Chapter 233: The Dagger of Justice

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Chapter 233: The Dagger of JUSTICE

“…Rishia, weren’t we comrades? Just defeat that devil behind you, and together, we can spread Justice throughout the world. I’ll put in a word to Mald. I’ll convince them to let you be our comrade. So let’s come to an agreement here.” (Welst)

Who the hell is Mald?
An important member of the Itsuki party… Is it Armor?
I get the feeling that there were a few more, but I’m not sure they even told me their names.
I mean, they were selfish beyond reason.

“… Where is Itsuki-sama?” (Rishia)
“If you save me now, I’ll tell you. So won’t you offer your hand here?” (Welst)

Silence surrounds the two figures.
With the sound of the wind being cut, the ropes tying the mage fall to the ground.

“Good work! Now go die in a ditch with the Evil over there!” (Welst)


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Chapter 232: Effort

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Chapter 232: Effort

“This is… the village Naofumi-san built from the ground up. I am merely here to assist him. Welst-san, so you survived?” (Rishia)
“I find no joy in having found you like this. So you assisted in establishing this filthy Demi-Human village? That’s an insult. An act of rebellion towards all of the proud people of Melromark! I need to punish you!” (Welst)

The mage person begins chanting, and Kiel’s group’s injuries are healed.
Ah, he realized that his own half-assed magic would be useless against us.
Kiel and the others slowly pick themselves up off the ground like zombies.
… Perhaps because they’re not fully conscious yet, they sway back and forth as they walk.
But if we attack them anymore, I can’t guarantee the slaves’ safety.

“Where is Itsuki? Is this situation his doing?” (Naofumi)
“That fake who pretended to preach justice? Why would I speak…

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