Chapter 222: Game Knowledge

Happy New Year Everyone!! ~^^~

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Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

To usher in the Year of the Ram. Art by Gahokyu, I take absolutely no claim

I’m not that big of a Gamer, so I can’t vouch for this chapter’s accuracy

Chapter 222: Game Knowledge

“… What comes after that?” (Naofumi)

I’ll put off shouting at Gaelion for now. Right now we’re thinking of plans for the future.

“To be decided.” (Ren)
“Yep, To be decided.” (Motoyasu)
“What?” (Naofumi)
“The next major boss hasn’t been released yet. The updates following that were all events in Local Maps, and they didn’t release anything pertaining to the main story for a while.” (Ren)

Ah, that’s right. If the world achieves peace, the game is over.
Long live preserving the industry. Damn you preserving the industry! Go bankrupt already!

“The Spirit Turtle was Update 7, right?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, the seventh large scale update.” (Ren)
“Do you have any idea how that may relate to…

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 222: Game Knowledge

  1. Happy New Year to you too Kookie! Even if my greetings is a year late. Hahahahahha.
    Thanks again for you and the other translators’ hard work and efforts 😀


  2. Not trying to complain but I’m starting to go through withdrawals I know that yoraikun is on break but does anyone know if any other translators are planning on doing more chapters


  3. I feel like I’m going thru with drawl systoms. And I’m not trying to rush anyone but I’m wondering if kookie is going to be translating till the others get back?


  4. Is Kookie trolling us? Did Hlentai also disappear? It’s been a while. And Yoraikun will supposedly be back around the 18th. It’s been almost two weeks, and no word from anyone besides him since Kookie registered 223 on baka-tsuki, afaik. You think we could wake Bakahou from the dead at this point?


    1. Hlentai is in break too , and bakahou is far from return ( i think is more probable another tl appear ) and if he ever try to return he must clean his WordPress first :/

      to this point i think is more reliable to just wait to Yorai return from his break xD kookie is good to but she take more time to translate a chapter (until she get satisfied from her tl) so we must just wait not really a big deal ¬¬ u know


        1. Thanks for all your work, and take your time, I’d rather you do that and not burn out and never translate again lol. And just a quick question, why do you speak about yourself in third person?


        2. That’s unfortunate. But I have to question why you wouldn’t just plug a USB keyboard into it. I assume they’re fairly common in most parts of the world. Cheap too. I personally own a wired, two old wireless USB, and a PS2 keyboard. Just in case. Certainly beats the alternative.

          I don’t want to judge you, nor rush you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, but I can’t imagine your mental stability will last long trying to translate in that fashion.


        3. Are you going to take the laptop in for repair? If not, I’d suggest getting a cheap usb keyboard for your laptop.


        4. ok i am a bit interested in what the hell u do to break ur laptop’s keyboard o.O

          i broke my pc’s keyboard some times(so i just buy a new one) but never with my laptop, if it happen anytime in the future i will be very sad 😦 (like crying all day or nearly that) that is why ido maintance to each of my machines at least one time at te month (normaly every weekend though).


          1. I personally always have a spare keyboard. I mean a gamer needs his spare stuff so he can game on. (or read on in this case)


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