Chapter 239: Opportunity

Inlitify OA

BTW: No, I did not release two chapters in one day. In my time zone, this is saturday’s chapter. I won’t release another on Saturday, as I have to beat the 100th floor of the Tower of Yggdrasil 25 times to upgrade my Halomonas Bow.

Chapter 239: Opportunity

“Anyways, the only thing we have to do is infiltrate the fortress and take out the leader.” (Naofumi)
“Um, about that…” (Rishia)

After hearing my order, Rishia timidly raises her hand.
Though I have a general idea of what she’s going to say.

“What?” (Naofumi)
“Hypothetically, only hypothetically, if we encountered Itsuki-sama… If we ended up fighting him, could you leave it to me?” (Rishia)
“Hmm… what’s the reason? Like Female Knight… Eclaire, do you plan on trying to persuade him?” (Naofumi)
“Um, yes. Could you leave that mission to me?” (Rishia)
“Well, if we did encounter Itsuki, I planned on detaining…

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