Chapter 221: Release Time

Inlitify OA

I’m not sure what to refer to as what anymore. I forgot…

Anyways, release is the thing where you unlock abilities if you use a weapon long enough.

By the way, the Japanese Four Spirits (Shirei) are Reiki (Spirit Turtle), Kirin (Quilin), Houou (Feng Huang), and Ouryu (Ying Long).

You can find them with google-sensei under the Four Benevolent Spirits, which is their Chinese equivalent

The Four Evils are Kyoukou (Gong Gong), Kantou (Huan Dou), Kon (Gun), and Sanbyou (I can find his Chinese page, but I can’t read Chinese) For these individuals, once again Google sensei is your friend.

Chapter 221: Release Time

“What was that!?” (Ren & Naofumi)

I unintentionally harmonize with Ren. But that’s to be expected.
That green bird was Male? By his appearance, I can see him as nothing but a little girl.
He’s a Filo Rial King?

“N-now that I think about it, you…

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