Chapter 231: Miscalculations

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Good news, I’m now a senior in the second semester, meaning I’m a lame duck student. I can devote more time to translation… Oh, and since people ask how I find time for this let me say that my average time is 2 Hours +-30 minutes per chapter. it isn’t that bad.

Chapter 231: Miscalculations

Sparks fly as Kiel’s claws brush lightly against my shield.
Though she can’t overcome my Defense, it doesn’t feel good to intercept the momentum from a full-body attack.

All of the attacking slave’s attacks seem to be centered on me.
I’ve narrowly managed to block everything without taking damage, but I wonder how much longer I can keep this up.
As I receive attacks, I feel the curse afflicting them giving additional damage to me.

It feels like my internal organs are twisting around each other. I feel dizzy.
Damn. At this rate, my body…

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