Chapter 216: Joint Ownership

Inlitify OA

Oh god.

Chapter 216: Joint Ownership

“Well, Hero of the Shield, did something happen? Yes.” (Slave Dealer)
“Last we met, I had the feeling you were avoiding eye contact. Does that ring any bells?” (Naofumi)

I go over to the Slave Dealer’s place, and ask as such with my arms crossed.
I’m not saying anything was his fault, but this man is one of the many reasons Motoyasu caused me such trouble.

“Absolutely none. Yes.” (Slave Dealer)
“…*Sigh*” (Naofumi)

He’s putting on a business smile.
He’s definitely faking it.

“I’m thinking of leaving my gluttonous Filo Rial in your care for a while.” (Naofumi)
“T-that is…” (Slave Dealer)
“Of course, you’ll be footing the bill. I won’t let you refuse.” (Naofumi)

I have some political power now, but also this person is earning a lot by selling me slaves.
There’s no way the Slave Dealer would needlessly strain our business…

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 216: Joint Ownership

  1. So – does 170 need TLC? Its grammar is good, but that’s pretty much the only good thing. How accurate are the meanings?


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