Chapter 225: Crossing without meeting

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 Crossing without meeting
 “Now then, today we’ll be going to the Weapon Shop to order Firo’s carriage so get ready.” (Naofumi)
“Carriage~?” (Firo)
 Firo, who sent Melty back to the town, inclined her head and asked.
“Yeah, I want you to come, Firo, to choose the kind of carriage you want.” (Naofumi)
“Okay! I got it~!” (Firo)
I don’t have anyone else I want to bring at the moment….. just Firo is fine.
Using the Portal, I jumped to the Castle Town with Firo.
And then we made an appearance at the Weapon Shop.
 “Oh? So it’s Laddie. You have bad timing.” (Oyaji)
The Old Man looked at my face and muttered a little regrettably.
 “What’s wrong?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, we finished your Shield and were waiting for you. But we didn’t know when you would be coming so I guy took the opportunity and had that guy deliver it.” (Oyaji) [T/N: That guy = Imia’s Uncle]
“Is that so.” (Naofumi)
Well, I hadn’t asked when it would be completed and similarly, we hadn’t clarified when to come for the carriage commission either.
The Old Man took in the situation and did the smart thing, but it was bad timing indeed.
 “I think it’ll be arriving any time now.” (Oyaji)
“Then I’ll be looking forward to it. Is it okay to pay you the money now?” (Naofumi)
“It’s fine to pay after you’ve received the goods.” (Oyaji)
“Hmmm… Then I’ll give you 5 gold now as a deposit and I’ll pay the rest after I’ve received it. Is that okay?” (Naofumi)
“Laddie is stubborn like that. It’s fine to just pay me afterwards but it makes you feel at ease then it’s alright.” (Oyaji)
 The Old Man nods when I pass him the money.
His generosity is nice and really helps a lot.
“So? Today you’ve come for Miss Birdie’s carriage, right?” (Oyaji)
“That’s right. You told me to bring her along last time, so I did.” (Naofumi)
“Hm~? Yeah. Carriage~!” (Firo)
Right then, Miss Birdie. What sort of carriage is good? An iron one like before?” (Oyaji)
“How much would that cost?” (Naofumi)
“How much is your budget?” (Oyaji)
“For the time being… I can afford it. It’ll depend on its value.” (Naofumi)
“Alright.” (Oyaji)
 The Old Man showed Firo the blueprints and asked which was good.
 “The last one was broken, right? Should I make it more resilient? Or should I make it lighter so it’s easier to move? Then it’ll be able to handle more unreasonable movements, to a certain extent.” (Oyaji)
“Hmm… you know~ the heavy one is better.” (Firo)
“That is, well….” (Naofumi)
“Miss Birdie is strong so it might not satisfy you, but lightness is important for running quickly.” (Oyaji)
“Is that so?” (Firo)
“Yeah, if the carriage is light and durable then you can transport heavy items. It all depends on Miss Birdie though.” (Oyaji)
The Old Man also lets Firo take part in most of the discussion. Frankly, I’m afraid to ask because it seems like their realising a child’s dream.
It seems that it’ll turn out to be a seriously weird carriage.
 “If you want a heavy one then it’s fine to just request that Laddie fill it up with items. That’s why I recommend a sturdy and light one.” (Oyaji)
“Then that’s good.” (Firo)
“What will you do about the metal?” (Oyaji)
“Let me see~ I’d like something that will react when I charge it with power.” (Firo)
“Alright. Do you want two wheels? Four?” (Oyaji)
“Four~” (Firo)
“With a canopy roof? Or enclosed?” (Oyaji)
“A big house-like one would be good~” (Firo)
“Haha, don’t go overboard with your dream.” (Oyaji)
 I fear it may turn into something like a camper van.
“And then~ it’ll transform with a bang~” (Firo)
No such carriage exists. Or rather, we don’t need it.
If possible, I’d prefer a normal carriage. I seriously think so.
We don’t need a Robo! We really don’t need it!
I’d be troubled if a carriage-shaped Golem was made.
“Do you want it to be two-storied as well?” (Oyaji)
“Hmm…” (Firo)
 The Old Man and Firo continued the conversation like that and in the end, they decided on a design that was slightly larger than the previous carriage.
I couldn’t be as patient as the Old Man.
If he was less skilled, it would’ve turned into a house-like carriage.
Apparently the metal used would be an ore that would react to Firo’s magic to become lighter and sturdier to a certain extent.
“If I remember correctly, Laddie will be supplying the ore, right.” (Oyaji)
“Yeah, I can borrow a mine from the Queen. I should be able to tell them to lend it to me with precedence for you.” (Naofumi)
“That’s right. A somewhat rare ore is mixed in so if you can provide that afterwards then the production cost will be cheaper.” (Oyaji)
“Understood. Please give me a memo with the materials. I’ll bring them later.” (Naofumi)
“Thanks for your patronage. I’ll also be taking some materials from Laddie’s warehouse in the Castle.” (Oyaji)
 The Old Man wrote the memo while muttering, which I received and then proceeded to check the materials.
Yeah… there are some ores mixed in that I haven’t really heard of. I’m doubtful as to whether I can supply them.
It seems it could be handled in Zeltbur, but can they be mined in Melromarc?
I’ll try to ask the Queen later.
Well, it wouldn’t be bad to take the Lumo slaves in the village and go mining either.
Imia’s Uncle is now a blacksmith in the village, and he’ll also need a large supply of materials.
“Then I’ll come again after I’ve gathered the materials.” (Naofumi)
“Alright. I’ll be looking forward to your next visit.” (Oyaji)
“Yeah, I’ll come again.” (Naofumi)
Well, I am a regular of this store. I can have him make a shield again if I collect good materials.
If I think about it, it seems he can make it if I bring monster materials.
Anything apart from the Spirit Turtle would be fine.
It seems I can increase the efficiency if I also get Imia’s Uncle to make them.
The problem is money though. I can manage to some extent.
“So how much will the production cost of the carriage be?” (Naofumi)
“I’ll be making various things so it won’t break. For you, it’ll be 20 gold coins.” (Oyaji)
“It’s rather high but… I’ll take a gambit.” (Naofumi)
Because it’s something that will counterbalance Firo’s actions.
The expenses are quite severe but I can probably manage with my current finances.
 “Ah, also, there might be a disturbance in the Castle Town soon so please be careful.” (Naofumi)
“I got it, Laddie.” (Oyaji)
“Worst case scenario, there may be an incident with the reason being that I am a regular here. Please take care.” (Naofumi)
“You’re too prone to worrying.” (Oyaji)
“Because I wouldn’t be able to survive if I wasn’t.” (Naofumi)
The Old Man nodded many times in reply to my response.
“Even so, this is a famous Weapon Store in this Castle Town. I’m accustomed to jealousy and harassment, and I used to fight a lot of bandits in the past. Don’t worry, Laddie, I won’t lose to such half-hearted things.” (Oyaji)
“….That’s right.”
One way or another, the Old Man appears to be strong, there’s no need to worry.
“Well, soon I’ll be away for a short while though.” (Oyaji)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
“For material supplies. We might even meet in the mines, perhaps.” (Oyaji)
 So he’s short on supplies.
The Spirit Turtle incident caused the facilitation of the arming of citizens all across the country.
As a result, many of the ores used as weapon materials were used up.
 It’s not like I don’t understand, and that was also profitable.
Above all, everyone’s sense of danger grew and there a large number with a strong interest in the waves as well.
Back in my world, even if there was a calamity somewhere in Japan I had thought my own surroundings were fine as well, but I’ve probably improved my awareness by looking at this damage that I can see.
“It’s regrettable, but I should leave it as it is.” (Naofumi)
With that feeling, I exited the shop.
Ah, when I showed up at the Queen’s place to ask about the progress, it hear that the plan has been advancing in these few days.
It’s a dangerous state of affairs.
Come to think of it, I feel like the Castle Town was also a little tense.
For some reason, there were several adventurers directing their animosity at me and looking into the Weapon Shop.
….For preliminary arrangements, huh. I’ve already warned him, so I can’t help thinking it’ll be alright.
Just to be sure, I’ll leave a report for the Queen.
We returned from the Castle Town and resumed my studies with Atla while I waited for Imia’s Uncle.
 “He’s late.” (Naofumi)
The sun had set and dinner was over, and yet Imia’s Uncle had not turned up.
Speaking of which… the slaves who were supposed to return today haven’t come back either.
Were they delayed?
Even if I’m worried, I can’t do anything. They’ve probably been delayed by some other delivery.
I didn’t really think too deeply about it.
That was until… there was a disturbance in the neighbouring town the next day.
 “Hero-sama!” (Imia)
 When I was preparing lunch, Imia turned up with a change in her usual facial expression.
“What’s the matter?” (Naofumi)
“U-um…Uncle is….” (Imia)
“What happened to your uncle?” (Naofumi)
“That is, he came to the town with a huge injury.” (Imia)
“What did you say!? I’m heading to the town immediately. Everyone is to suspend their work, arm themselves with weapons and armour and remain vigilant until I return.” (Naofumi)
 Leaving those words behind, I ran to the town with Imia.

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