Chapter 229: Multiple Culprits

Akasha Link

Multiple Culprits

Ren: “Itsuki…”

Ren mutters his name bitterly.
I wonder how I should deal with this matter.
Atla will probably be able to find Itsuki’s location.

Soldier: “There, there’s trouble!”

A soldier from the castle burst into the dining room.
He was covered in wounds and his clothes were in tatters.

Naofumi: “What happened?”
Soldier: “Large scale riots have broken out at one of the towns! Its terrorism aimed at the populace”
Naofumi: “What did you say?”
Soldier: “Its a emergency request from Melty-sama! Hero! We need your strength!”

There are more riots than Firo can take care of?
The scale of their attack must be massive.

Naofumi: “I understand!”
Ren: “Can I come with?”

Ren stepped forward with his request.
It would be simple to let Ren accompany me.
And the Female Knight can also come along…

But, something is bothering me.
Imia’s uncle was attacked by…

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