Chapter 235: Remnants

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If you’re looking for his shields, it’s chapter 133.

Chapter 235: Remnants

“KYUA!” (Gaelion)

Aboard Firo, we assault the heavily fortified church.
People fly left and right in the face of Firo’s charge.
… They’re fine, right? I don’t think they’ll die from something like this.
I somehow feel invincible right now.

And we reached the area Gaelion was fighting in.
Firo and Gaelion lock eyes, and begin intimidating one another.
They’ll still fight in a situation like this?
They stare at each other, fighting with their gazes for a while. Suddenly, Gaelion lets out a laugh.

“Mu-!” (Firo)
“This isn’t the time for that! By the way, what is supposed to be here?” (Naofumi)

I pose the question to Rishia and Atlas, who are riding the same Filo Rial.

“A sinister aura is intertwined with the flow of energy here. I’m not exactly sure.” (Atlas)
“Fumu.” (Naofumi)

It would…

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