Chapter 226: Abnormality

Akasha Link


Elena: “Oh, well isn’t it the Hero of Shield”
Naofumi: “You are-”

At the town’s clinic, was someone that I knew.
If I remember right, she was one of Motoyasu’s companion, Elena.
Like before she was attentive and calm, even as a clinic receptionist.
Her personality when she was a companion of Motoyasu seemed like a complete lie.

Naofumi: “Why are you here?”
Elena: “To help my parents”

Now that I think about it, her mother was a merchant.
And I recall her saying that she might come and visit my land soon.

Elena: “While I was going to your town, I somehow was attacked by bandits but I was saved. I believe the one who helped me was the demi-human right next to you.”
Elena: “Just as I thought, the nice man that saved me was you! You have my utmost gratitude”

You already have gone under a class…

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