Chapter 241: The Bow of Justice

Inlitify OA

Ah… Apparently this is my 100th post. it’s not my 100th chapter, as this counts polls and (This is not a Chapter)s

Chapter 241: The Bow of Justice

A glugging sound fills the room as the liquid drains from the tube containing Itsuki. Eventually the tube opens.
Armor lifts Itsuki up, and removes the blindfold and gag ball.
It’s quite a scene.

I… kinda want to run away.
His appearance is a gag in itself. I find myself holding back laughter.

“…” (Itsuki)

Itsuki slowly opens his eyes, and drowsily looks around the room.

“Now! Awakened Hero of the Bow! The evil who defies our justice has infiltrated our base all the way up to here! Use your power of Justice to slay him!” (Armor)
“What the hell are you saying, you bastard!” (Naofumi)

You infiltrated my base, and ran back here with your tail between your legs!

“And to…

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