Chapter 238: Chasing Too Far

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Chapter 238: Chasing Too Far

Ren and Motoyasu are Heroes, so I can’t kill them, and there are some things I need to make Witch do, so I’d like to leave her (barely) alive if possible.
But these guys are different.
In fact, in order to prevent them from harming more people, it’s best to make them leave the stage early. For the sake of the world.

“And, like, did you seriously think you could beat me with such low power?” (Naofumi)

A possibility is that Armor challenged Ren when he was a bandit and thought he could beat me if that was my power level. But, the Ren of that time had not yet learned strengthening methods.
To face me, he kept himself in perfect condition and got his hands on the strongest equipment he could find.

He used brainwashing to amass an army to wear me down so he could…

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Chapter 237: Spirit Turtle Armor

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Chapter 237: Spirit Turtle Armor

I’m reaching my limit here.
I don’t plan on letting these people live. My stress has reached its peak.

“Understood! But… They’re Itsuki’s former comrades, right? Will you be alright?” (Ren)
“They’re no one’s comrades right now. They’re the scum of this country… no, of this world. We need to deal with them as soon as possible. There’s no merit in leaving the Three Hero Church alive either.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Ren)

With Ren’s reply, the other members run forward.
I get off Firo and begin walking towards Armor.
I left Firo to deal with the others. If I let anyone else fight this one, then the shield I’ve been waiting so long for would get damaged.

“Die!” (Armor)

Sure of his victory, Armor swings down the Spirit Turtle Sword at me with all his might.
It seems that the remnants of the Three Hero Church…

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Chapter 236: The Demon Lord of the Shield

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Remember, kids

Chapter 236: The Demon Lord of the Shield

The shouts of justice from the brainwashed slaves fill the air, and I can no longer hear anything else.
I am getting the urge to burn them all with my Wrath, but I can’t really be inflicting damage on these people.
I’ll have to pay them compensation when all of this is resolved, and if they ask for medical fees… Should I just play dumb?

“Firo.” (Naofumi)
“What~?” (Firo)
“Throw them off! With enough force to kill!” (Naofumi)
“They’re people Firo knows, so no!” (Firo)

Ku… she’s fine with leaving them on the brink of death, but she won’t kill.
It may be because she spends much more time in this town than me.
Her memory isn’t to be underestimated, so she can probably recognize the villagers.
But this swarm is making it hard to proceed.

“Naofumi sometimes makes some…

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Chapter 235: Remnants

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If you’re looking for his shields, it’s chapter 133.

Chapter 235: Remnants

“KYUA!” (Gaelion)

Aboard Firo, we assault the heavily fortified church.
People fly left and right in the face of Firo’s charge.
… They’re fine, right? I don’t think they’ll die from something like this.
I somehow feel invincible right now.

And we reached the area Gaelion was fighting in.
Firo and Gaelion lock eyes, and begin intimidating one another.
They’ll still fight in a situation like this?
They stare at each other, fighting with their gazes for a while. Suddenly, Gaelion lets out a laugh.

“Mu-!” (Firo)
“This isn’t the time for that! By the way, what is supposed to be here?” (Naofumi)

I pose the question to Rishia and Atlas, who are riding the same Filo Rial.

“A sinister aura is intertwined with the flow of energy here. I’m not exactly sure.” (Atlas)
“Fumu.” (Naofumi)

It would…

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Chapter 234: Mob Mentality

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Chapter 234: Mob Mentality

As I approach the city, I could see fires blazing even from afar.
The people were not evacuating. They were taking refuge in the mansion Melty was using as her residence on the outskirts of the village.
The Justice Zombies were attacking while shouting out negative propaganda about me and the country.

These brainwashed people would usually be difficult to distinguish at a glance.
However, if they took a sufficient amount of damage, and the host’s consciousness faded, then the bodies would continue to walk around like typical zombies without wills.
Their behavior is also a problem.
The situation has devolved as such: The zombies would attempt to climb the stone walls surrounding the mansion, while the people inside would knock them down with wind magic or physical force.

And within the fire, Ren and Firo were taking the initiative, going around and knocking out the…

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Chapter 233: The Dagger of Justice

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Chapter 233: The Dagger of JUSTICE

“…Rishia, weren’t we comrades? Just defeat that devil behind you, and together, we can spread Justice throughout the world. I’ll put in a word to Mald. I’ll convince them to let you be our comrade. So let’s come to an agreement here.” (Welst)

Who the hell is Mald?
An important member of the Itsuki party… Is it Armor?
I get the feeling that there were a few more, but I’m not sure they even told me their names.
I mean, they were selfish beyond reason.

“… Where is Itsuki-sama?” (Rishia)
“If you save me now, I’ll tell you. So won’t you offer your hand here?” (Welst)

Silence surrounds the two figures.
With the sound of the wind being cut, the ropes tying the mage fall to the ground.

“Good work! Now go die in a ditch with the Evil over there!” (Welst)


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Chapter 232: Effort

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Chapter 232: Effort

“This is… the village Naofumi-san built from the ground up. I am merely here to assist him. Welst-san, so you survived?” (Rishia)
“I find no joy in having found you like this. So you assisted in establishing this filthy Demi-Human village? That’s an insult. An act of rebellion towards all of the proud people of Melromark! I need to punish you!” (Welst)

The mage person begins chanting, and Kiel’s group’s injuries are healed.
Ah, he realized that his own half-assed magic would be useless against us.
Kiel and the others slowly pick themselves up off the ground like zombies.
… Perhaps because they’re not fully conscious yet, they sway back and forth as they walk.
But if we attack them anymore, I can’t guarantee the slaves’ safety.

“Where is Itsuki? Is this situation his doing?” (Naofumi)
“That fake who pretended to preach justice? Why would I speak…

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Chapter 231: Miscalculations

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Good news, I’m now a senior in the second semester, meaning I’m a lame duck student. I can devote more time to translation… Oh, and since people ask how I find time for this let me say that my average time is 2 Hours +-30 minutes per chapter. it isn’t that bad.

Chapter 231: Miscalculations

Sparks fly as Kiel’s claws brush lightly against my shield.
Though she can’t overcome my Defense, it doesn’t feel good to intercept the momentum from a full-body attack.

All of the attacking slave’s attacks seem to be centered on me.
I’ve narrowly managed to block everything without taking damage, but I wonder how much longer I can keep this up.
As I receive attacks, I feel the curse afflicting them giving additional damage to me.

It feels like my internal organs are twisting around each other. I feel dizzy.
Damn. At this rate, my body…

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Chapter 230: Contagion

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Chapter 230: Contagion

The village was silent. Everyone held their breath.
Dinner casually finished in silence without anyone lighting any lights. It was as if the entire village had already gone to sleep.

A large number of missing carriages arrived at once.
The Filo Rials pulling them and the slaves riding them were probably being controlled.
One by one, they stepped off of the carriages and began walking towards the village.
And then, carrying off the slaves who were pretending to be asleep, they returned to the carriage…

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Chapter 229: Multiple Culprits

Akasha Link

Multiple Culprits

Ren: “Itsuki…”

Ren mutters his name bitterly.
I wonder how I should deal with this matter.
Atla will probably be able to find Itsuki’s location.

Soldier: “There, there’s trouble!”

A soldier from the castle burst into the dining room.
He was covered in wounds and his clothes were in tatters.

Naofumi: “What happened?”
Soldier: “Large scale riots have broken out at one of the towns! Its terrorism aimed at the populace”
Naofumi: “What did you say?”
Soldier: “Its a emergency request from Melty-sama! Hero! We need your strength!”

There are more riots than Firo can take care of?
The scale of their attack must be massive.

Naofumi: “I understand!”
Ren: “Can I come with?”

Ren stepped forward with his request.
It would be simple to let Ren accompany me.
And the Female Knight can also come along…

But, something is bothering me.
Imia’s uncle was attacked by…

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