Chapter 211: Infighting

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From Yuru Yuri

Chapter 211: Infighting

“As expected of Firo-tan. My heart is beating so fast my chest will split open…” (Motoyasu)

Even though Motoyasu was kicked, he’s showing an expression of ecstasy as he gets up.
How long will this headache continue?
And from the sound, it didn’t seem like Firo held back at all with that Kick.

It was a serious kick, and she’s also receiving a bonus from the Lust Spear. My Zveit Aura should also still be in effect… Yet he withstood that.
The past Motoyasu would have been split in half. Even the Curse Series shouldn’t increase his stats to this extent.

I don’t know why, but he’s still doing just fine.

“Motoyasu-” (Naofumi)
“WHAT is…

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