Chapter 237: Spirit Turtle Armor

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Chapter 237: Spirit Turtle Armor

I’m reaching my limit here.
I don’t plan on letting these people live. My stress has reached its peak.

“Understood! But… They’re Itsuki’s former comrades, right? Will you be alright?” (Ren)
“They’re no one’s comrades right now. They’re the scum of this country… no, of this world. We need to deal with them as soon as possible. There’s no merit in leaving the Three Hero Church alive either.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Ren)

With Ren’s reply, the other members run forward.
I get off Firo and begin walking towards Armor.
I left Firo to deal with the others. If I let anyone else fight this one, then the shield I’ve been waiting so long for would get damaged.

“Die!” (Armor)

Sure of his victory, Armor swings down the Spirit Turtle Sword at me with all his might.
It seems that the remnants of the Three Hero Church…

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