Chapter 238: Chasing Too Far

Inlitify OA

Chapter 238: Chasing Too Far

Ren and Motoyasu are Heroes, so I can’t kill them, and there are some things I need to make Witch do, so I’d like to leave her (barely) alive if possible.
But these guys are different.
In fact, in order to prevent them from harming more people, it’s best to make them leave the stage early. For the sake of the world.

“And, like, did you seriously think you could beat me with such low power?” (Naofumi)

A possibility is that Armor challenged Ren when he was a bandit and thought he could beat me if that was my power level. But, the Ren of that time had not yet learned strengthening methods.
To face me, he kept himself in perfect condition and got his hands on the strongest equipment he could find.

He used brainwashing to amass an army to wear me down so he could…

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