
“Well then, I will inquire once again. After becoming the strongest, what do you desire?” (Female Knight)
“After…becoming the strongest, you say…!?” (Ren)
“That’s right. You were aiming to be the strongest right? What will you do with that power?” (Female Knight)
“Gu…” (Ren)
He’s stuck on his words. Ah, as I thought it’s like that. I’ve thought about why Ren’s greed is weak. I also thought before that the process and purpose were reversed. But, beyond that…Ren has no greed.
That might also be the reason I didn’t awaken Greed. I want to greedily earn gold. But in the end, this world’s money is just a necessity for me to survive the waves, nothing else interests me. Since I’ll be returning anyways, before I go I’ll just give it to Raphtalia as recompensation for everything up until now. Of course I’ve thought about living in luxury for a bit, but I’d just end up spending it on equipment and investing in facilities.
Gluttony is the same. His wanting to become strong derived its awakening, but either way, there is nothing after consuming opponents as EXP. He’ll become satisfied after becoming the strongest. It’s a gluttony to the degree of being satisfied once the stomach is full. A hunger without bound, his Gluttony did not come from a hunger that cannot be satisfied.
My curse is anger. The rage dwelling in my body feels like it’ll drive me crazy from irrationality. With Witch at the top of the list, it directs itself towards this entire world.
Of course, I expect this rage will disappear once I return to my world, but…I think there’ll probably still be unreasonable anger in the real world. I must bear it no matter what. Having to constantly suppress endless rage or futilely trying to become the strongest, which one is the greater burden on the body, I wonder?
“I, I’m…once I’m the strongest…I, I’ll save the world!” (Ren)
“Don’t speak of things given by other people here!” (Female Knight)
Female Knight cut down Ren’s reply with a zuba-.
“If you don’t want to admit it that much, I’ll personally tell you.” (Female Knight)
“What!?” (Ren)
That Ren, his eyes are earnestly swimming around.
“You don’t want to become strong. You just want to take back what’s been lost!” (Female Knight)
“U…” (Ren)
“You foolishly pushed forward without thinking, wanting to regain everything, your lost comrades, people, and trust; desiring to become the strongest is just wanting visible power!” (Female Knight)
“Sh, Shut up!” (Ren)
“That kind of thing, even gods, or rather god-like heros, cannot make happen. Is becoming the strongest what you must do right now!?” (Female Knight)
“Shut uppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” (Ren)
Ren brandished his sword toward Female Knight in a big manner. It seems to be barely dodgeable, but if I don’t do anything, I can’t give a debt.
…It can’t be helped. I’ll lend my strength. From such contriving, I started running, getting within skill range.
“Air Strike Shield, Second Shield!” (Naofumi)
Letting out a baki baki sound, my attack is stopped. Female Knight is glaring at me, but I don’t care. Is it like throwing cold water into a duel?
But, in doing this, Female Knight’s grip on Ren is getting loose. Even if you complain, do you really think you could win against that Ren? Stirring it up like that, now I can butt in when Ren is being preached to as well. It’s a little small-minded, but it’ll eventually just end up like this later if you think about it.
“A hindrance has come. But I’ll continue speaking. You actually understand it. If you have the time to rot here, prepare yourself to live while carrying the burden of your crimes, and atone by fighting for those who’ve fallen!” (Female Knight)
“Sh, Shut upppppppppppppppppppppppp!” (Ren)
Ren does not stop even with that, turning his sword to Female Knight.
“I will wield my sword in place of those who died while believing you until the end!” (Female Knight)
Female Knight lifted her sword to her chest and used a technique.
“Peerless Transformation sword technique! Multilayer Crumble Attack!” (Female Knight)
The barrage Female Knight had used on me was now pouring towards Ren. Those countless defense penetrating attacks are not hits that can be accumulated. The chill going down my spine tells the story.
“Gaha!” (Ren)
“Hero of the Sword, you are weak. For that reason, become stronger by accepting your weakness. People lost won’t come back. But, it’s fine if you atone for your sins from here on. I’ll also lend as much strength as I can.” (Female Knight)
So informed Female Knight as she returned her sword to its sheath.
She tried to look cool, but it appears not much damage was actually dealt. Though rotten, he’s still a hero, and he has two types of the Curse Series too. It was probably a considerably close fight even for Female Knight. For argument’s sake, wouldn’t she have been split in half if she’d received even one of Ren’s attacks?
Also, you’re trying to look cool, but if the people, King, or Queen want the death penalty, then there’s no meaning. Atoning for your sins is good and all, but your life might be taken for recompensation. Well, I’m fine with that though.
“U…guha…” (Ren)
Immediately afterwards, Ren swoons and collapses. Ooh, he collapsed like in anime.
“Don’t try to run from the sins you’ve committed. I’ll stand in your way every time you try to run away.” (Female Knight)
“U…” (Ren)
In his collapsed state, tears are shed from Ren’s eyes. Is he unconscious? Other than that, he did not even twitch. Then, the great sword returned to normal. The ominous look is also gone.
“Did you take care of him?” (Naofumi)
“Don’t say it like I finished him off!” (Female Knight)
Female Knight glared at me. Therefore I said it.
“To strike at the mind, you’re pretty skilled.” (Naofumi)
“What an unpleasant way to put it…” (Female Knight)
He actually wasn’t defeated physically, after all.
“Iwatani-dono has not run away from his own crimes.” (Female Knight)
“Are you praising me?” (Naofumi)
“No! Without running, you continue to knowingly add to your crimes. Even more than the Hero of the Sword, a difficult nature.” (Female Knight)
“I don’t know.” (Naofumi)
Female Knight let out a wholehearted sigh.
“Why is someone like this is saving everybody…Iwatani-dono is the biggest enigma to me; I’ve no confidence that you can be rehabilitated.” (Female Knight)
“Rehabilitate? For what?” (Naofumi)
“…I can completely understand Raphtalia’s hardships. Sorry Raphtalia, your request doesn’t seem possible to fulfill…” (Female Knight)
Raphtalia, what did you request from this straight lace? Well whatever. Probably nothing good would come even if I asked.
“Well then, since it seems Ren has been defeated, I’ll uphold the promise. His management will be left to you.” (Naofumi)
“What do you mean promise? You just set me up!” (Female Knight)
“Hahaha.” (Naofumi)
“Don’t laugh!” (Female Knight)
Meanwhile, Atla finally regained consciousness. Honestly, what an unreliable fellow. Saying you want to become my shield is just a dream within a dream.
“Fuee…what are we doing from here?” (Rishia)
Rishia asked while looking at the rotten sea that was once burnt ground.
“Of course, we’re escaping.” (Naofumi)
“Iwatani-dono!” (Female Knight)
“What do you want me to do? The one who did this is that Hero of the Sword over there. You are Ren’s patron, right? Take responsibility!” (Naofumi)
“Muu…is it like that? Haa…I’ll report to the Queen and request a purification of this land.” (Female Knight)
Female Knight said while greatly troubled.
“I’ll leave it to you.” (Naofumi)
“Why do you sound so self-important, Iwatani-dono!?” (Female Knight)
“Because you are the one responsible. Pressing responsibility is fun, after all. Let’s complain to Ren too when he wakes up.” (Naofumi)
Commonly referred to as middle management. After this, Female Knight will probably start a lifestyle with enough stress to open a hole in her stomach.
“Can you not get carried away with rubbing salt in open wounds!?” (Female Knight)
And while exchanging complaints and idle chatter, we teleported to the village with the fainted Ren. I don’t know if I’ll take Ren to the castle after this, but that’s out of the question when Ren’s consciousness has not returned.