Chapter 202: Amnesty

“So it’s really that.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Queen)
From here onwards is just conjecture, but a few thoughts come to mind.
There is the possibility of the beloved little sister of Trash being treated as a plaything by the Hakuko from Silt Welt, getting raped and becoming pregnant with Fohl and Atla.
But why that wasn’t brought up in discussion and various other questions arise.
However, from Fohl and Atla’s descriptions of their past, they hadn’t been treated badly.
Then, had the little sister and her Hakuko partner actually been in love just like in a soap opera?
I didn’t really know the particulars.
But Atla’s confusing Trash with Fohl could be said to have been her sensing their blood ties.
Just that, they said that they had simply been rich but….
“Fohl and Alta are half human?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows…. I was really little after all…If you want to know the details, you will have to ask Brother.” (Atla)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
I’ll ask Fohl when he returns.
In short, Trash became docile because he realised everything after seeing Alta’s face.
Or perhaps he perceived it as the return of his dearly beloved little sister .
“His first name and surname were taken from my father. Our country has the tradition of having the husband’s name decided by the wife.” (Queen)
“Hmmm….” (Naofumi)
Trash used to be so famous but has now become like that.
It was said that he had children and then went bad….
“Then mother, does that mean that Atla-chan and I are related?” (Melty)
“That seems to be the case…he may feel at ease because she’s the spitting image of his sister.” (Queen)
“No way.” (Naofumi)
That’s right. Their connection was too much.
Atla must have been sensing her own blood.
Well, it may be better if the fact that the relatives of the King of the anti-demihuman Melromarc were Demi-humans was concealed.
Anyway, to reveal it now would just incur meaningless mayhem.
“I understand the story. By the way, we captured the Hero of the Sword but I wanted to ask what we should do.” (Naofumi)
“That’s right…. The public rumours have been settling down lately so I’m worried about the punishment.” (Queen)
“According to the legends or something, we can’t kill him during the waves, right?” (Female Knight)
The Female knight spoke. What does that mean, I wonder.
“Such a prediction has been written down.” (Queen)
“The Pope tried to kill me with all his strength before though….” (Naofumi)
“Do you really think that those who have faith in their own convenient beliefs will trust that sort of legend?” (Queen)
…..It is pretty persuasive.
Nonetheless, it can be said that it is a plausible view.
Seeing as even Gaelion says so, it might actually be reliable.
“What happened to make them settle down?” (Naofumi)
“From the start, the country in which the Spirit Turtle had been dormant had a few diplomatic issues.” (Queen)
Ah, come to think of it, Ren mentioned that in his story.
That there’s no point in relying on the country, and that they’ve been brainwashed by the Spirit Turtle or something.
“The Seven Star Heroes, who were famous because of the seal, were originally from our country, they had to surrender, requests came despite not having an Hourglasses of the Dragon’s Era, the legend of the Four Saint Heroes originated from our country and such…. it was a country full of troubling problems.” (Queen)
….Every country has its troubles.
And because that country had a catastrophe… the end there were still benefits…huh.
“It started in our country and caused a lot of damage in the neighbouring countries but in relation to the damage from the waves, we have started to acknowledge that the rumour about the masses also being concerned with the Four Saint Heroes is a lie. At present, we head to the frontlines beforehand to curb the damage, we can even say that there will be hindrances in the end and we may be stigmatised.” (Queen)
“That’s a favourable explanation.” (Naofumi)
“The Heroes’ legends are mostly spoken of with benevolence, the legends of the heroes exist in many countries…depending on the country, they could be deified, with bad deeds being blamed on an imposter.” (Queen)
Speaking of which, even in my world, the great men of the past were really….actually, I haven’t heard much about them.
Research would reveal that there were countless examples of being unexpectedly useless or lacking common sense.
Not to mention that compared to my world, news in this world was at least 1~2 steps behind so the heroes’ actual situations were unexpectedly unknown.
“And besides….with respect to the waves, there is information about the unnecessary influence of the heroes and the damage this time being witnessed, and the necessity of the heroes being reviewed and invites being planned.” (Queen)
“If a hero was killed with that kind of motive….you could probably hide it, but what would happen?” (Naofumi)
“We would investigate their survival using the equipment used during the summoning. Although we’ve already handed it back to Foburei….” (Queen)
“….Sigh.” (Naofumi)
We couldn’t execute him.
Moreover, even if we confined him, we would still have to call him out when the waves occur.
In actuality, the most we could confine him for was about two months.
Killing him during the next wave is an option but intentional killing may lead to war and it also seems risky to kill him while there are still waves.
“From the reports, I’ve heard that he’s become obedient.” (Queen)
“Yeah. Your subordinate, the Female Knight, is looking after him.” (Naofumi)
“That person, I see. She desired to be employed in Iwatani-sama’s land. She also had some skill with swords and was familiar with the land so I encouraged her, but some problematic actions stand out.” (Queen)
“Indeed.” (Naofumi)
“If Iwatani-sama wishes, shall I demote her? She is excellent as war power so it will be more secure if she serves in the castle.” (Queen)
“…She’s Ren’s reins. I’d like her to remain close by to deal with Ren.” (Naofumi)
“I understand. That person’s father was a very excellent person but his daughter has a few unique set of values. I wanted her to observe Naofumi’s land management and have more flexible thinking like her father, but it seems that’s not going very well.” (Queen)
She’s a stubborn person indeed.
The cause of that is the will of her excellent father though.
In which case, the Female Knight may have a different idea about what flexible thinking means.
“If it’s for the sake of the people, I wanted her to known the resolution of staining her own hand but…” (Queen)
“Well, the current her has the distorted hope for both herself and her opponents to be honourable.”
As a person, it’s fine if that’s the case, but it would be hard to get a promotion.
And also, I can’t leave the land to her.
Having too much of a shitty character will produce conflict and being so self-righteous means that people won’t approach her.
A similar character would be Itsuki. If I think about it, our ideals have some similarities.
If I had to say though, Itsuki is more extreme and self-centred.
Well, he doesn’t seem to have the sense of duty I, who has a mass of self-righteousness, have.
“And so, what’s happening with Ren?” (Naofumi)
“I heard that the Hero of the Sword-sama is being cooperative.” (Queen)
“You’re not going to assign any punishment?” (Naofumi)
“It would be different if we were in peace, but right now we cannot predict the future. Therefore, fighting for the world is punishment enough for all the Heroes….is that not so?” (Queen)
“I’m not bad though….” (Naofumi)
“If you have feelings of guilt personally then <special> amnesty can be granted though there will be an increase of surveillance. At this rate, winning over allies is the best plan, don’t you think?” (Queen)
My not being killed when I was falsely accused as a criminal was also due to this same reason, but those guys in the past probably had this kind of feeling.
Who knows, but I’m reluctant to consent.
“The world causes such pressure. This year, there was famine all over the world and we suffered a decline due to monsters. An omen of war could also be seen, and the loss of war power due to the waves so far, the damage caused by the Spirit Turtle… we couldn’t impede criminals if we wanted war power for the waves. And above all, the waves will probably come many times. We want to have strong war power if we can, that is our motive.” (Queen)
“….I got it. I’ll tell Ren.” (Naofumi)
“If I think about Iwatani-sama’s feelings, I would like to assign a suitable punishment but… for requiring you to have patience, many apologies.” (Queen)
“No problem. It’s true that it’s reassuring if the heroes are our allies and I can also be at ease. ….Also, have you found Itsuki?” (Naofumi)
“No… his whereabouts are unknown. We’ve also appealed to Zeltbur but finding him is hard.” (Queen)
I don’t know where he disappeared to but he probably has the Warping Skill as well.
As I expected, it’s impossible for Shadow to follow his warping.
Huh? If I think carefully, didn’t the Shadow surveying me lose sight of me many times for the same reason?
Well, it’s not like anything bad happened so there’s no problem.
“Even so, your daughter is really evil.” (Naofumi)
“Really…it’s already like the findings….no, never mind.” (Queen)
Due to indulgence, was having a bad child rather tough?
“Ah, also.” (Queen)
When the Queen raised her hand, Shadow appeared and handed me several jewel-like stones..
“These are?” (Naofumi)
“Dragon cores. Perhaps there may be a fragment of the Dragon Emperor in there. (Queen)
“I understand. Thanks.” (Naofumi)
Were they a treasure of the castle or something added to a famous weapon?
Their assistance helps a lot.
I think this is to compensate for Ren not being punished due to political reasons though.
“We’re going to go Class Up. See you.” (Naofumi)
“It’s been an enlightening talk, I also thank you.” (Queen)
Then we went to the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era and completed the Class Ups.
Ah, Melty finished the ceremony at a frightening speed. The feather reacted before there was any contact.
Was it alright even though she wasn’t a companion of mine?
But when I was sensing the flow of magic, I felt something escaping from my shield.
….It awakened some unpleasant ability.
Alta was also able to be influenced by Firo’s ahoge.
When I asked Fitoria, using Firo as a proxy, she said that the divine protection of the dragon fragment was also engaged so it was hard for her to engage or something….
With this, our war power rose.
“Now then Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Wha~t?” (Firo)
“Take the Future Queen Melty and Atla to―” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi….If you don’t stop it, I’ll get mad.” (Melty)
“Yeah, yeah, aren’t you always mad….I get it so stop with the magic.” (Naofumi)
Well, we have some flexibility this time so I’ll let her go.
“Then take Atla and go level up.” (Naofumi)
“Ok!” (Firo)
“No way! Naofumi-sama!” (Atla)
Firo carried Atla on her shoulders and ran.
“Naofumi-samaaaaa―” (Atla)
With this, it will be quiet.
Now I have to return to the village and discuss Ren’s treatment.
From tomorrow, it’ll be unnecessary to start the Female Knight’s boot camp.
When it became night, due to weariness or something, I came to be annoyed that Ren slept with a refreshing face, and so I whispered insinuations in his ear.

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  1. Thanks for the release!

    “When it became night, due to weariness or something, that Ren made a refreshing face and came to be annoyed about sleeping, and therefore muttered sarcasm.”

    I’m a bit confused about this sentence. Ren’s becoming a training addict and doesn’t even want to sleep?


    1. I don’t know, maybe when naofumi get in to the village, he saw ren’s happy dream like face, so naofume annoyed and whisper something “funny” to ren, to have a bad dream or something..
      thx for the relase, soory for my bad english


    2. ” I don’t know if it was because i was tired, but when i saw Ren’s blissful sleeping face I got annoyed and got my payback by whispering gaudy things to him.”

      Naofumi is probably saying things about his sins like before. The point is he just had a long day and was pissed off that Ren seemed to be sleeping peacefully.


      1. I think the one who tired is ren maybe, maybe ren train hard all the day, until exhausted or something like that, maybe it become
        “when I back home at night, I saw ren’s peacefull sleeping face, I can ressist and give him good night kiss” (just kidding ;p)


      2. >[T/N: Help? 夜になると疲労からなのか、錬の奴が爽やかな顔をして寝ている事にイラっと来たので、嫌味を囁きまくってやった。]

        What KansaiNagaremono said. Basically “When it became night, from fatigue or such, Since Ren was making a refreshing face and sleeping, I got irritated and recklessly whispered my resentment/disagreements(to him)”
        Pretty much something like that.


  2. [Using machine-FU]
    I think considering chapter Morning of Shield Hero, the sentense is something like that:

    In the evening, when I came and saw exhausted Ren, sleeping with a fresh face(basically sleeps like a child, with no guilt or whatever), I(Naofumi) sarcastically whispered him things like crazy.

    [/Using machine-FU]

    Still don’t understand what’s that “Iru” in katakana supposed to mean. My only guess is that is the same as いる, but emotional? Wakaranai.


    1. It’s not “iru”, its “ira”. as in “イライラ”. you see this a Japanese. An onomatopoeia cut in half and a “っと” added to it.


      1. “イラ” is an effect to denote annoyance, not quite anger. “イライライライライライラ” would be someone that is seriously annoyed and on the edge of exploding into anger.


        1. Although that is probably too many “イラ”..

          イラ = grr..
          イライラ = Grr..
          イライライラ = GRR..
          イライライライラ = GRRAAA!!!

          To give you a general idea of the level of annoyance. Shield was just a little annoyed that Ren was sleeping so peacefully when he had caused so many problem.


  3. “we couldn’t impede criminals if we wanted was power for the wave”. This sentence fragment bugged me more than it should have. I recommend either taking out the ‘was’ or adding either ‘what’ or ‘all’ to make it flow better.
    “we couldn’t impede criminals if we all/what wanted was power for the wave”
    “we couldn’t impede criminals if we wanted power for the wave”


  4. I’m fairly sure that the line:

    “I previously killed the Pope with all my strength but….” (Naofumi)

    should have been something closer to:

    “Previously the Pope tried with all his might to kill me though…” (Naofumi)

    The Queen’s follow up line is talking about how the Popes faith lead to him to thinking that the Shield was just a devil and should die, and such an inconvinent legend like “The 4 Heros shouldn’t be killed during the waves” was ignored. It feels a bit akward if the subject is the killing of the Pope, since the Pope was just a random citizen with power, not a summoned Hero. The death of a citizen, regardless of their standing, is not of the same import as the death of a Hero.

    They are talking about how there are several things saying that the 4 Heros should not be killed during a time when the waves are happening or something serious could happen and Naofumi mentions that the Pope was trying his hardest to kill Shield. The Queen then replies with something similar to “Fanatics will ignore things that are inconvinent to their world view”. Since the Shield is a Devil that must be killed as soon as possible, something like a legend that he shouldn’t be killed can be ignored.


  5. Ho ho ho. Christmas came early this year. Thanks kookie.

    “That seems to be the case…he may feel at easy because she’s the spitting image of his sister.” (Queen)

    I think it should be

    “That seems to be the case…he may feel at ease because she’s the spitting image of his sister.” (Queen)


  6. Wow that was a long shot, but I called this.

    “Then mother, does that mean that Atla-chan and I are related?” (Melty)
    “That seems to be the case…he may feel at ease because she’s the spitting image of his sister.” (Queen)


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