Chapter 224: Fiancé

Akasha Link


Ren: “I’m fine like always”
Naofumi: “I see”

I decided to not go peddling today.
This time, the one going was the Hero of the Sword.
I still don’t completely trust Ren yet, but since he was wasting time at the village, I decided to let him go peddle while being escorted by the Female Knight.
If he doesn’t return, I will definitely kill him.

Ren: “Well then I’ll be heading out”
Naofumi: “Yeah”

Incidentally, Taniko is also going along to peddle.
She was reluctant, but I convinced her to leave the village.
It was quite the noisy struggle.
I also convinced Rat to watch over the monsters since she wasn’t that busy lately.
The reason being is thanks to Motoyasu and his army of Philorials.

Naofumi: “Don’t fight”
Taniko: “But the Hero of the Sword is-”

Taniko immediately came to me to complain.
She didn’t want to be near…

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