Chapter 223: Aspiration of Dedication

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Chapters until Raphtalia returns: 25
Aspiration of Dedication
“Then I’ll ask some more questions. You know about the Class Up, right?” (Naofumi)
“What about the Class Up?” (Ren)
“Apparently the level cap for the people of this world is Lv100. However, I’ve heard that a Class Up to surpass that limit exists, but it has been lost.” (Naofumi)
“Ah… it looks like it’s different from the game in my world. There was no such thing as being unable to exceed 100, even with the job changes.” (Ren)
“I see….” (Naofumi)
“The level cap of 40 was there though.” (Ren)
The knowledge from Ren’s world is also quite doubtful.
It’s very likely that Motoyasu will be the same as well.
It’s all just useless information. It would be great if we could establish a Class Up method to surpass the limit like this though.
And yet, Gaelion wasn’t able to.
“By the way, Father-in-Law. How did Father-in-Law come to possess that little angel that is sticking to him?” (Motoyasu)
 I ignored Motoyasu and continued the conversation.
“I thought so, but don’t you also feel like this world just keeps leaving out important information?” (Naofumi)
“That’s right. Honestly speaking, normally we wouldn’t forget something like a Lv100-surpassing Class Up.” (Ren)
Isn’t that right…. even regarding the Peerless Transformation Style, why has such an excellent martial art become something only the Old Hag knows.
The past conflicts are also on my mind but the investigation would be endless.
I’m not getting the information I want, as if it’s intentional.
 Somehow it’s an unpleasant atmosphere. I can sense an invisible malice.
I know that the mystery is still ongoing but the trouble is increasing.
 “This is just my guess, but is it alright?” (Naofumi)
“Tell us.” (Ren)
“It’s the possibility that they need a hero to surpass the limit. It might be that it wasn’t attempted so the method was lost.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, I also inferred something like that. It’s just that apparently Heroes are sometimes summoned and sometimes selected so it’s somehow doubtful.” (Ren)
“Is that so…. if they were summoning periodically then there’s no way it would be forgotten.” (Naofumi)
This wasn’t a case of discussing with Ren and coming up with an answer either.
Discussing things that we don’t know, there’s a low chance of thinking up a solution.
“Really, what the hell are the waves.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah…” (Ren)
“Father-in-Law. Please tell me about the little angel.” (Motoyasu)
“Do you have any information about efficient hunting grounds?” (Naofumi)
“Right, in that case―” (Ren)
And so I inquired to Ren about everything and procured information.
As far as it goes, it seems that Melromarc is a country with an abundance of good hunting grounds according to the knowledge from the game Ren knows.
I had him tell me about hunting grounds for Lv90 ~ Lv100, but it just confirmed the hunting grounds stated in the Monster Book. If I remember correctly, there should be around 60 locations.
 It might not have been taking into account the negative effect of the change in ecosystem or the change due to the waves.
It looked like the enemies were becoming stronger with each wave, and the deployment modifications of net games is probably there.
Well, this world isn’t a game though.
“Sorry for not being of much help.” (Ren)
“Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t relying on it that much.” (Naofumi)
From the start, it was knowledge from guys who caused such a debacle.
I had asked with the assumption of failure so it’s the same as not taking any damage.
“Naofumi isn’t really questioning me about being responsible for the Spirit Turtle, huh.” (Ren)
“Oh? I remember you speaking disagreeably though?” (Naofumi)
“No, I thought you wanted me to compensate with my life or something.” (Ren)
You said it with all your heart though… it’s because he was corroded by the curse.
Oh well. I’m trying to recruit the good Ren as an ally.
“To put it bluntly, I dislike the people of this world. Whether they live or die has no relation to me. It’s enough to just protect those who have been improving before my eyes.” (Naofumi)
“That’s pretty dry.” (Ren)
“I don’t need you to tell me that.” (Naofumi)
“That kind of direction….may be good.” (Ren)
Ren stared at me enviously.
He’s misunderstanding something though.
“Heyー” (Naofumi)
“Huh?” (Ren)
“You, I think you’re quite a naive fellow so I’m saying this. The monsters you’ve defeated also have families, and you might be ruining their happiness though?” (Naofumi)
At my question, Ren’s expression gradually turned blue.
Ah, he never even considered that kind of thing.
“To those guys, ‘the one who killed your family was me’. Can you go around saying that you’re responsible for that? If you make a separation, thinking monsters are monsters, then what will happen to the beloved Filorials of Motoyasu’s?” (Naofumi)
“Eh, ah….u…” (Ren)
Sigh…. it’s a troublesome age.
“You might be confused as to why I’m saying this, but there’s a girl looking after monsters in the monster hut, right?” (Naofumi)
“Y-yeah.” (Ren)
“She’s a Demi-human that was raised by the dragon you killed. It’s your fault she became so unhappy.” (Naofumi)
Ren hurriedly put his hand on the door as if he was going to exit the house.
“Where are you going?” (Naofumi)
“If I don’t apologise quickly..” (Ren)
“What will you do to apologise? Say ‘I’m sorry for killing your father. I will die here in exchange’?” (Naofumi)
In this situation, should I call Taniko?
Well even if I call her, she’ll probably be very sullen.
Ren didn’t actually know, but she already knew.
She did say that she wanted to stop this chain of hatred, and it seemed that she didn’t going so far as to take revenge against Ren.
Because wild animals, or monsters in this case, lived severely.
They didn’t know when they would die, so they didn’t need something like vengeance.
She had a firmly-rooted conscience, thanks to Gaelion’s teachings.
To not be thinking of revenge deserves some merit.
I do respect it, but it’s something I can’t do in practice.
“B-but―” (Ren)
“You’ll just be striking at her.That’s why you should leave it.” (Naofumi)
“Even then….I..” (Ren)
“It’s the same as eating meat and eating vegetables. In the end, you’re living by sacrificing something else. The world won’t turn with just the lip service the Female Knight spoke of. Or rather, it’s better if you have the resolution to survive by trampling on someone and make up for your sins.” (Naofumi)
“Isn’t that a contradiction?” (Ren)
“Huh? What are you, a hero who grinds monsters and becomes stronger in order to save the world, saying? It’s survival of the fittest, right? I wouldn’t prefer to just kill as if in a game.” (Naofumi)
This is a world where experience can even be gained by killing humans.
Don’t say nonsense such as humans and monsters being different.
“That’s why, Ren, if you want to apologise to her then when you kill monsters, kill them with proper determination.” (Naofumi)
“I-I got it.” (Ren)
He made a reluctant face.
It’s because Ren is similar to the Female Knight. He probably has high ideals.
“But even so, I…. want to apologise, and protect everyone.” (Ren)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
This is already a disease.
It’s just a complete change from a gamer’s mindset to aspiring to be a saviour with dedication.
Moreover, there’s even the addition of masochism.
“Father-in-Law. Please tell me.” (Motoyasu)
“Shut up. Hurry up and go back, study and then sleep!” (Naofumi)
That Motoyasu, he probably didn’t listen to what I said.
Ignoring that, I turned to a different problem.
What was it that I wanted to ask Motoyasu?
For now there’s that.
“That’s right. Motoyasu, the spear you used…. Lust Envy Spear, was it. What sort of compensation does it need?” (Naofumi)
“?” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu tilted his head in confusion.
Hey, what’s with the question mark.
“Did I use something?” (Motoyasu)
“The Temptation thing. The other one was Ressentiment, right?” (Naofumi) [T/N: Ressentiment: a sense of hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one’s frustration.]
“Ah, that skill was something that appeared when I reached IV.” (Motoyasu)
 What the hell!?
In other words, it’s a skill superior to Blutofer?
A skill that can be invoked with no compensation, how much of a cheat is that.
“Did anything happen when you used it?” (Naofumi)
I don’t really understand, but I didn’t feel envious of Father-in-Law after I used Ressentiment. I didn’t feel like changing it but that spear couldn’t be changed.” (Motoyasu)
….It was invoked at the cost of Envy?
Then what about Temptation?
Thinking about it, it probably uses Lust.
“Motoyasu, what do you want to do after being engaged to Firo?” (Naofumi)
“Hahaha, Father-in-Law is quite hasty. Of course, it would be building a happy family. I want lots of children.” (Motoyasu)
“”Muuu!” (Filorials)
Motoyasu’s followers started hitting him repeatedly.
No matter how I interpret his words, I feel like Motoyasu just wants to do obscene things with Firo.
Motoyasu has so much Lust that it can’t even be completely taken away by the Curse Skill.
Or rather, it’s apparent that his condition has a foundation of Lust, with Envy mixed in.
Therefore, it’s fine to think that Motoyasu’s incomplete Envy separated from him.
How was he as a human?
“Yes, but I have one thing I must apologise to Firo-tan and Father-in-Law for.” (Motoyasu)
“It’s not just one thing.” (Naofumi)
You need countless apologies.
Enough to apologise to the underworld even.
Because you could’ve become a demon lord or something.
“Actually, there’s one other eye-catching person apart from Firo-tan.” (Motoyasu)
“Oh really, then head that way.” (Naofumi)
“However, I only met her once so I do not know her. She looked like an extremely large Filorial.” (Motoyasu)
Fitoria….so you had encountered Motoyasu before.
You didn’t go yourself that time because you had such a reason. [T/N: Refers to Fitoria making Naofumi deal with the carriage stealing problem (which turned out to be Motoyasu and his harem of Filorials)]
“It seems she came because these children were candidates to be the next queen but when I realised, they had already lost their candidacy.” (Motoyasu)
“….What happened?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows? Before I knew it, all that was left was a lot of loose feathers.” (Motoyasu)
….He embraced her.
And so she frantically teared him off and ran away.
“Ah…she was beautiful like Firo-tan, and so my tolerance….excuse me. I, Motoyasu, am devoted to Firo-tan!” (Motoyasu)
“No, it’s fine because she’s eye-catching.” (Naofumi)
That stupid Bird Queen. In the end, she dumped this troublesome thing on me.
It wasn’t a disobedient Filorial, she probably wanted Motoyasu to meet with me.
…Firo’s sexual urges were also suspicious.
Jeez…. After out conversation, Ren and the others each returned to their own homes.
After that, Atla and Sadina came to my house to sleep.
It’s already become routine.
By the way, Firo was grounded so she slept at Melty’s.
 Sometimes Gaelion will come so I’ll ask him, but recently Kiel or Imia will be sleeping in my bed.
Apparently they’ve been switching around because it’s a ‘daily special’.
As far as it goes, Kiel is a veteran among the slaves so her friendship is widespread, and Imia has deep relationships with the production team.
Hence they are the perfect people to inquire to about the status of the village.
And incidentally, they can also be good as a countermeasure against Atla.
“Nii-chan. We came together to sleep.” (Kiel)
“Please treat us well.” (Imia)
“Ah, let’s go sleep early. Imia, how are your colleagues?” (Naofumi)
“Right. Everyone is working day and night to make products.” (Imia)
“….Be careful not to harm your health. Mass production is important but I’ll be troubled if you guys get sick.” (Naofumi)
“Yes, I understand.” (Imia)
I don’t know if it’s because those dexterous Lumo and Aquatic slaves liked it but if I didn’t caution them, they would work all night to manufacture goods.
It’s been profitable thanks to that though….
I’ve given them a portion of the proceeds and when I ask what they’d like as thanks, they request that I cook some food.
I wonder if that much is fine….
“Uuh, Naofumi-sama. Why is it that only I cannot sleep together with you?” (Atla)
“Atla, I get the shivers when I sleep with you. That’s why it’s no good.” (Naofumi)
Mainly, I feel like she will target me as a carnivore.
If I didn’t have the intention of running a household, staying in this world would be unthinkable.
The next morning, Ren tried hard to look after Taniko, which she hated.
Taniko also didn’t do anything about Gaelion but she glared at me for Ren’s situation, although I didn’t really care.
 “Now then, Gaelion. Shall I have you explain the meaning of this?” (Naofumi)
 While Taniko and Ren had their little dialogue outside the monster hut, I crossed my arms and glared at Gaelion.
Firo, in her monster form, lay in wait behind him.
That was so I could threaten him depending on his answer.
“Wh-what?” (Gaelion)
“I heard from Ren that the fragments will form a being on the same scale as the Spirit Turtle – Ouryuu. What’s that about?” (Naofumi) [T/N: Ouryuu, also known as Yinglong, is a dragon from Chinese mythology.]
“Wha!? I-I don’t know!” (Gaelion)
 Gaelion declared, his eyes swivelling around frantically.
“You better not be lying. Depending on your answer, I might feed you to Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Hmm? You’ll do that to Gaelion?” (Firo)
I knew she disliked him but that Firo, she opened her mouth in jest.
So you hate him that much.
“I really don’t know! So that sort of thing will happen after I collect all the fragments!?” (Gaelion)
Hmm….. this panic, it seems he really doesn’t know.
“Even if that happens, I can always explain the pretext and won’t betray thou!” (Gaelion)
“It’s possible the assembled fragments will take over.” (Naofumi)
“In that case, defeat me without hesitation!” (Gaelion)
“Ah, yes yes. I get it, I get it.” (Naofumi)
“By the way, the Hero of the Sword seems to be making a pass at Wyndia. Will you please move aside?” (Gaelion)
“He probably wants to take responsibility. Let him do as he likes.” (Naofumi)
“Thou…. if that’s so then explain.” (Gaelion)
“Why is that? It’s because only his sense of responsibility is strong. I have expectations for Taniko’s response.” (Naofumi)
Ah, I heard the sound of a slap.
That Taniko got angry and hit Ren’s cheek.
“Even if you apologised, Father won’t come back!! So if you want forgiveness then go save the world!” (Taniko)
Such a thing could be heard, spoken in a loud voice.
Well, there wasn’t any need to peep.
I don’t know the details of what happened, but Ren started hanging around Taniko a lot afterwards.
 Or rather, Taniko…even though your father has changed his form, he’s still nearby.
Even now, I don’t understand Gaelion’s reason for hiding.

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