Chapter 210: Envy

Chapter 210 by Hlentai
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Motoyasu put the end of the flag into his mouth and stretched it with all his strength as he glared at me with a look of jealousy.
“Wasn’t it your own fault? What are you looking at me enviously for!?” (Naofumi)
“No way, father-in-law! Doing that as parent and child is a crime! It’s not like I’m feeling jealous or anything!” (Motoyasu)
“Don’t make it so obvious idioooot!” (Naofumi)
Step by step, Firo is approaching me. Should I run away? I have a feeling Firo is only approaching slowly because I’m within range. Well, I’ll confirm with the monster crest item first. It’s irrefutably a sandstorm. Operation impossible. Next is, exclude Firo from the party!
“Meteor Shield!” (Naofumi)
“Hindrance-” (Firo)
The developed Meteor Shield was destroyed in one hit! H, hey! This is seriously bad. I’ll get done by Firo at this rate!
“So jealous, so jealous-! I’m so jealous of you being loved by Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“Shut up-!” (Naofumi)
Who’s fault do you think it is!? Motoyasu’s spear…it seems that spear is granting power to Firo. It probably has an effect of lending power to those overcome by lust. What a bothersome ability to possess.
“Motoyasu, hurry and change that spear!” (Naofumi)
“What are you saying, father-in-law? There’s no way I could change a spear that appeared from my love for Firo-tan.” (Motoyasu)
“Your beloved Firo will run wild at this rate!” (Naofumi)
I am the main victim. Isn’t it normally the opposite?
Defeating Motoyasu for Firo who was brainwashed by Motoyasu…won’t happen. It’s become defeating Firo to stop her rampaging caused by Motoyasu.
If I am defeated in the former scenario, Firo will be done by Motoyasu. If I am defeated in the latter scenario, I will be done by Firo. Why is it…
“No gooooood! Firo-taaaaaaaan!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu rushed over and stood in front of me as if to shield me. Then he faced Firo and shouted.
“That’s no good Firo-tan. Incest is no good!” (Motoyasu)
“We aren’t even real parent and child!” (Naofumi)
I’ve had enough of this state of affairs. From the start.
“Firo-tan! That’s no good.” (Motoyasu)
“Move-” (Firo)
“Nuah! Even then, I’ll show you that I can prevent you from going down the path of evil!” (Motoyasu)
Why Motoyasu is trying to stop Firo’s advance with his back turned towards me? I want to consult this with Raphtalia. Why is Raphtalia not here? Raphtalia would be able to understand. This resentment with no comparison.
“Like I said, hurry and change your spear!” (Naofumi)
“Master…haa…Firo’s-…haa…n…” (Firo)
“Youuu! Father-in-law. I’m sooooooo envious. Being so valued by Firo-chan, soooo bitterrrrr! This is how I feel!” (Motoyasu)
“Shut up!” (Naofumi)
Who’s fault do think it is!? It’s you! You!
“So jealous, so jealous!” (Motoyasu)
Don’t stamp your feet; it’s disgusting! Don’t put on that disgusting smile while getting grappled by Firo. As to why I know what his face looks like, it’s because he turned this way and spoke. The idiot.
“So bitterrrrr…” (Motoyasu)
A black aura is gushing out of Motoyasu’s spear. The flag tied to Motoyasu’s spear tore…the spear’s tip is revealed.
…Why does it look like the tip of Motoyasu’s spear is covered by a mosaic?
“Wha…wha…” (Melty)
Turning to look towards the voice, I see Melty’s flushed face. Identically, Rishia, who stood recovered from motion sickness was using both hands to cover her eyes with a red face.
“Why do you have a spear with such a shape!” (Melty)
Her loud voice echoed.
“Umm…you can see it, Melty?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi can’t see it!?” (Melty)
“Just on the spear’s tip, there’s a mosaic…it appears blurred.” (Naofumi)
“Fuee…I saw iiit…” (Rishia)
What? I can’t see because of the mosaic, but it seems Melty and the others can see it clearly.
“Why can’t you see it?” (Melty)
“What kind of shape is it?” (Naofumi)
On the other hand, I’m welling with interest since I can’t see it. Rather, why is it only me who can’t see it?
“That’s sexual harrassment! If you weren’t Naofumi, severe punishment would’ve been dealt! Rather, aren’t you just saying you can’t see to humiliate me!?” (Melty)
“Sexual harrassment…huh.” (Naofumi)
Just…what kind of shape does it have? Things to consider…stuff covered by mosaics on television. Guro..probably not. There would have been mosaics when monsters were being dismantled.
In which case, I’m guessing it probably has the shape of that thing in the wagon of Elizabeth’s portable shrine. [TL: Phallic festival]
What kind of game did the men’s thrusting spear appear in again? A spear that does double damage to females.
I’ll confirm the shape of Motoyasu’s spear once again. An ominous scorpion and snake ornament adorn the handle. The spearhead is still covered by a mosaic.
“Fa-ther…” (Motoyasu)
This guy is still calling me father-in-law at this point. Even while being corroded by the Curse Series. How admirable. It already feels like it’d be fine to call it my loss.
“I will steal – your daughter. With this Lust Envy Spear IV.” (Motoyasu)
…Haa. I’m about to be corroded by melancholy.
“Firo-tan! I, will stop you, and take your purity!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu pointed his spear towards Firo.
…Just where are you pointing at? Don’t set your aim at the lower half of her body.
“Uu…I’m not going easy if you get in my way.” (Firo)
Firo also seriously gathered power and took a stance. Thus, Firo and Motoyasu began slowly approaching each other as they looked for openings.
“…Um, what would be good for us to do?”
Atla and Melty ask with half-amazed expressions while standing as if to protect me. I don’t know either.
Why is Motoyasu protecting us? Motoyasu is acting like an enigmatic ally. It’s so baffling my head is starting to hurt.
“I don’t know.” (Naofumi)
I just want to quickly return. But, I won’t be able to return at this rate. Motoyasu started circling towards Firo’s rear with his spear still pointed downwards. Where are you intending to set your aim!
“Fire! Ressentiment!” (Motoyasu)
Again, something is passing through nearby. Temptation also affected me. But, the skill this time….
Fumu, for some reason I recall the incident when I was had by Motoyasu and Witch. But these feelings of resentment are a daily thing; nothing was affected by seeing the betrayed and ruined Motoyasu. Or rather, Raphtalia’s face came to mind right afterwards, but nothing happened. What kind of skill was that?
“Uu…my head is getting strange.” (Melty)
“Fueee…Itsuki-sama-” (Rishia)
“Onii-sama…I’m envious…” (Atla)
Melty, Rishia, and Atla are moaning painfully. Is the skill a mind attack type? Temptation was also a mind attack type; you could say Motoyasu is a pro in that field. To be using it himself, even though he’s badmouthed and attacked me over a brainwashing shield….
“Get yourselves together!” (Naofumi)
“What did you feel?” (Naofumi)
“…” (Melty)
Melty quickly averted her line of sight. Next, Rishia muddled her words with the usual “fuee”.
“The image of onii-sama and Naofumi-sama having a harmonious relationship appeared in my mind.” (Atla)
“Why should I get along with Fohl?” (Naofumi)
It seems to set a field with the effect of amplifying feelings of jealousy…that kind of feeling? Well, it wouldn’t be strange even if everyone held one or two feelings of jealousy. As I thought, it was a mind attack type. Why did this guy use this kind of skill!?
“The power in my heart – is increasing.” (Motoyasu)
Ah, boosting yourself with the power of jealousy.
“Reach it! My! Heart! Of! Love!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu hoisted his spear up high.
…What part of Firo are you planning to thrust that spear into?
“Don’t get in Firo’s way-!” (Firo)
Firo was able to turn and dodge faster than Motoyasu could thrust. Maybe thanks to the curse, Motoyasu’s movements are considerably fast. No, I have a feeling it’s not just that. He’s even faster than Ren. Not that he wouldn’t be able to keep up at all, but I doubt he’d be able to catch up.
“Firo-tan! Meteor Spear!” (Motoyasu)
Bashii! Motoyasu fired his skill aimed at Firo.
“Nnnngghhhhh!” (Firo)
Firo dodged Motoyasu’s Meteor Spear by a paper-thin margin and kicked Motoyasu’s chest.
“Gu…Firo-tan’s kick, I’m so happy…” (Motoyasu)

Chapter 209: Lust

Chapter 209 by Hlentai
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“Victory-!” (Firo)
Firo still won’t stop doing the victory dance. Does she like competitions? Melty and the others are still groggy and suffering.
“Well then…the winner gets to take one Firorial from the loser, was it?” (Naofumi)
I don’t really need it, but that’s how it’s been decided. Umm, looking carefully, these three seem to have their own characteristics.
The red one with a short bob hairstyle gives a strong-willed impression from their eyes. The blue one with long hair gives a tidy young lady impression. The green one with braided hair seems like a docile, plain class representative type, I’d say similar Rishia.
Firo is like that, so I won’t judge to what’s inside, but the green one looks easiest to use.
“Okay, then send over that quiet-looking emerald green one.” (Naofumi)
“No gooooooood! Green is no goooooood!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu protectingly clung to the three of them. Is Midori its name? I have no duty to say it, but what terrible naming sense. It’s very likely that the other two have been named by their colors as well.
“Really you…” (Naofumi)
Bringing up the match yourself and declining when you lose, what’s with that? I don’t really need you speaking your mind. I have a surplus with even Firo. I don’t need just another two.
Call him the same way! Is what I will leave unsaid. It’d probably get noisy. The three clung to Motoyasu and were all crying together. Reluctant to part, huh? I don’t need this.
“It’s fine already, just come back. Don’t cause trouble. Follow the filo rial queen’s instructions.” (Naofumi)
Good, mission complete. Firo will quiet down too.
“Father-in-law!” (Motoyasu)
“Stop calling me that!” (Naofumi)
Honestly, you just keep getting broken.
“Please give me your daughter.” (Motoyasu)
“Again!” (Naofumi)
Ah really…so troublesome. Or rather, to ask for more even when you lose the match huh.
“Uu…the bad feeling has finally been cured.”
“I’ve found the spot that works for motion sickness.” (Atla)
Before I realized, Atla was looking after Melty and Rishia. Recovery seems fast.
Motoyasu’s followers are saying the same thing as Firo. They are identical on the inside, after all.
“No-! Go home if you lost!” (Firo)
Firo declared loudly. As a matter of fact that’s how it is. It’ll take work to apprehend her and Gaelion is not here, so I don’t want to get involved. Let’s hurry back.
“Reach Firo-chan! My feelings!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu suddenly wielded his spear and took a pose. What? I didn’t get a good look at that flag-attached spear, but the handle is black. Somehow…smells like the Curse Series.
“Temptation!” (Motoyasu)
It felt like something like a barrier was developing in the middle of Motoyasu.
“Wha-” (Naofumi)
What’s this guy doing? A really disturbing word is floating into mind. There are many skills with this name that usually have charm-type effects. I concentrated my eyes and look at Motoyasu.
Huh? What? Motoyasu has become good-looking. There’re glittering sparkles around him like a lame cloth and the background is dyed pink.
No way…such a hottie…if he’s this good-looking even I’ll fall for him….
“…Yeah right!” (Naofumi)
I maintain my sense by swinging my head. That was dangerous. I almost got to the point of no recovery.
“Are you okay!?” (Naofumi)
I look toward Melty and the others.
“Ah, yeah. I’m alright…I just thought that person looked a bit cool, but I’m okay.” (Melty)
“Fuee…I have Itsuki-sama, so it’s no good…” (Rishia)
“What do you mean?” (Atla)
Atla…was there no effect because she can’t see?
“Naofumi-sama is the only one for me no matter what.” (Atla)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
Anyways, Motoyasu…what are you doing all of a sudden?
“Hey you-…what’s that spear?” (Naofumi)
“It is L*st Spear IV, father-in-law.” (Motoyasu)
IV! Higher than Wrath!? Just how sick have you gotten? Or rather, answering so easily is a bad disposition! Last…it’s not last. It’s lust, no doubt. Why did he answer so honestly, I wonder?
“Father-in-law. If Firo-tan desires it, please allow our engagement.” (Motoyasu)
“Don’t you just want to brainwash Firo with your temptation skill?” (Naofumi)
“It’s different! It’s a skill my heart summoned to convey my [love] to Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“Other females have been tempted too. Even males were affected.” (Naofumi)
What are you learning a brainwashing skill for? Even though I wanted to know about the existence of a brainwashing shield so much, why are you using it? Because Motoyasu before he got broken was loud saying brainwash brainwash.
“I don’t need any love besides Firo-tan’s.” (Motoyasu)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
But to think his lust for Firo exceeds my anger….
Wow. Losing is fine already. I want to return. Speaking of…Firo is being quiet.
“Firo?” (Naofumi)
“Haa…haa…n…” (Firo)
This rough breathing, it’s come huh. Motoyasu’s dearest desire. It’s over, I wonder if I should give up. Should I have Atla return her to normal? In RPGs of the past, charm and confusion could be offset by an attack from an ally. Though sometimes it wouldn’t work.
“Okay Atla, hit Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Yes!” (Atla)
Atla hit around Firo’s flank. However….
“Haa…haa…” (Firo)
She won’t return.
“Firo-chan?” (Atla)
Ah, she won’t come back. Is it impossible to help Firo without defeating Motoyasu?
“Firo-tan! I am over here!” (Motoyasu)
Leaving behind the three burning with jealousy, Motoyasu opened his arms widely waiting for Firo. Tempting the other with the spear’s power is love? However…Motoyasu’s plan is–
“–aster. Want to eat.” (Firo)
Heading in another direction, the box that must not be opened was opened. Of all things, Firo turned to face me and started walking plumpily.
“Haa…haa…” (Firo)
Her eyes look more dangerous than this morning. A chill ran down my spine. What is this. My instincts are sounding the danger alarm. The goosebumps and chills won’t stop. It’ll be bad if I don’t stand and leave here immediately!
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
I keep relying on this, but it can’t be helped. I won’t get away if I don’t rely on it. But….
Transfer failed!? Because of Motoyasu’s skill, huh?
“I won’t let you escape…” (Firo)
Looking closely…something like a mist is enshrouding Firo, with firefly-like lights floating around nearby.
“…Sanctuary…” (Firo)
Firo lightly chanted a magic. It’s probably the same system of magic as Gaelion’s Dragon Sanctuary without doubt, I think.
Dragon Pulse?
No, Filorials would not use it. But the atmosphere and area resemble the time when Fitoria appeared. Why can Firo use it?
Tell me how you were able to use it before me who’s relying on Gaelion! No, there’s no mistake…it’s useful because of the current circumstances.
“Fi, Fitoria! Repay me now and send it!” (Naofumi)
Whether or not I was heard, Firo’s ahoge is shining. But it had no effect, and something black was silently coiling about around the ahoge.
“Naofumi-sama!” (Atla)
Atla stood in front of Firo.
“Move.” (Firo)
Firo nimbly held Atla’s shoulder and moved her aside.
“Ah-” (Atla)
How fast. Even though Atla’s movements were good too. Well, being compared to Firo is unfair. She’s the fastest of my subordinates after all, this fellow.
“Atla, do you know what’s happening to Firo?” (Naofumi)
“Yes! Something black came out from that person and is coiling around Firo-chan!” (Atla)
Then, Atla pointed at Motoyasu.

Chapter 208: Shortcut

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Chapter 208: Shortcut

“Fube-” (Firo)

With Firo’s acrobatic kick, the carriage was shot to the other side of the ravine.
The people inside, us, are all slammed against the sides of it. We’ve all developed some mental traumas now.

“To-!” (Firo)

Running up the collapsing bridge, Firo is able to catch up to the carriage at an amazing speed.
I knew that crossing the bridge would be an extreme shortcut, but it was outside the bounds of human ability.
… Well, Firo is a monster.

“Uu… I don’t think I had enough lives to spare for that.” (Melty)
“What a coincidence. I think the same.” (Naofumi)
“If you think that, then choose the route more carefully!” (Melty)
“We have to use this route if we want to win.” (Naofumi)

I leave it at that.
Honestly, I don’t care whether we win or lose.

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Chapter 207: Race

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Chapter 207: Race

Ha? Eh? Street Racing?
What the hell is this idiot saying?
Street racing… He’s drifting further and further away from being a hero.

What’s more, he’s giving off a very refreshing smile.
It’s annoying. Insanely annoying.
It’s a face I might unintentionally punch with all my might.

I don’t really want to involve myself with this anymore.
I lift up my shield…

「Portal-」 (Naofumi)
“Wait, wait! You’re leaving!?” (Melty)
“After seeing that, what other option do you want me to pick?” (Naofumi)

If there’s an option B or C, please tell me.

“If you leave, what will happen to Firo-chan?” (Melty)
“Hm… I’ll give up on her.” (Naofumi)
“Say what!?” (Melty)

If I leave her be, Motoyasu will definitely do something. I’ve decided to believe in the man.
Though that’s only…

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Chapter 206: Fitoria’s Request

Chapter 206 by Reyak
Originally Uploaded:
All these releases really makes it feel like Christmas XD
Chapter 10.5, a side stoy  chapter of the manga has also been released and it features Kiel, so we finally get to see what she looks like. ~^^~
Fitoria’s Request
“Hmm…” (Naofumi)
Fitoria, huh?
Looks like Melty’s just as optimistic as ever. I guess for now, I’ll ask the queen.
I grab hold of Firo’s ahoge like it’s a mic and try asking.
“You’re seeing this right? Isn’t there something that can be done?” (Naofumi)
I wait for a response.
Before long, Firo starts nodding her head.
This ahoge of hers is just about as useful as a cellphone, huh?
It’d be nice if this world had some form of telecommunication, although I don’t know much about radios and the like myself.
“Well you see~… It’s not like there’s no way, but she said she wants your help for something first.” (Firo)
“Of course she does. Tell her no thanks.” (Naofumi)
“She says nevermind. Letting Firo power up from eating you would probably be easier anyway.” (Firo)
Gu…What a cruel suggestion.
If Firo falls completely into heat… Make no mistake, I wouldn’t stand a chance.
Wait, could I just confront her about it directly?
It’s not like I’m out of ways to make her give up, but I really don’t want to have to resort to them…
After all’s said and done, I do appreciate how hard she’s trying.
…Come to think of it, couldn’t Fitoria be the ring leader behind this whole mess?
I started getting a little doubtful.
The fact that she has control over other monsters is suspicious on its own. Gaelion is a Dragon Emperor, so it’s not strange that he could slip through her effectiveness. But I do get that harem-loving dragon isn’t worth much to her.
But, I’m in a situation where I can’t really refuse, so I have no choice but to listen.
“I understand. What do I have to do?” (Naofumi)
“Well you see. She says, recently, in master’s home country, a carriage was targeted by some bandits.” (Firo)
“A carriage?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, come to think of it, I’ve heard that story as well.” (Melty)
Melty joined in the conversation.
I guess the fact that she knows must mean these bandits are pretty infamous.
“From what I understand, the bandits only appear at night. Apparently, some peddlers and the like end up getting challenged to a contest, with their carriages on the line.” (Naofumi)
“Their cargo gets stolen, huh… that’s troublesome.” (Rat)
“That’s not it. The victims’ cargo is returned later. It looks like the bandits are just after the carriages.” (Melty)
“What?!?” (Naofumi)
What do you mean they’re just after the carriages?
Looks like there are some weird bandits around.
In the first place, I don’t get the point of using carriages at night.
I guess whoever’s doing this may not be human.
If that’s the case, this would have to mean that Fitoria can’t handle this on her own, huh?
Then I should commend her on asking me for help.
“I’ve heard that many nobles have had their carriages taken away from them by some weird bandits. Moreover, some beaten up carriages have been returning full of treasure. Enough to the point where traders are going out looking for the bandits.“ (Melty)
“Wait a second. What’s up with that!?” (Naofumi)
If this is related to Fitoria’s request, then…
“Do Filorials have a trait of wanting to battle between carriages?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah… She says they do.” (Firo)
In short, she wants me to find a solution for some territorial dispute.
Although if they’re wild Filorials, it should be pretty easy.
“The loser has to hand over its carriage. And since it’s mating season, Fitoria says that the loser won’t have its love recognized.” (Firo)
Are they hermit crabs, or what?
Huh? So in other words, all we need to do is win.
Morever, Firo is good at racing.
If that’s the case, if I beat Firo in a race, she’d give up on me right?
“Alright Firo. Have a match with me. A race until the castle. Ready, go!” (Naofumi)
As long as I make it outside of Gaelion’s area of magic jamming in time, I could win easily with Portal Shield.
“Master is going to be cheap, so no!” (Firo)
Tch. She saw through it.
What’s really sad is that I really have to race with Firo eventually.
There’s no way I can beat her without Portal Shield.
“…So? What is Fitoria asking me to do?” (Naofumi)
“Somehow, you know~. The Filorial in that area aren’t taking orders properly, so she wants you to go punish them.” (Firo)
Hmm… It doesn’t sound too bad, but…
From Melty’s conversation, I feel like there’s something else.
Is there some other Filorial Queen trying to expand her territory?
I guess I’ll have to look into it myself.
“I understand. Tell me where. Just in case, let me take some people along that can fight.” (Naofumi)
I’ll take along Firo, Rishia, Atlas, and…
“Melty, are you coming?” (Naofumi)
“Somehow I have a bad feeling, but I’ll put up since it’s for Firo’s sake.” (Melty)
Hmm…Female Knight is out of the question since she’s still occupied with Ren.
Who else…
“Is Rat coming?” (Naofumi)
“What are you expecting from me?” (Rat)
“I thought you’d come with us for the sake of research.” (Naofumi)
“Just hearing about the situation is enough. I’m busy with managing the monsters here anyways.” (Rat)
Well it’s a territorial dispute between Filorials, after all.
If finding out how to calm Firo down wasn’t in the deal, I probably wouldn’t have agreed anyways.
“How’s your research going?” (Naofumi)
“Pretty well. If Gaelion would let me borrow his core, it’d go even better.” (Rat)
His core, huh… If I remember right, he refused initially because he hadn’t gathered enough fragments.
I wonder what it’ll look like when it’s finished.
Aside from her, I guess there’s only Gaelion and Taniko who I could take along.
Well, actually thinking about it, there’s no limit to how many people I can bring since we’re not going for EXP in the first place.
What kind of challenge will we be facing? Just like hermit crabs, maybe one of carriages crashing into each other? I don’t have much of an idea.
Either way, Firo’s still in heat, so it’s probably better if we bring less people for less of a burden.
Taniko isn’t necessarily on bad terms with Firo, but Gaelion is…
Yeah, I guess that’s enough people.
“Firo and Rishia, Atlas and Melty. You guys will be accompanying me this time around.” (Naofumi)
“Okay.” (Everyone)
After deciding that and making proper preparations, we set off.
…I feel like I’m overlooking something.
Wait, I didn’t even think about which way we’re heading.
“Was it around here?” (Naofumi)
After that, Firo sometimes went back into heat, but for the most part, she was focused on pulling the carriage.
Soon enough, night was falling. We’ll be unable to travel soon.
You can already see the moon pretty clearly.
We’re currently in the mountain range of Melromarc.
Firo is trotting along the mountain path.
“Let’s see. It seems like this should be the area.” (Melty)
“I really took up a request from a Filorial. Will I do anything, or what?” (Naofumi)
“I’m think I’m a little jealous.” (Melty)
Says the Filorial Manic in an attempt to console me.
“Naofumi-san, are we going to punish the Filorial here?” (Rishia)
“Let’s see. Whether we’re crashing with other carriages or not, this’ll probably turn into a battle one way or another. That’s why I brought you guys along.” (Naofumi)
“Okay. I’ll do my best.” (Rishia)
“Let’s do our best, Rishia-san.” (Altas)
Aside from Melty, this lot’s an honest bunch, so they cooperate very well.
Rishia was also raised pretty well, so as long as the job isn’t too difficult, it’s an easy win… I think.
“…Nothing’s happening?” (Rishia)
“Yeah. It’s like we’re searching for bandits here, so it can’t be helped.” (Naofumi)
Although they’re supposed to show up around here.
Will they not show up today?
“Don’t they have a hideout or something? Or rather, a nest since they’re Filorials.” (Naofumi)
“Fitoria says she doesn’t know-“ (Firo)
What useless information.
In the first place, we’re looking for Filorials, right?
While thinking that, a torch-like object suddenly appears in the distance, and starts approaching amidst a cloud of dust.
It seems like they’re heading our way pretty quickly from across the mountain range.
It’s that thing where a torch being lit means you’re friendly, right?
We too left our lamp on in the carriage to lure them in the first place.
Now then, I wonder what kind of crooks they are.
Wha-, What?
I look at the so-called bandits… and wrinkle my forehead deep in thought.
The cloud of dust clears up.
The ones pulling the carriage were three red, blue, and green feathered little girls. And in their cargo was….
“Long time no see, Father-in-law. Street Racer Motoyasu, at your service.”
With a flag tied to his spear… the so-called “street racing” Spear Hero had appeared.

Chapter 205: Season of Love

Chapter 205 by Hlentai
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Season of Love
W…What? I woke up to a sensation like something heavy fell. But I can’t move my body and felt really hot.
Awfully rough breathing can be heard. I took a look, and of all things, Firo was pressing on me in Filo Rial Queen form while she slept face up.
“Oi! Why are you on me! Rather don’t break the rules we set!” (Naofumi)
“Haa…haa…n…” (Firo)
Firo’s eyes are suspicious. I wonder what, the eyes of a carnivore or rather, her eyes now resemble times when she’s about to attack a monster in battle. Nevertheless, her breathing is rough. She swallowed saliva with a gokuri, then once again stared at me with rough breathing.
…Chills ran down my back. For now I’ll call out the monster crest item and invoke the penalty on Firo! Electricity ran through the monster crest item with a bachi-.
“Wh, What!?” (Naofumi)
The monster crest is not functioning again!? Exactly what is happening? Did something happen when I was sleeping!?
“Master…” (Firo)
With her feathers swelled, Firo leaned on me and continued talking as is.
“What? Heavy, move!” (Naofumi)
“Master…want to eat” (Firo)
Firo spilled drool as she muttered. She’s finally revealed her true colors, this bird! To want to eat your owner of all things, you’ve no doubt revealed your true nature by attacking me.
“Don’t mess around! Move!” (Naofumi)
I change my shield to the combat-use Soul Eater Shield and hit Firo with all my strength. But there was no point to my attack, as Firo took no damage. I tried pushing using all my strength but, that Firo, how did she escape my pushing power unperturbed.
“Want to eat, want to eat…” (Firo)
“Gu…” (Naofumi)
I didn’t want to use this hand but….
“Atla!” (Naofumi)
“Nn…? Yes!” (Atla)
I’m guessing it’s a situation where Atla is crawling out of bed after being awoken by my voice. She can’t see but, she can probably understand with Firo on top of me.
“Wh, what is happening?” (Atla)
“This bird is revealing her true nature and trying to attack me of all things!” (Naofumi)
“Is, Is that so!?” (Atla)
But…Atla inclined her head in doubt as she spoke.
“There is no hostility though?” (Atla)
“When you eat, do you direct hostility towards your meal?” (Naofumi)
“No, but I believe that sort of thing is different?” (Atla)
“That’s fine already, hurry and get Firo o–” (Naofumi)
Before I gave my order, Firo pressed on me harder.
“Buwa–stop” (Naofumi)
“Master-” (Firo)
“!? That’s no good. Firo-chan!” (Atla)
Atla ran over and thrust into Firo. I who understood the flow of magic power was able to see. She moved around and thrust at Firo’s vitals.
“Ouch-!” (Firo)
Firo bent backwards from the pain and fell from the bed. Okay! I jumped onto my feet from the bed and set my shield towards Firo.
“Ow-…Atla-chan what are you doing-…?” (Firo)
Firo turned her head back as she rubbed spots poked by Atla with teary eyes.
“It’s because you tried to attack me” (Naofumi)
“Firo did? Why?” (Firo)
…She seems somehow different from earlier. For now I’ll call the monster crest again and try penalizing Firo.
“Ouch-! Ow ow, stop it master-!” (Firo)
Firo began to struggle with a dotabata. The monster crest is functioning normally. Exactly what is going on?
“What’s the matter-?” (Sadina)
Sadina was woken up by the disturbance and was getting up.
“Ah, this bird violated our arrangement and attacked me” (Naofumi)
“Is that so?” (Sadina)
“Firo doesn’t know! Master stop it-! Ouch-” (Firo)
Okay, well something like this. I stop the monster crest’s penalty.
“Uu…Firo doesn’t remember…” (Firo)
“For the time being, there was a promise to not go into monster form inside the house” (Naofumi)
“Yeah. Huh? Why is Firo in this form?” (Firo)
“I don’t know” (Naofumi)
“Hey. What kind did you mean, saying you were attacked-?” (Sadina)
“She leaned onto me while breathing roughly, spilling drool while repeatedly saying she wants to eat me” (Naofumi)
“Firo won’t eat master-!” (Firo)
“Who knows, after all you might instinctively think I look delicious” (Naofumi)
“Boo-!” (Firo)
Firo changed to human form and protested again. The facts tell the whole story.
“That’s-…hasn’t Firo-chan entered her season of love?” (Sadina)
“Hah?” (Naofumi)
“Eh-?” (Firo)
I was taken aback by Sadina’s words, even Firo tilted her head.
“Mating season huh” (Naofumi)
Firo was quickly brought to Rat’s place after that. Ah, Melty was called over for mediating just in case. Firo received a medical examination from Rat while Melty to soothed the struggling Firo. Oh yeah, after that Firo once again changed into her monster form, looked at me with the eyes of a bird of prey and muttered, “want to eat”.
“Mating season huh-…” (Naofumi)
It’s a troublesome thing, or rather estrus even though it’s only been around half a year since Firo was born huh. Well, wild animals’ breeding cycle should be short. Thinking back recently, she’s been shivering and shaking, so that was a premonition huh.
“So, what should be done? Will it be cured if we put Firo into that test tube?” (Naofumi)
“No-!” (Firo)
“Stop any behavior that could break the equipment!” (Rat)
Rat gave a tsukkomi while looking fed up.
“There’s medicine to promote it, but medicine to curb it huh-…even if medicine with a calming effect is prescribed, with a variation of Firo Rial it’ll just be water on a hot stone…” (Rat)
Rat muttered while rummaging through her medicine shelf. Let’s try asking Melty the Firo Rial mania here.
“Melty, do you know anything?” (Naofumi)
“If it’s the season of love, I wonder if it’d be correct to let her do as she pleases…even if you repress it, isn’t it something that can’t be endured?” (Melty)
“That will become me being attacked though” (Naofumi)
“Hm-?” (Firo)
She herself doesn’t seem to remember times when she’s in estrus though-. Moreover she seems to realize I’d hate her if she did something like that, it’s already a different personality.
“There are plenty myths of Firo Rials and humans having children together” (Melty)
“Melty, you know there will be no followup even if you say such things to me right?” (Naofumi)
Is it okay like that? Your important Firo is becoming something dreadful.
“If she gets sexually excited, isn’t it fine to pair her with another Firo Rial” (Rat)
“No-!” (Firo)
After Firo raised her voice in protest, she again had bird of prey eyes saying “want to eat”.
“Master…other, no…” (Firo)
What do you mean I’m the only target of your sexual urges. Ah really, what kind of face would Raphtalia make if she knew about this. Atla poked Firo to return her to normal.
“Ouch-!” (Firo)
“For now she’s being calmed down with pain, but I don’t know what will happen if she enters full-blown mating season” (Rat)
“You said something ominous…” (Naofumi)
Rat brings out her desire research as she takes out pen and paper for producing documents.
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion came in such circumstances and rode on my back, then whispered. Is it really necessary to expressly keep it hidden?
“Fumu…the Firo Rial Queen is in estrus hm, want me to suppress it?” (Gaelion)
“You can do it?” (Naofumi)
“Leave it to me” (Gaelion)
Okay, as expected of a dragon. If it’s Gaelion he might be able to do something. He’s a like a being that rules sexual desire after all.
“Then next time leave me alone with the Firo Rial’s queen. Also make sure she cannot run away” (Gaelion)
I don’t know what’s going to be done but, he probably needs her kept from running while he is chanting the magic. Well, no choice but to try.
“Firo, come here for a bit. Melty and the rest of you wait there” (Naofumi)
“Ye-s?” (Firo)
I took Firo out of the laboratory with Gaelion on my back, pushed them both into another room and locked the door.
“Kukuku, let’s have a go-between with a dragon and filo rial…” (Gaelion)
“No-!” (Firo)
“Nngh!? Eei! Be obedient!” (Gaelion)
Wait a moment hey! Not with magic or anything, isn’t he trying to have Firo let it out physically!?
“No-! Firo…wants to eat master…dragons…I’ll devour” (Firo)
“Nuaaaaaaa! S, someone help meeeeee! Muu–” (Gaelion)
Looking inside after quickly opening the door, Gaelion looks like he’s about to be devoured from the head down by Firo. Hearing the disturbance, Atla returned Firo to normal again. Trying to devour Firo with sexual desire, instead getting devoured from the head down…as I thought he’s an unreliable Dragon Emperor.
“Master is cruel!” (Firo)
“I don’t know” (Naofumi)
“Do you hate it that much?” (Gaelion)
“Isn’t that obvious!” (Firo)
“Kyuaa…” (Gaelion)
Gaelion’s shock from being defeated by Firo made him go back inside child Gaelion it seems. Honestly, what Dragon Emperor. You lost to Firo so easily didn’t you. Firo in estrus somehow seems to lose various restraints. When she was pressing on me, she was even undaunted by my push so it’s substantial.
What should be done.
…Suddenly, Motoyasu’s face comes to mind. That pervert seems like he’d happily do it with Firo. But, I’m not a pervert.
“Mel-chan. Master is so cruel” (Firo)
Firo is tattling to Melty. I don’t know.
“Why do you hate Firo-chan so much!” (Melty)
“Hate? If I hated her Firo would already be everyone’s breakfast you know” (Naofumi)
“No-!” (Firo)
“What did you say!?” (Melty)
“Enough already-…isn’t it ok if you just be her partner one time. It’s nothing to fret over” (Rat)
“Not a chance” (Naofumi)
“The count is also stubborn-…even though I have some interest in the veracity of the legends” (Rat)
“Research into dragons or something” (Naofumi)
Rat probably also dislikes animals with a similar ecology to filo rials. You’re contradicting yourself.
“Really, what should be done” (Naofumi)
Won’t even Atla become unable to stop it if it’s left as is? Not only that, it doesn’t seem like it’d stop unless I be her partner. But I’d rather die. There is also the method of having Firo endure it, but it doesn’t seem to be something at the level that can be endured.
“Well then, how does pleading with the firo rial’s queen sound? She might lend us some insight” (Melty)

Chapter 204: Dragon Pulse

Chapter 204 by Hlentai
Originally Uploaded:
Dragon Pulse
While drinking magic water, I continue my researching by compounding medicine. If this influences everything, then I might be able to assist with the weapon shop Old Man’s efforts. At least, I can put magic power into the raw materials, even if I only help with the purification of metals, a something good might come out.
“I made you wait” (Gaelion)
“Mu-! Don’t come!” (Firo)
Firo is being competitive again. Gaelion brought Atla with him. Sadina is already drinking sake in my room. This fellow can also use Dragon Pulse so techniques will be learned.
“I have come to sleep in the same room today too” (Atla)
“Ah I see. You came without learning your lesson” (Firo)
Though Firo was entirely causing the disturbance, well done. Incidentally, Ren was running laps around the village throughout today too. Well done. He also helped with the village’s routine tasks, consisting mainly of manual or physical labor. Though Taniko has not realized how hard she is to deal with, her high-handed character is improving, and she appears to be opening her heart a little to the villagers. Though I don’t really care.
“So, Gaelion. Do you remember any magic besides the ones you use?” (Naofumi)
“There are several conditions, but there is nothing I cannot remember” (Gaelion)
“Conditions?” (Naofumi)
“First, one who has received the divine protection of Firo Rials is improper” (Gaelion)
The Class Up correction thing. In other words, I can assume Raphtalia can’t do it. Similarly, Atla too? Or rather, the magic Firo Rials use seems to be of the same system as the magic we use after all.
“How about monsters?” (Naofumi)
“With the exception of a small fraction, they have the same system of magic organisation as Firo Rials” (Gaelion)
“Ohh-” (Naofumi)
As I thought, dragon exclusive magic was something like that.
“Sadina has used both types of magic. In which case, if the Firo Rials’ divine protection is not received during Class Up, you’ll be able to use it?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see- is it like that?” (Sadina)
“No, I think it’d be considerably difficult. That aquatic beastman is heresy” (Gaelion)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
While grinning, Sadina displays her laidbackness by releasing her clenched fist gesturing gu-pa-.
“Human, you can do anything if you persist-” (Sadina)
“That’d be good if so” (Naofumi)
It’s troublesome because this fellow makes everything out to be simple. How should I put it, it seems simple when looking, but do it in practice and the endless difficulties are easily performed or something…that kind of idea.
“Well then” (Gaelion)
Gaelion pointed at the water in the jug.
“The training to draw out the power of that water is beginning, I’ll show an example” (Gaelion)
Saying so, Gaelion held his hand over the water jug.
“I guide the power of this water, and desire embodiment. Earth vein. Give me power”
“Aqua Seal!” (Gaelion)
The power transferred from the water jug to Gaelion, becoming an embodiment of magic. If I’m not mistaken, this magic created a magic water membrane. It can be used to weaken the effects of fire attribute magics. It’s probably useful when you want to go into fire. For practical uses, it seems like it could be used in place of air-conditioning when it’s hot.
“I’m guessing there’s no magic book or anything” (Naofumi)
“I suppose. This magic is completely different from the process of how you and others materialize magic from your own power. You use power borrowed from other mediums after all” (Gaelion)
“Before, you didn’t embody power from yourself?” (Naofumi)
If I remember correctly, it was Dark Nova – Prominence?
“I don’t recommend drawing power from yourself” (Gaelion)
“Why?” (Naofumi)
“Anyway, because it is me, you will end up taking out all of your own power if not moderated. At that time, I give guidance to the power in the Breath organ with me” (Gaelion)
So it’s impossible if it’s not Gaelion or something like that? In games there’d be an energy bar, though it seems you can attack life force.
“Though you may be from another world, you are still classified as a human so the Dragon Pulse will not work that well” (Gaelion)
“I see” (Naofumi)
“Also, conducting your own magic power to use Dragon Pulse techniques has bad efficiency. Using magic attained the usual way is probably best” (Gaelion)
…I somehow understand. Dragon Pulse that is invoked by power borrowed from outside, and magic that materializes as power is drawn out from within. This is probably a big difference. There isn’t much meaning in taking the roundabout way and drawing out your own power with Dragon Pulse. Do they have the same roots? But, it feels like something is different….
“On a related note–Dragon Pulse has little magic power consumption” (Sadina)
“That I know” (Naofumi)
“Yes, because you are receiving borrowed power, so of course it’s cheap” (Sadina)
I see. It appears in manga, an impression like borrowing power from the spirits of the deceased. In other words, it would be like a magic user and a spirit user by RPG classifications.
“Can it be used without cost?” (Naofumi)
“If you use the same medium too much, the borrowed amount will decrease. Incidentally, it will take some time to recover” (Gaelion)
“Is that so” (Naofumi)
“Also…it is possible to draw power from the precious metals of gems. They have lots of power” (Gaelion)
“Hm? Is it different from magic power?” (Naofumi)
“I’m guessing you mean in gem processing. Strictly speaking they differ. That is a technique that pours magic power into gems to release the power inside it. Dragon Pulse contrarily extracts from it” (Gaelion)
Opposite vector huh…this certainly seems difficult to learn. From there, about two hours were spent practicing Dragon Pulse while being taught by Gaelion and Sadina.
“Like I said don’t put in magic power! I know just by seeing the weird magic power in the water” (Gaelion)
“You can see it?” (Naofumi)
“The water is quivering isn’t it. Not only that, you can tell by a glance from the weird shining!” (Gaelion)
“Please hold on, Naofumi-sama” (Atla)
Atla is cheering me on. I know already so you hurry and go to sleep.
“Naofumi-chan. It’s not good if you release magic power like when you use magic-. Rather, with the feeling of being empty, with the image of receiving power from the water” (Sadina)
“That’s what’s difficult” (Naofumi)
This is difficult because there is nuance, nothing more. Let’s see, not by pulling out with magic power, but by receiving power from the water….
And, with even a slight response the water gave power. Ora! I consciously tried sending power.
“Like I said don’t put in magic power!” (Gaelion)
Ah enough! So troublesome-! I feel like I understand why Taniko can only use Dragon Pulse now. Sadina who can use both is an abnormality. There is a genius here too. I’m not a genius but the hard-working type.
And, when I was suffering as two hours passed by. Just somehow or another I grasped the trick. Thanks to becoming able to see the flow of magic power, I learned by watching the flow when Gaelion and Sadina chanted and became able to do it.
It feels like requesting earnestly. At the same time make a cavity in your magic power. After, you gently touch the water with magic power like reaching out your hand. Through my magic power, the water’s clean flow is conveyed to me.
“That’s right. That is good. I’m surprised you progressed faster than I anticipated” (Gaelion)
“That’s true-” (Sadina)
“What do I do after?” (Naofumi)
“The aria will appear in your head. Construct it” (Gaelion)
“Okay?” (Naofumi)
I comprehend up to what was said.
In my head…something like a puzzle is rising to the surface. A really fluffily indistinct enumeration was joined together like a puzzle. I understand that the magic invoked changes depending on this combination.
“Let me see” (Naofumi)
As I am, I cannot complete many shapes. I try to combine to consciously form the shape of Aqua Seal. However, the parts disappear while I am trying trial and error….
“It failed. Try it once more” (Gaelion)
Hey hey. Taniko and Gaelion are always doing this in actual combat? This is getting more more abnormal. Is there a need to memorize, it’s become a staircase of problems. Though I say that, being made light of for not doing it is also objected.
I draw power from the water once more. I assembled the puzzle gently floating upward as quickly as possible. The construction shape is different from last time!
Now is probably not the best time to nitpick. But, the necessary parts are lacking. I can quickly assemble another one from memory.
“I guide the power of this water, and desire embodiment. Earth vein. Give me power…” (Naofumi)
With its completion, words unintentionally leaked out simultaneously. No, rather should I say I ended up reading it? It’s somehow troublesome with all these differences between magics, like ease of use.
“Aqua Seal!” (Naofumi)
A target icon appeared so I designated myself. With a bashin-, it was confirmed that the magic was invoked.
“Fumu, you grasped it surprisingly fast. I suppose it’s as expected of a hero” (Gaelion)
“That’s true-. Naofumi-chan is a genius” (Sadina)
“Don’t mess around. I didn’t think it’d be this hard” (Naofumi)
“No, learning it in one night should not be a simple feat but…” (Gaelion)
Gaelion is scratching his head with his hind foot making a crunching sound. This fellow acts like a dog.
“Somehow or other Naofumi-chan is a hero you know? Being able to do it might be natural-” (Sadina)
“You’re settling a person’s efforts as being a hero” (Naofumi)
It was even more trouble to learn than magic. With magic it’s fine if you just somehow use magic power and chant a chosen phrase after all. Thinking about it, memorizing the magic wasn’t that hard, I feel like learning the written language was way more difficult. So with that said, magic would be simpler?
Hm? I wonder what it is. Something is sticking in my mind.
“Worthy of the origin of power. The Hero of the Shield commands. Decipher reason once more, protect that one!” (Naofumi)
In the middle of chanting, a puzzle arbitrarily formed in my field of vision like with Dragon Pulse, but it can be felt as it is.
I was taught that magic and Dragon Pulse were made of different systems but….
It seems I could grasp something but, somehow it probably won’t go well. This is also vital to research into.
“Nn~?” (Firo)
Firo moaned with sleepy eyes. Then her whole body skillfully began shaking with a buruburu. Like I said what is that behavior? It’s unpleasant when done in human form so I want you to stop.
…It’s gotten pretty late too. I’m also worn-out from magic practice.
“We should call it a night and sleep soon” (Naofumi)
“That’s right, progress was fast so even I forgot about time” (Gaelion)
“Even if you praise me nothing will come out of it” (Naofumi)
“I’m saying it’s not a lie but…oh, fine. Well then” (Gaelion)
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
Right after he finished talking, Gaelion returned to child Gaelion, who tried to invade my bed.
“No!” (Firo)
“Kyuaaa…” (Gaelion)
There Firo kicked off the obstruction, and Child Gaelion let out a voice of protest.
“Give it up, your punishment for mischief as not ended yet” (Naofumi)
“Kyuaaa!” (Gaelion)
Child Gaelion is also starting to want to sleep in my bed like Firo. Though, he’s male so I could probably sleep with more peace of mind with him than Firo.
“Beh-!” (Gaelion)
Gaelion kept looking back like he was charmed by his back hairs while walking trudgingly, and left the house.
“Well then let’s sleep” (Sadina)
“Su-…” (Atla)
Atla is already sleeping. Her ease of sleep is dreadfully good. Just, Sadina has said she occasionally moves suddenly as if she remembered something so an eye needs to be kept on her. Sadina is somehow or other doing her job properly, as expected of the one Raphtalia relies on…right?
“Well the children are asleep so does Naofumi-chan want to do something fun with oneesan?” (Sadina)
“As if!” (Naofumi)
Really this fellow, she started joking like this after losing to me in a drinking contest. It’s not interesting and I’m telling you to stop.
“Too bad, but I’ll keep you company any time-” (Sadina)
“Just hurry and sleep!” (Naofumi)
Honestly…oh yeah this fellow is also simply levelling up fast. Seeing she’s already up to 62, isn’t she fighting even more efficiently than Firo? It’s limited to the sea though….
With the trivial chatter finished for the day, I went to bed. Never would I think even in my dreams, that the embers of the problem I overlooked would become such a big fire the next morning.

Chapter 203: Flow of Magic Power

Chapter 203 by Hlentai
Originally Uploaded:
Flow of Magic Power
Firo and Atla came back the next morning. The noise settled down, people with a level of 66 stuck in my chest as an auspicious number.
 “Now then Atla, focus on the attack I’ve requested, and use it nimbly for me to see” (Naofumi)
“Do you mean like this?” (Atla)
I received Atla’s thrust, applying Peerless Transformation style’s concept of ki to herself. It let out a good sound, bashin-.
The foreign substance coming into my body…the magic power, I release outside after attaching my own magic power. In the midst of receiving the attack many times, I became able to receive mostly no damage.
Do I not have a way to use the flow of magic power well? I tried experimenting with attack methods, but it seems my lack of offensive power is guaranteed as it did not turn out well.
…The chances that I can use anything but attacks are high. Perhaps it is because of my element as the Hero of the Shield, or maybe it is the nature of magic power.
And so I experiment even while not in battle status. While making lunch, I tried to cut using magic power on my hand holding the knife.
“Wa!” (Cooking Slave)
The slave in charge of cooking raised their voice while watching me cook. Well I guess so. Even the chopping board’s been cut. On a mail order tv program somewhere.
“Amazing…” (Cooking Slave)
“As I expected” (Naofumi)
My shield is getting in the way. This. However…this, the cost is intense. A sizeable amount of magic power was taken from just cutting.
Female Knight and Rishia are using this on a regular basis? There are quite a few differences when used for defense.
…This, can’t it be applied effectively to skills?
“Today’s food made by shield-niichan is even tastier-!” (Kiel)
“Yeah! Delicious! It suddenly got even better!”
I’ll resume experiments after lunch, the problem is fuel efficiency. What can be done to improve usage cost efficiency?
“Nii-chan, you listening?” (Kiel)
“Hm? Yea, I’m listening. My skill improved right” (Naofumi)
“Working at Nii-chan’s place is the best! Woof Woof!” (Kiel)
The excited Kiel became a dog. Her tail going wag wag. That happy huh. You loincloth wearing dog. If I make the food well this’ll be said, so it’s fine if I pretend to hear.
After eating lunch, while trying to include magic power with skills through trial and error, I use Air Strike Shield. Looking carefully, I observed that some parts of Air Strike Shield’s flow of magic power have a weak spots. That Female Knight destroyed Shield Prison so extremely easily, isn’t it because she hit these weak spots?
“Atla” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Atla)
“Try breaking the magic shield I summoned” (Naofumi)
“Okay” (Atla)
When I gave the order, as I thought, Atla hit the weak spots of the flow of magic power. Letting out a bakin sound, the shield was easily destroyed. Just as I thought. In other words….
Concentrating the magic power in my body.
“Air Strike Shield!” (Naofumi)
I cast. But…it didn’t go that well. Or this method rather, it’s not much different from casting magic.
“The Hero of the Shield worthy of the origin of power commands. Decipher truth once more, protect that one!”
“Fast Guard!” (Naofumi)
I fired again to see magic power expenditure.
…The magic power diminished is even more than I predicted.
At least it succeeded.
Effects are…I check my status to confirm. The improvement is visibly better than the usual Fast Guard.
Then why doesn’t it work as a skill? I think there is a chance that the concept of SP differs from magic power. What exactly SP represented as a number, I couldn’t figure out even after thinking.
Soul point? Or is it stamina point? Only SP is written in English so I have no idea.
Is this what’s called ki? Probably not. Having confirmed with the slaves’ statuses, I’m well aware that none of the others have an entry named SP. There is probably no mistaking that this is a characteristic of heroes.
I have a feeling this will be even harder to learn than magic. But if I can understand this sensation called SP, if I become able to add magic power to them, I feel like skills can be further strengthened. As it is now, not only does the prison not work on Female Knight and Atla, it feels like I’ve reached the limit of just defending with the shield’s defensive power. For now I’ll just be happy that I can use magic to improve power.
Oh yeah…the cooking I made while practicing it during the day was highly praised, I tried applying magic to the compounding process and made medicine. Ingredients are inferior herbs made from the bioplant.
The Heal Pill has been completed!
Heal Pill Quality somewhat bad->high quality
Kuh…I put a bit too much magic power into it. But, if magic power is put into its production, even the quality of inferior materials clearly improves. Magic is sometimes conferred when you enchant but, as expected it’s handled with a different system. I anticipate my hero characteristics will have an improved effect if I add magic power to my shield. The reason I can’t reach the skill level of pharmacists may be…and so I show my face in the neighboring town.
Then I went to peek at the pharmacist’s magic power used when compounding. Rather than bestowing magic power, I feel a thin magic power streaming out from the pharmacist’s body to help with the compounding.
As I thought! This can be adapted to item production too! A large difference in skill will probably appear between I who is clearly aware when compounding and the pharmacist who is not.
I want to teach the pharmacist. But, will the pharmacist become able to manipulate magic power? Even I had to be poked a lot by Atla and told the general idea by Female Knight and the combat instructor before I became aware. Probably, the bunch of this world can use magic power subconsciously to do things. In which case, what factors into having talent? Mastering this power would become awakening to talent.
…No, the battle instructor called Rishia a rare talent. I thought Rishia’s flow of magic power looked strangely low when I saw it. So it likely can’t be judged by that alone. There’ll be no end if we bring up exceptions, but that isn’t everything. I think I’ll gather a bit more research.
Imia who is studying at the dress shop is…what? She is zealously packing in magic power as she sews. Won’t her magic power run out like that? However, Imia is sewing clothes as if there was no bottom to her magic power.
Concentration ability…?
I can’t really get a grasp on the essence of this magic power. Racial ability correction? If I think the cost is low, and there only appears to be a lot coming out, I can nod. I understand now why clothes made by Imia is strangely good.
The skill to make a high-quality dress from a monster’s hide, I’ve certainly gotten a look at it. Guess I’ll bring refreshments or something after. The gloves she made looked so easy to use even I was surprised. The size is also perfect. Though I’m a connoisseur, the imperfections were intentional.
Well then, the neighboring town’s reconstruction has been mostly completed. I don’t see anything inconvenient. It is also thanks to Melty and her subordinates. Under my umbrella of power, demi-humans who worshipped the shield could not behave arrogantly. I’m giving speeches at fixed intervals, and patrolling when free.
“Ah, Master” (Firo)
Firo came with Melty on her back.
“What are you doing?”
“Studying and patrolling” (Naofumi)
“Wow-, you properly do stuff that needs to be done huh, Naofumi” (Melty)
Incidentally Firo’s magic power appears like a giant clump. But I don’t see the ahoge’s reception. Atla has spoken as if she could see it.
“So you say, but it was you who said it’d somehow or other be bad if not managed right, Melty” (Naofumi)
“I guess” (Melty)
“You’re not going on a levelling trip?” (Naofumi)
“I’m not going!” (Melty)
“Why? You’re the next queen, having a high level shouldn’t be a disadvantage”(Naofumi)
Though rotten, she’s a magician type. My place only has Taniko and the matchless people with magic specialties. The slaves learning at the magic shop can remember magic, but demi-humans scarcely possess straight natures, they all seem plain or rather many are the physical strengthening type. Of course, there are some who can use attack magic, but those who specialize in it are rare.
…Thinking about it really, really carefully, both Taniko and Gaelion’s flow of magic power was low. I can’t figure out what factors are involved with the essence of magic power. I won’t know even if I confirm with help, after all the shield works differently right?
“My natural role is as the rear command! Being able to defend myself is good but, why would the ruler of a whole country be standing on the front lines! (Melty)
“Certainly. But in my world, there were moving tales of splendid kings who fought on the front lines for their people?” (Naofumi)
“…There’s that but still” (Melty)
Melty is honest if it involves the country huh. I wonder what is so hard to stomach.
“But I don’t want to increase levels so simply by just riding on Firo-chan. I, in my own way, want to become able to fight” (Melty)
Ohh…as expected her thinking is fundamentally different from her older sister. Your older sister just levelled to increase status, leaving everything to Motoyasu. Thinking like that, it certainly differs from EXP, I can understand the feeling of wanting experience. While we were talking about such things, Gaelion in baby mode descended with a basa-.
“As I thought, you were here” (Gaelion)
Has whispering near my ear become your hobby? Oh yeah, the core stones I got from the Queen turned out to mostly be failures, but it seems to be a useful item for the Dragon Emperor to Status Up. That’s why Gaelion has gotten a bit stronger than before. Moreover one was a Dragon Emperor fragment mixed in, Gaelion quickly ate it.
The knowledge that was obtained then…useless information about how heroes fought the waves many times. No, not that it wasn’t necessary, but just how much tangible information can you not remember. Though it’s helpful to have two people added as options for Class Up assistance.
“What?” (Naofumi)
“Have you forgotten? I had a promise to teach you the Dragon Pulse method” (Gaelion)
“…That’s right” (Naofumi)
“Master, what are you talking to Gaelion about?” (Firo)
“About being taught magic” (Naofumi)
“If it’s magic, Firo can-” (Firo)
“You are bad at teaching right” (Naofumi)
Let’s see–. With the power from the bottom of my body–gyuu- and let it in baa- I think, what you want to be, you become. I haven’t forgotten what she said. Firo speaks with nuance so it’s difficult for her to teach someone.
 “Also, it seems to be useful magic special to dragons so it’s impossible” (Naofumi)
Seems you can’t use it if you don’t have the Dragon Emperor’s divine protection. It is probably necessary to receive Gaelion’s divine protection.
“Aa, the ones Wyndia-chan uses? Naofumi can use it?” (Melty)
“Who knows” (Naofumi)
“By the way, I suggest you give up on attacks. It is absolutely impossible” (Gaelion)
Gu…why can’t I use attacks with this either. Thinking conversely, I’ll become able to use restoration but still….
Probably stuff like the holy water’s power increase huh. It’ll be convenient if I can use it but still.
“Boo-!” (Firo)
Firo regrettably showed her displeasure with an uuh-.
And then Firo’s feathers suddenly stood up while trembling. What? Did she sense a weird presence?
“What’s wrong?” (Naofumi)
“Hm-?” (Firo)
I shake my head thinking Firo absent-minded.
“What is it?” (Firo)
“No, I thought you sensed something” (Naofumi)
“Firo doesn’t know” (Firo)
What is it with this bird.
“Well then, I’ll be walking back to the village so I’ll have Gaelion teach me” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi, can you talk with dragons?” (Melty)
It was broadcast pretty obviously, but Melty doesn’t know either. Huh? Was she not there that time when Gaelion talked?
…He hasn’t talked. No, he’s been talking, just with only whispering near my ears.
“The information hasn’t reached you? This guy can speak with human words” (Naofumi)
“Gyau-?” (Gaelion)
Showing this off, Gaelion winked many times in a cutesy manner. What are you trying to do.
“Oi…” (Naofumi)
“As I thought it’s a false rumor. Naofumi too, stop saying irresponsible things!” (Melty)
“Mel-chan. Gaelion talks you know?” (Firo)
“I suppose. He can speak with monsters’ language right. Come, let’s go back to work Firo-chan” (Melty)
“Eh-?” (Firo)
With a ponpon-, directions were given for Firo to move, Firo repeated what she said many times as she walked.
“And? Specifically, it’s no good if I don’t study it right?” (Naofumi)
“About right. But, the divine protection itself is easily attained. Stay still for a bit” (Gaelion)
While mounting on my shoulders, Gaelion began muttering with a butsubutsu.
“I, Gaelion, command the heavens, command the earth, cut off reason, connect–” (Gaelion)
This phrase again huh, let’s look at Gaelion’s magic power when he’s chanting the Dragon Pulse technique.
“Here I request of the earth to grant power through a new blessing–” (Gaelion)
I see magic power flowing from the ground into Gaelion’s core. There seem to be differences from the magic I normally use as expected. If I’m not mistaken, it is something like changing into the embodiment of taking power from other mediums.
That’s why the efficacy of mediums will weaken if its power is borrowed repeatedly….
I can see the nearby magic power shining fluffily, a bit fairytale-like. This, if I couldn’t see magic power I wouldn’t have known about it.
Does Atla see this kind of world? I feel like magic power and ki are a bit different.
“For the blessed one, the Dragon Pulse’s divine protection…”
“Dragon – Breath Seal!” (Gaelion)
The magic loosed by Gaelion flared and poured onto me. And then, a soft light was absorbed into my shield.
“The divine protection itself has been set up successfully with this. After this, if you study the manipulation of magic power and method of drawing power you should become able to use it” (Gaelion)
“Ohh-…” (Naofumi)
“However, as far as I can see from your qualities, you only have restoration and support type I believe. I recommend creating a defensive membrane with water for training” (Gaelion)
“Fumu…I got it. Then come at night, I’ll train at that time” (Naofumi)
“Met and understood” (Gaelion)
Gaelion rapidly spread his wings and took off. With this I’ve also become able to use magic like Taniko and Sadina huh….
Gaelion took power from the earth right.
Essentially extending my magic power like when enchanting, I tried forcibly extracting power from the ground. Mu…difficult to grasp. Even if you can grab sand barehanded, it mostly ends up spilling out, is what the situation is like. Furthermore this method feels somehow different. When Gaelion did it, the earth naturally released its power on its own.
I haven’t learned the aria or anything so it’s not like I should be able to use it. After that I groaned as I continued practicing to include magic power with my magic and skills.

Chapter 202: Amnesty

“So it’s really that.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Queen)
From here onwards is just conjecture, but a few thoughts come to mind.
There is the possibility of the beloved little sister of Trash being treated as a plaything by the Hakuko from Silt Welt, getting raped and becoming pregnant with Fohl and Atla.
But why that wasn’t brought up in discussion and various other questions arise.
However, from Fohl and Atla’s descriptions of their past, they hadn’t been treated badly.
Then, had the little sister and her Hakuko partner actually been in love just like in a soap opera?
I didn’t really know the particulars.
But Atla’s confusing Trash with Fohl could be said to have been her sensing their blood ties.
Just that, they said that they had simply been rich but….
“Fohl and Alta are half human?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows…. I was really little after all…If you want to know the details, you will have to ask Brother.” (Atla)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
I’ll ask Fohl when he returns.
In short, Trash became docile because he realised everything after seeing Alta’s face.
Or perhaps he perceived it as the return of his dearly beloved little sister .
“His first name and surname were taken from my father. Our country has the tradition of having the husband’s name decided by the wife.” (Queen)
“Hmmm….” (Naofumi)
Trash used to be so famous but has now become like that.
It was said that he had children and then went bad….
“Then mother, does that mean that Atla-chan and I are related?” (Melty)
“That seems to be the case…he may feel at ease because she’s the spitting image of his sister.” (Queen)
“No way.” (Naofumi)
That’s right. Their connection was too much.
Atla must have been sensing her own blood.
Well, it may be better if the fact that the relatives of the King of the anti-demihuman Melromarc were Demi-humans was concealed.
Anyway, to reveal it now would just incur meaningless mayhem.
“I understand the story. By the way, we captured the Hero of the Sword but I wanted to ask what we should do.” (Naofumi)
“That’s right…. The public rumours have been settling down lately so I’m worried about the punishment.” (Queen)
“According to the legends or something, we can’t kill him during the waves, right?” (Female Knight)
The Female knight spoke. What does that mean, I wonder.
“Such a prediction has been written down.” (Queen)
“The Pope tried to kill me with all his strength before though….” (Naofumi)
“Do you really think that those who have faith in their own convenient beliefs will trust that sort of legend?” (Queen)
…..It is pretty persuasive.
Nonetheless, it can be said that it is a plausible view.
Seeing as even Gaelion says so, it might actually be reliable.
“What happened to make them settle down?” (Naofumi)
“From the start, the country in which the Spirit Turtle had been dormant had a few diplomatic issues.” (Queen)
Ah, come to think of it, Ren mentioned that in his story.
That there’s no point in relying on the country, and that they’ve been brainwashed by the Spirit Turtle or something.
“The Seven Star Heroes, who were famous because of the seal, were originally from our country, they had to surrender, requests came despite not having an Hourglasses of the Dragon’s Era, the legend of the Four Saint Heroes originated from our country and such…. it was a country full of troubling problems.” (Queen)
….Every country has its troubles.
And because that country had a catastrophe… the end there were still benefits…huh.
“It started in our country and caused a lot of damage in the neighbouring countries but in relation to the damage from the waves, we have started to acknowledge that the rumour about the masses also being concerned with the Four Saint Heroes is a lie. At present, we head to the frontlines beforehand to curb the damage, we can even say that there will be hindrances in the end and we may be stigmatised.” (Queen)
“That’s a favourable explanation.” (Naofumi)
“The Heroes’ legends are mostly spoken of with benevolence, the legends of the heroes exist in many countries…depending on the country, they could be deified, with bad deeds being blamed on an imposter.” (Queen)
Speaking of which, even in my world, the great men of the past were really….actually, I haven’t heard much about them.
Research would reveal that there were countless examples of being unexpectedly useless or lacking common sense.
Not to mention that compared to my world, news in this world was at least 1~2 steps behind so the heroes’ actual situations were unexpectedly unknown.
“And besides….with respect to the waves, there is information about the unnecessary influence of the heroes and the damage this time being witnessed, and the necessity of the heroes being reviewed and invites being planned.” (Queen)
“If a hero was killed with that kind of motive….you could probably hide it, but what would happen?” (Naofumi)
“We would investigate their survival using the equipment used during the summoning. Although we’ve already handed it back to Foburei….” (Queen)
“….Sigh.” (Naofumi)
We couldn’t execute him.
Moreover, even if we confined him, we would still have to call him out when the waves occur.
In actuality, the most we could confine him for was about two months.
Killing him during the next wave is an option but intentional killing may lead to war and it also seems risky to kill him while there are still waves.
“From the reports, I’ve heard that he’s become obedient.” (Queen)
“Yeah. Your subordinate, the Female Knight, is looking after him.” (Naofumi)
“That person, I see. She desired to be employed in Iwatani-sama’s land. She also had some skill with swords and was familiar with the land so I encouraged her, but some problematic actions stand out.” (Queen)
“Indeed.” (Naofumi)
“If Iwatani-sama wishes, shall I demote her? She is excellent as war power so it will be more secure if she serves in the castle.” (Queen)
“…She’s Ren’s reins. I’d like her to remain close by to deal with Ren.” (Naofumi)
“I understand. That person’s father was a very excellent person but his daughter has a few unique set of values. I wanted her to observe Naofumi’s land management and have more flexible thinking like her father, but it seems that’s not going very well.” (Queen)
She’s a stubborn person indeed.
The cause of that is the will of her excellent father though.
In which case, the Female Knight may have a different idea about what flexible thinking means.
“If it’s for the sake of the people, I wanted her to known the resolution of staining her own hand but…” (Queen)
“Well, the current her has the distorted hope for both herself and her opponents to be honourable.”
As a person, it’s fine if that’s the case, but it would be hard to get a promotion.
And also, I can’t leave the land to her.
Having too much of a shitty character will produce conflict and being so self-righteous means that people won’t approach her.
A similar character would be Itsuki. If I think about it, our ideals have some similarities.
If I had to say though, Itsuki is more extreme and self-centred.
Well, he doesn’t seem to have the sense of duty I, who has a mass of self-righteousness, have.
“And so, what’s happening with Ren?” (Naofumi)
“I heard that the Hero of the Sword-sama is being cooperative.” (Queen)
“You’re not going to assign any punishment?” (Naofumi)
“It would be different if we were in peace, but right now we cannot predict the future. Therefore, fighting for the world is punishment enough for all the Heroes….is that not so?” (Queen)
“I’m not bad though….” (Naofumi)
“If you have feelings of guilt personally then <special> amnesty can be granted though there will be an increase of surveillance. At this rate, winning over allies is the best plan, don’t you think?” (Queen)
My not being killed when I was falsely accused as a criminal was also due to this same reason, but those guys in the past probably had this kind of feeling.
Who knows, but I’m reluctant to consent.
“The world causes such pressure. This year, there was famine all over the world and we suffered a decline due to monsters. An omen of war could also be seen, and the loss of war power due to the waves so far, the damage caused by the Spirit Turtle… we couldn’t impede criminals if we wanted war power for the waves. And above all, the waves will probably come many times. We want to have strong war power if we can, that is our motive.” (Queen)
“….I got it. I’ll tell Ren.” (Naofumi)
“If I think about Iwatani-sama’s feelings, I would like to assign a suitable punishment but… for requiring you to have patience, many apologies.” (Queen)
“No problem. It’s true that it’s reassuring if the heroes are our allies and I can also be at ease. ….Also, have you found Itsuki?” (Naofumi)
“No… his whereabouts are unknown. We’ve also appealed to Zeltbur but finding him is hard.” (Queen)
I don’t know where he disappeared to but he probably has the Warping Skill as well.
As I expected, it’s impossible for Shadow to follow his warping.
Huh? If I think carefully, didn’t the Shadow surveying me lose sight of me many times for the same reason?
Well, it’s not like anything bad happened so there’s no problem.
“Even so, your daughter is really evil.” (Naofumi)
“Really…it’s already like the findings….no, never mind.” (Queen)
Due to indulgence, was having a bad child rather tough?
“Ah, also.” (Queen)
When the Queen raised her hand, Shadow appeared and handed me several jewel-like stones..
“These are?” (Naofumi)
“Dragon cores. Perhaps there may be a fragment of the Dragon Emperor in there. (Queen)
“I understand. Thanks.” (Naofumi)
Were they a treasure of the castle or something added to a famous weapon?
Their assistance helps a lot.
I think this is to compensate for Ren not being punished due to political reasons though.
“We’re going to go Class Up. See you.” (Naofumi)
“It’s been an enlightening talk, I also thank you.” (Queen)
Then we went to the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era and completed the Class Ups.
Ah, Melty finished the ceremony at a frightening speed. The feather reacted before there was any contact.
Was it alright even though she wasn’t a companion of mine?
But when I was sensing the flow of magic, I felt something escaping from my shield.
….It awakened some unpleasant ability.
Alta was also able to be influenced by Firo’s ahoge.
When I asked Fitoria, using Firo as a proxy, she said that the divine protection of the dragon fragment was also engaged so it was hard for her to engage or something….
With this, our war power rose.
“Now then Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Wha~t?” (Firo)
“Take the Future Queen Melty and Atla to―” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi….If you don’t stop it, I’ll get mad.” (Melty)
“Yeah, yeah, aren’t you always mad….I get it so stop with the magic.” (Naofumi)
Well, we have some flexibility this time so I’ll let her go.
“Then take Atla and go level up.” (Naofumi)
“Ok!” (Firo)
“No way! Naofumi-sama!” (Atla)
Firo carried Atla on her shoulders and ran.
“Naofumi-samaaaaa―” (Atla)
With this, it will be quiet.
Now I have to return to the village and discuss Ren’s treatment.
From tomorrow, it’ll be unnecessary to start the Female Knight’s boot camp.
When it became night, due to weariness or something, I came to be annoyed that Ren slept with a refreshing face, and so I whispered insinuations in his ear.

Chapter 201: Trash and Atlas

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Chapter 201: Trash and Atlas

“Firo-chan’s back!” (Atlas)

Atlas says as she comes into the house.
I wonder if she managed to get back the levels she lost.
With just a little more, Atlas will be able to Class Up. The two are actually quite close in level now.

“Her timing is quite good.” (Naofumi)

I leave Female Knight and Ren to their training, and go out to meet Firo.

『I, who has understood the source of power command. Let the truth once more be read…

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