Chapter 227 : Poison

Inlitify OA

Hi guys, I am new translator, nasir. I did this using google, freetranslation and jisho …etc also i am not very proficient in english. I have written in front of the sentences in which I have problem with translation. Anyone who is good in japanese can tell me my mistakes .well….. here the chapter.enjoy

also thanks to yoraikun to let me post this on his blog.

The rope that had connected the caterpillar and the carriage had broken, and the Carriage was gone.

Kiel and the others were nowhere to be seen.

“What happened!?” (Naofumi)

As soon as caterpillar saw me, it ran at me with great speed

It mumbled while staring and clinging to me.

“I was attacked when I was peddling! The children who were riding in the carriage were kidnapped? EH? Different?” (Taniko)

Taniko tried to hear the words of the Caterpillar, but she did not…

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