Chapter 209: Lust

Chapter 209 by Hlentai
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“Victory-!” (Firo)
Firo still won’t stop doing the victory dance. Does she like competitions? Melty and the others are still groggy and suffering.
“Well then…the winner gets to take one Firorial from the loser, was it?” (Naofumi)
I don’t really need it, but that’s how it’s been decided. Umm, looking carefully, these three seem to have their own characteristics.
The red one with a short bob hairstyle gives a strong-willed impression from their eyes. The blue one with long hair gives a tidy young lady impression. The green one with braided hair seems like a docile, plain class representative type, I’d say similar Rishia.
Firo is like that, so I won’t judge to what’s inside, but the green one looks easiest to use.
“Okay, then send over that quiet-looking emerald green one.” (Naofumi)
“No gooooooood! Green is no goooooood!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu protectingly clung to the three of them. Is Midori its name? I have no duty to say it, but what terrible naming sense. It’s very likely that the other two have been named by their colors as well.
“Really you…” (Naofumi)
Bringing up the match yourself and declining when you lose, what’s with that? I don’t really need you speaking your mind. I have a surplus with even Firo. I don’t need just another two.
Call him the same way! Is what I will leave unsaid. It’d probably get noisy. The three clung to Motoyasu and were all crying together. Reluctant to part, huh? I don’t need this.
“It’s fine already, just come back. Don’t cause trouble. Follow the filo rial queen’s instructions.” (Naofumi)
Good, mission complete. Firo will quiet down too.
“Father-in-law!” (Motoyasu)
“Stop calling me that!” (Naofumi)
Honestly, you just keep getting broken.
“Please give me your daughter.” (Motoyasu)
“Again!” (Naofumi)
Ah really…so troublesome. Or rather, to ask for more even when you lose the match huh.
“Uu…the bad feeling has finally been cured.”
“I’ve found the spot that works for motion sickness.” (Atla)
Before I realized, Atla was looking after Melty and Rishia. Recovery seems fast.
Motoyasu’s followers are saying the same thing as Firo. They are identical on the inside, after all.
“No-! Go home if you lost!” (Firo)
Firo declared loudly. As a matter of fact that’s how it is. It’ll take work to apprehend her and Gaelion is not here, so I don’t want to get involved. Let’s hurry back.
“Reach Firo-chan! My feelings!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu suddenly wielded his spear and took a pose. What? I didn’t get a good look at that flag-attached spear, but the handle is black. Somehow…smells like the Curse Series.
“Temptation!” (Motoyasu)
It felt like something like a barrier was developing in the middle of Motoyasu.
“Wha-” (Naofumi)
What’s this guy doing? A really disturbing word is floating into mind. There are many skills with this name that usually have charm-type effects. I concentrated my eyes and look at Motoyasu.
Huh? What? Motoyasu has become good-looking. There’re glittering sparkles around him like a lame cloth and the background is dyed pink.
No way…such a hottie…if he’s this good-looking even I’ll fall for him….
“…Yeah right!” (Naofumi)
I maintain my sense by swinging my head. That was dangerous. I almost got to the point of no recovery.
“Are you okay!?” (Naofumi)
I look toward Melty and the others.
“Ah, yeah. I’m alright…I just thought that person looked a bit cool, but I’m okay.” (Melty)
“Fuee…I have Itsuki-sama, so it’s no good…” (Rishia)
“What do you mean?” (Atla)
Atla…was there no effect because she can’t see?
“Naofumi-sama is the only one for me no matter what.” (Atla)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
Anyways, Motoyasu…what are you doing all of a sudden?
“Hey you-…what’s that spear?” (Naofumi)
“It is L*st Spear IV, father-in-law.” (Motoyasu)
IV! Higher than Wrath!? Just how sick have you gotten? Or rather, answering so easily is a bad disposition! Last…it’s not last. It’s lust, no doubt. Why did he answer so honestly, I wonder?
“Father-in-law. If Firo-tan desires it, please allow our engagement.” (Motoyasu)
“Don’t you just want to brainwash Firo with your temptation skill?” (Naofumi)
“It’s different! It’s a skill my heart summoned to convey my [love] to Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“Other females have been tempted too. Even males were affected.” (Naofumi)
What are you learning a brainwashing skill for? Even though I wanted to know about the existence of a brainwashing shield so much, why are you using it? Because Motoyasu before he got broken was loud saying brainwash brainwash.
“I don’t need any love besides Firo-tan’s.” (Motoyasu)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
But to think his lust for Firo exceeds my anger….
Wow. Losing is fine already. I want to return. Speaking of…Firo is being quiet.
“Firo?” (Naofumi)
“Haa…haa…n…” (Firo)
This rough breathing, it’s come huh. Motoyasu’s dearest desire. It’s over, I wonder if I should give up. Should I have Atla return her to normal? In RPGs of the past, charm and confusion could be offset by an attack from an ally. Though sometimes it wouldn’t work.
“Okay Atla, hit Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Yes!” (Atla)
Atla hit around Firo’s flank. However….
“Haa…haa…” (Firo)
She won’t return.
“Firo-chan?” (Atla)
Ah, she won’t come back. Is it impossible to help Firo without defeating Motoyasu?
“Firo-tan! I am over here!” (Motoyasu)
Leaving behind the three burning with jealousy, Motoyasu opened his arms widely waiting for Firo. Tempting the other with the spear’s power is love? However…Motoyasu’s plan is–
“–aster. Want to eat.” (Firo)
Heading in another direction, the box that must not be opened was opened. Of all things, Firo turned to face me and started walking plumpily.
“Haa…haa…” (Firo)
Her eyes look more dangerous than this morning. A chill ran down my spine. What is this. My instincts are sounding the danger alarm. The goosebumps and chills won’t stop. It’ll be bad if I don’t stand and leave here immediately!
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
I keep relying on this, but it can’t be helped. I won’t get away if I don’t rely on it. But….
Transfer failed!? Because of Motoyasu’s skill, huh?
“I won’t let you escape…” (Firo)
Looking closely…something like a mist is enshrouding Firo, with firefly-like lights floating around nearby.
“…Sanctuary…” (Firo)
Firo lightly chanted a magic. It’s probably the same system of magic as Gaelion’s Dragon Sanctuary without doubt, I think.
Dragon Pulse?
No, Filorials would not use it. But the atmosphere and area resemble the time when Fitoria appeared. Why can Firo use it?
Tell me how you were able to use it before me who’s relying on Gaelion! No, there’s no mistake…it’s useful because of the current circumstances.
“Fi, Fitoria! Repay me now and send it!” (Naofumi)
Whether or not I was heard, Firo’s ahoge is shining. But it had no effect, and something black was silently coiling about around the ahoge.
“Naofumi-sama!” (Atla)
Atla stood in front of Firo.
“Move.” (Firo)
Firo nimbly held Atla’s shoulder and moved her aside.
“Ah-” (Atla)
How fast. Even though Atla’s movements were good too. Well, being compared to Firo is unfair. She’s the fastest of my subordinates after all, this fellow.
“Atla, do you know what’s happening to Firo?” (Naofumi)
“Yes! Something black came out from that person and is coiling around Firo-chan!” (Atla)
Then, Atla pointed at Motoyasu.

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  1. When I saw the censoring I could not help but laugh as I thought “the shield was censoring obscenities from it’s master.”

    This chapter is full of funny scenes that should not be funny.


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