Chapter 200: Repent

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Chapter 200: Repent

After I thought the time was right, I went off and made breakfast.
Some slaves had already begun preparing it, so I worked with them to cook.
After that, we distribute food to the villagers.

By the way, the second thing that surprised me was that the amount of child slaves increased.
While I was away, it seems the Slave Dealer stopped by and dropped them off.
He left the materials needed to engrave the slave seal with Kiel and the others.
The village has reached a point where the slaves will train the new slaves without my direct involvement.

Apparently, I’m too soft, so the actual manager is Raphtalia, and to some extent, Kiel and the other slaves I brought over first.
The fact that I’m the leader hasn’t changed, but most of the training and tasks are done by the slaves themselves, so I don’t…

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 200: Repent

      1. I wasn’t urging, but confirming. Could have checked it at B-T, but I trust more the words of the person in question.

        About the “201 is done already” part, I just told her because it looks like she tends to post updates on Yoraikun’s progress and perhaps she didn’t edpect 2 releases in a day, so I was letting Kookie know so that she makes a “201 at Yoraikun’s” post whenever she has the time.

        Sorry if my wording could be misinterpreted.


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