Chapter 242: Denial of Justice

Inlitify OA

… The fight’s next chapter.

Chapter 242: Denial of Justice

Justice Bow?
It dispels brainwashing and lets others understand you…?

There’s no way that others would sympathize with you so easily.
And Itsuki, you aren’t even trying to come to an understanding with me right now.
You’re the one who’s doing the brainwashing.

What do you mean, Justice?

“Princess Malty told me that this bow was too much for me to handle. She told me to rest here until my power stabilized, but it seems that things won’t go as planned.”  (Itsuki)

I see… I skimmed through the data on the way here.
There was an important piece of information among them.
And from it, I can come to a simple conclusion.

Itsuki is… their Hero Research sample. In order for him to act as a power source for those daggers, he’s been put to sleep here.
Most likely, Witch…

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