Chapter 214: The Revolutionary Faction

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Chapter 214: The Revolutionary Faction

“Filo Rials again…Motoyasu really makes trouble wherever he goes.” (Naofumi)

Most of which relate to Filo Rials.
He’s a troublesome man to no end.
He must have been ecstatic when he saw the castle’s Filo Rial stable.
Just how broken does he have to get to satisfy himself…

“There was no helping it, so we have him some Filo Rial eggs, and gave him a mission.” (Queen)
“… The mission was just a front to drive him off, right?” (Naofumi)
“Correct.” (Queen)

I’ve been thinking it for a while, but this country’s Queen is surprisingly honest.
Even so… That man wants even more Filo Rials? Just how severe is his…

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Chapter 213: Nap

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“Naofumi, you dense Motherfucker”


Chapter 213: Nap

After returning to the village, I took a light nap.
Because of Firo’s misconduct, I have forbid her from coming into my bed.
In order to keep up the Atlas countermeasures, I invited Melty over, but…

“W-w-why do I have to sleep with Naofumi!?” (Melty)
“Originally, it was Firo’s duty, but as she caused quite an uproar, she has been banished as a punishment.” (Naofumi)

I asked Rat for the reason for her suddenly going to heat.
She said it may be because I slept next to her so much.
Something about… Being attached to me, or something.
I have no idea what she’s trying to say.

I have no intentions of setting up house in this world.
Building a Harem in another world?
I threw away such dreams long ago.

“And so her successor is you, Melty. I thought I would…

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