Chapter 234: Mob Mentality

Inlitify OA

Chapter 234: Mob Mentality

As I approach the city, I could see fires blazing even from afar.
The people were not evacuating. They were taking refuge in the mansion Melty was using as her residence on the outskirts of the village.
The Justice Zombies were attacking while shouting out negative propaganda about me and the country.

These brainwashed people would usually be difficult to distinguish at a glance.
However, if they took a sufficient amount of damage, and the host’s consciousness faded, then the bodies would continue to walk around like typical zombies without wills.
Their behavior is also a problem.
The situation has devolved as such: The zombies would attempt to climb the stone walls surrounding the mansion, while the people inside would knock them down with wind magic or physical force.

And within the fire, Ren and Firo were taking the initiative, going around and knocking out the…

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